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A Twist In Time 2 : The Sunshine Expedition - Challenge 6


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It is with great pleasure in which I announce that @kmbmw777 will be acting as host of A Twist in Time 2 : The Sunshine Expedition. @kmbmw777 will be host until I am able to access to the internet once again rather it be only be next Monday, or in two weeks. Thankfully thanks to advance planning the majority of the challenges have been created as well as guest judges already ready to judge. In other words A Twist in Time 2: The Sunshine Expedition is no longer postponed!

If a contestant will be affected by Irma, or thinks they will be affected please contact me (until Friday at 6PM EST) or @kmbmw777 .
Hi all! As you have probably have heard, I will be temporarily replacing tcool as the host of this game during Hurricane Irma. It is my pleasure to help my friend out with this, and if you have any questions to ask, feel free to post them here or PM me, and I will reply with an answer ASAP!


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Just a quick question location-wise. Do we have to use the same land that The World of Chima uses or can we use other land/ close other attractions if we feel like our proposal will work better there?
Since its pretty late, and this challenge has been pretty hectic. I say go the more blue sky approach, and use whatever land you had in mind. As long as it doesn't replace an attraction.

Magic Feather

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Ever since planning on a new Lego area commenced, many themes were considered, including Pirates, Chima, and even Racers, but ultimately, Legoland Florida found that it was lacking in a key target demographic: Girls 6-12. Because of this, work initially began on a princess themed extension to Lego Kingdoms, however when the Lego Friends brand was introduced and became a smashing success, plans were immediately modified to utilize this brand, while crosspromoting it various aspects such as the television program based upon it. The following expansion was a result of these changes and colaborations.

Heartlake City

In this world of Friendship, guests will have the ability to ride, shop, meet and view various aspects of the Lego Friends franchise, all in a way that has never been done before, and on a scale unparalleled by previous efforts at legoland. This mega land features three rides (a thrilling dark ride, a soothing boatride, and rapid Zamperla Pony Express coaster), two unique entertainment experiences (fountains and Big Concert), a unique meet and greet space, in addition to innovative shopping and dining experiences that can only be found at Legoland Florida.
Lego Friends Road Trip

Lego Friends Road Trip is the premier attraction in Heartlake City, utilizing high resolution projection technology, as well as high tech animatronics and a unique track layout. This will ultimately become the premier attraction at Legoland Florida, although some aspects have required lots of testing, that the priginal Kingdoms proposal covered.
Guests will enter an 20:1 scale model of a Lego Friends Vet Clinic set, with unique informational signs on real world pet safety. Once you have reached the back, you would be led to the first of three main queuing areas. This first one is themed around horses, as queue stantions are themed to veterinary stables full of lego version of favorite horse treats. Upon going up a ramp on the side of this room, guests would enter the cat and bird room, where a variety of lego bird animatronics sing in cages overhead, while cats doze in their crates. Once at the back of the Bird and Cat room, guests would enter a wooden hallway, where they would be directed to one of three preshow rooms.
Upon Entering, guests would encounter an animatronic Mia, based on her figure from the animated series. She would give a brief point on how we are about to take a road trip, alongside the Lego Friends to head into Heartlake Forest, to search for any animals injured animals due to a recent tornado. We will be sent in teams of 16 in specialized Vet Vans to go out and gather any injured animals.
Upon exiting, guests are held in the wildlife room, where signs of how to treat and help a wild animal are found. Also included are real stories, submitted to Legoland of people nursing wild animals back to health, with a Lego representation of the real person and animal. Upon heading to the back of the wildlife room, guests exit the pet clinic into a dark, covered boarding area akin to a porte-cochere, where guests Vet Vans await.

The ride begins as you approach a screen, where the friends are packing their van, saying that they will drive ahead and lead us out. We then pull forward as a physical form of the van drives alongside us, as they drive next to us using timing and props like Mater in Radiator springs racers. Soon, a tree blocks the Friends path, you are told to continue, and they will radio in.
You continue, as fallen trees designate your path into an elevator, where you are surrounded 270 degrees by a screen, where a motion base simulates guests riding a path until a cliff blacks our path, forcing the van to reverse briskly through a spooky forest before re-entering a new 270 elevator back up. Guests are now simulated to be going up a mountain path. We soon, get out and swereve on physical cliffs, before seeing a screen representation of a baby bear teetering on a rock. We hear Mia come over the radio saying to park while she coaxes the bear onto the roof and safety. The bears eems to jump, resulting the the cliff below you giving way, and revealing a drop track, as you drop 8 feet, revealing a maze of caves. You drive forward and meander through, as thumping is heard on your roof, before hitting a dead end. You move backward back into the forest, as you are stopped by a figue of emma. You hear chains on the roof, as Emma tells you that stephanie is in a Helicopter to take you back up to the clinic. As you lift up into a surround screen, you are sent back to the clinic. Before exiting, you see the baby bear nursed and bandaged smiling and waving at you.

