Adventureland Smoking Section Removed


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I am a smoker and have been coming to the parks since they opened. I can remember people smoking in the line for small world. That being said while smoking was allowed in the parks, we always looked for an out of the way place to smoke where we wouldn't bother anyone....especially children. Most times I go to a smoking area in the last few years there always seems to be someone smoking with all their kids there. It makes no sense. I agree smoking areas should be out of the way. The Adventure land one and the one by the castle at MK were very poorly chosen. Why was the Tomorrow land one taken? No one ever went there but smokers. When DS went non smoking it was very poorly planned. I will admit going down in a walled off area to steal a cig because the nearest smoking area was a 30 minute walk with the crowds. They have made it better now, but I don't feel bad about doing it. I wasn't bothering anyone and if I am dining and having a few adult beverages, I shouldn't have to walk an hour round trip if I want to smoke.
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