Air mattress at Pop?


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Has anyone ever used a twin air mattress at Pop Century? I have a 2 grandkids that cannot share a bed. Will Wal-Mart deliver one?


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I have not - but I feel your pain. I have a boy and a girl, so they haven't wanted to sleep in the same bed for about a decade. For a while, we worked around it by my daughter and I sharing a bed and my husband and son sharing a bed.
My daughter and I can still share a bed. But my husband and son 'outgrew' sharing a bed about 8 years ago. We have started getting 2 rooms whenever possible.

I'm sure Wal Mart will deliver one! Or Amazon - we have had everything delivered via Amazon to hotels - snacks, socks, even bear spray. Never had an issue. Just have to time the shipping to your arrival date at the hotel and my husband usually adds our reservation number and arrival date to the label somehow.


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"Air mattress", "pop". Usually it's not a good sign when those two phrases are together in the same sentence.

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