Heartlake Boat Expeditions: Journey to Dolphin Cove

On this expedition, guests will be sent out on a cruise around Heart Lake and explore a mystical set of caves called Dolphin Cove. Guests will first board a boat seeming ro be made of legos at the right side of the lake, alongside their skipper in a boat configuration similar to that of the late JAWS: The Ride. Upon embraking out into the lake, their skipper informs them that they will be venturing into Dolphin Cove, but to get there, they must venture under the watersource for Heart Lake, Heartlake Falls. As your boat approaches the waterfall at full speed, it magically parts to allow dry passage. Upon entering the cave, guests will circle around a figure of Emma, telling us that she has been exploring the caves all day, but hasn't found Dolphin Cove, although she admits that she has not tried what the legend says that you must recite an incantation. Your skipper remarks, "I know it! It goes 'Sacred Grove, reveal a treasure trove, and whisk us away to dolphin cove" After encouraging the boat to say it, the walls of the cave come alive with fiber optics, as a rock moves out of the boat path, beckoning us. At first, we enter a narrow corridor as the rock shuts behind us. Now, a video screen of Emma lights a match which causes ambient lighting to appear. She beckons us forwards, as a fork in the river allows us to go to the left where we see a shimmering pile of treasure, or to the right where a dolphin sign points. The driver asks guests which way to go, just as a baby bear runs out from the treasure side screaming, causing Emma to take him back to the clinic, and tell us to go right. As we turn right, guests will enter a glittering cave full of fiber optics, and playful dolphins that might try to mist you. As you leave this spectacle through the waterfall from whence you came, a short cruise across Heart Lake brings you back to reality from the mysticism of Dolphin Cove.
Mia's Riding Adventure

This Zamplera Pony Express Launched Coaster situated against a berm and the walkway to heartlake city will take guests 44" in height and above on a rollicking launched journey through the horse practice course, going up down and around obstacles. The queue will route through Mia's stables with queue stantions reminiscent of horse pens with picket fences.
Lego Friends Big Concert

In this outdoor stage show, watch as the Lego Friends put on a Big Concert to give Andrea her big break, because it turns out that a big talent agent is in the park! The show begins as a "hot mic" catches the friends talking about the talent agent, and how they hope Andrea gets her break. They then sing an original song, "My Heart is in Heartlake", before they scour the audience for the talent scout. Eventually, the videotron feed gets interrupted as it turns out the talent scout has been watching over hidden cameras in the stage. Supposedly, he has liked it so far, but needs to hear a bit more. Now that the friends know that all is on the line, they go all out in a finale with fog jets and strobe light effects.
Heartlake Fountains
These enchanting fountains light up Heart Lake at night, with a short, but dazzling show to the Lego Friends theme song,mplayed once every half hour. During the day, the waters will occasionally spout to the tune of select songs in the background loop, when a Heartlake Boat Expedition Ride Vehicle is not passing through.

Lego Friends Meeting Outpost
This meet and greet with all five friends is set in a ranger outpost setting.
Pet Clinic Gifts
This "exit shop" for Lego Friends Road Trip is situated in the Dog Room of the clinic, full of zlego zoet themed merchandise and an exclusive Lego Friends Road Trip set, that guests can use to recreate the ride vehicles and other iconic scenes from the attraction.
Heartlake Souvenier Shops
This series of stores all connected on the inside akin to the emporium at Magic Kingdom is home to every Lego Friends set made, as well as exclusive in park sets, and a unique build your own set, where you can choose from a certain series of objects and packs to go in a customizable box.
Lego Friends Diner
This Multiroom Diner hosts Lego Friends Character Sing n' Dine, where guests can meet their favorite Lego Friends, and participate in dance numbers that take place throughout the restaurant.

(All that was edited on Sat was removing the not yet complete banner at the top)
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(I just wanted to start this off by saying I have no art skills whatsoever so sometimes you may need to use your imagination to see what I am getting at with the art.)

Twist in Time Challenge 1

Legoland Florida has a lot of Lego’s big franchises covered. To me, they were missing a big franchise they had, Racing, namely, the Lego Racers series. Sure there are other car-based attractions through the park but it is in an underwhelmingly-themed Project X and the driving school. With that, I welcome you to The Racing World.

Entrance Arch
(Live from our testing facility so ignore the background)

After going under the arch you are transported to Daytona to get ready for Race Day! At the end of the road, you can see what looks like the entrance to the Speedway but we will get to that later. After going through the entrance, you notice on the right-hand side of the road that there is an Octan Gas Station themed to the images below. This gas station also serves as a souvenir shop where you can buy the Lego Racers sets, Racers gear, and other racer-themed items. Here is where you can also buy a special item related to a ride. But that will get mentioned at the end of the ride description. But enough about this smaller thing, let’s get to The Big Race!!

The Big Race

The star attraction of this land, The Big Race, will put you directly in the driver’s seat of the big race! The entrance to the queue is a large rampway leading into the main Daytona Speedway building (Lego-fied of course).

From here, the queue leads to a large room where you meet your Crew chief where he briefs you on the situation. Here you are informed that a couple of the drivers have withdrawn from the Big Race and they need last minute replacements! This is where you come in handy! You’re going to participate in the Big Race replacing the withdrawn drivers! Due to a number of rookies in the race, it is only a four lap race that will happen today. The Crew Chief explains that the next big winner could be in this very room and it could even be you! From here, you move into the garages where you can see other cars being worked on in time for the race. This is where we get to your garage where you meet your lead engineer. He explains that he was able to buy you some time and you will be able to design your own car that you can use to for your own races once you get home. You can even save your car by scanning your park ticket so you can use it again in the future. After designing your cars, you head into the final hangars that are the loading/ unloading zone. The cars are large NASCAR cars with 3 rows of 2 seats. They follow a track on the road. There are a couple of places where the tracks will cross over each other but due to how the car locks into the track it isn’t a problem. It is a lap bar style seat belt that locks you in the seat. After the seatbelt checks, the car pulls out right to the start/ finish line of the speedway. You look to your right and see another car with other hopeful drivers. Past them, there is another car ready to race. However, it is a professional Lego racer trying to win the race. You notice there is another lego racer to your left. Everyone is now sitting waiting for the race to start. After the green light appears, all 4 cars peel off the line to start the 4 lap race.

(An example of the race line. Black box is load/ unload station)

(Example of what the other cars would look like)

The race would have a similar style Radiator Springs with the winner being random but one of the two guests cars always win. The race starts with doing two full laps before a quick stop at Pit Row. Here there will be full lego animatronics to do a proper pit change including “Changing the tires” (To simulate tires being changed the car will be lifted in each corner at different times making it seem like there is a car jack) and refueling. After you are done at pit row the race continues, here the 2 cars switch tracks so that the car that was on the inside lane for the first 2 laps is now on the outside and the car on the outside lane is now on the inside. This is done to keep the race more even so one car isn’t always on the inside track. It is always a close race with the two guest cars finishing first and second followed closely by the two lego cars. After finishing the race you are lead back into the hanger to be unloaded. After unloading from your vehicle it is now your chance to take a photo of your celebration! After you exit, you will find a podium, with the car to take your first place finish with so you can show all of your friends at home that you are the best racer this side of the Mississippi.

(Imagine this but with a lego car)

Now, remember when in the queue you were designing your own lego car? This is where it comes back. You can take that car design and go back to the Octan Gas Station where you get the pieces and building instructions to make your car, or you can head over to Rocket Racers where you can test out your car's true strengths.

Rocket Racers

Rocket Racers was a former ride in Legoland Windsor. It was removed back in 2011 to make way for a Star Wars mini-area. It is hard to tell but the building is 2 floors and will continue to be two floors in Florida. Most of this ride will stay the same however so I am going to play a walk through from this past attraction before explaining what I will change.

The main purpose for bringing this ride back to life is for children who are too small to go on The Big Race, people who think The Big Race is too thrilling, or anyone else who thinks an arcade style of racing would be interesting. The car design station would be still available for anyone who has yet to go on The Big Race. For anyone who has already designed their car, you can just scan your park ticket and your car will be there ready to go. You can also use a car designed at Rocket Racers for the Big Race. The biggest difference is that there would be more options for customising your character/ car. As Lego’s car styles have grown since the initial opening of Rocket Racers (2001), it makes it easier to give different options and styles for the car so it is more likely that no two cars are the same design. The only other difference being brought from the original is more track options. In the video, you see the desert track and there was one other track option. With this updated version you would see 12 different track options, one themed around each land in the park (Including the Water Park and The Racing World but not the Beginning). Like with The Big race, upon exiting the attraction you can take your designed car and go to the Octan Gas Station to get the required parts and instructions to make your car as a souvenir!

(Rocket Racers cars)

Do you or your child feel like being the big time racer isn’t your thing and you want to work more behind the scenes with a race team? Then the Pit Crew Challenge is just the attraction for you! In a similar style to the Fire Rescue attraction, you can find in the Lego City area of the park, this attraction puts you in charge of an important operation.

Pit Crew Challenge

Coming up to the attraction, you see what appears to be a few race cars warming up along the race track. However, there is no track the car is on! Using state of the art trackless technology, the car follows the race track as guided until an employee switches it to come into pit row. In the Pit Crew Challenge, you are in a group of 3-4 people competing against 4 other groups to be the fastest pit crew! What do you have to do as a pit crew? One person is the all important Crew Chief. The Crew Chief will be responsible for telling the driver when to come into the pits (Pushing a button on the wall). The next person will be in charge of refueling the car. How they do this is when the car pulls in, the push on the gas cap to pop it open and plug in the nozzle until it bings. When they hear the bing they close the gas cap and are finished with their responsibilities. The last 1-2 people are for tire changing. Their responsibilities include jacking up the car (Pressing a button on the ground will raise it automatically and pressing it again will lower it) and pulling off the old tires to put on new ones (it’s lego tires so pulling them off and putting new ones on will be easy). Once everyone gives the all clear, the Crew Chief has to push the button again to tell the driver he is clear to go race again! The fastest team in each challenge will win stickers congratulating them.

Now after all of that busy activity through the park the guests are probably getting hungry. Guests won’t have to go hungry long with Pit Row being attached to the Pit Crew Challenge!

Pit Row

Set up as a more quick service food service, Pit Row features an indoor area for ordering and then the occasional table when it’s too hot outside but the main draw is the outdoor patio that is tented. Eating at Pit Row gives you the chance to watch the different pit crews as they attempt to be the fastest as well as watch the computer cars race each other in between competitions. Whether you are stopping for a bite to eat, or a place to sit for 20 minutes, this is the place you want to be to feel up close and personal with the racers!

After having a bite at Pit Row, you stop by the Octan gas Station so you can build your car and then head on to explore the rest of the park and all the other sights to see in Legoland Florida.

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Original Poster
It saddens me greatly to announce that despite my attempts, my life is just too busy for me to be able to participate and I must withdraw from the competition. Tcool, I thank you for the opportunity, however short lived, and I wish everyone the best of luck.
Completely understandable sad to see you go, but real life comes first

For ecerone else you now have less than 12 hours to post


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I've been stressed out with school all week, as well as being sick pretty much this whole week. I couldn't get the project in this week, but I will hopefully do it next year.

Also, if anyone is was/is being affected from the quake in Mexico (possibly tsunamis too), Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, Hurricane Katia, the wild fires in Australia/Oregon/Montana, the land slides, and any other disaster I didn't mention. This has truly been an awful week(s), with multiple catastrophes. It is easy to think that the apocalypse is finally happening, but don't let that affect your life. We can come together and help each other during these times of need. We just need to have faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust. I'll be keeping everyone in my thoughts throughout the next couple of weeks. Even though, it life may look down now, it will get better. Just keep loving Disney, and do whatever you do to make you feel better if you are affected.

Can't wait for the next project, whenever it will be.


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Judging Challenge 1

First off, I'd like to give a big thanks to @tcool123 for this great opportunity to guest judge. I hope to be on more often, and even to a competition of my own. I have read over both @Magic Feather's and @AceAstro's posts and both of them were great!
@Magic Feather with Heartlake City:
Magic Feather, you did an excellent job with Heartlake City. LEGO Friends Road Trip seems like an excellent attraction I would visit. The concert and fountains is an excellent touch to the area. I think you could improve on the planning a bit more. What I mean is that (I know you did probably plan hard) the land felt as if it would be put together in a quick manner, just adding from different sets, whereas the other lands of Legoland have some custom aesthetics and attractions. Overall, I think your land was great, and keep up the good work.

@AceAstro with The Racing World:
Ace, I think that this land was great. All the details and attractions immersed me as if I was there! I liked how you added an extinct attraction to Legoland. The Pit Crew Challenge and Pit Row seemed nice, a two-in-one combo. The Big Race added excellent themes to the land, as well as the entrance arch, which was really fun. The only thing I did not like was the Daytona Speedway for The Big Race. It didn't work out for me because I thought that it would be too much, and the style doesn't really go with the Lego Racers sets. That's pretty much the only thing I did not like, but overall, The Racing World seemed like it would be an excellent land for Legoland.

My job is pretty much done now. Thank you again to @tcool123 for letting me be guest judge. I would love to become a "Well-Known Member" on the forums and this will help. Thank you to @Magic Feather and @AceAstro for the awesome posts, and I hope to keep up with this competition, as it will be a fun one.

Bye guys!


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Judging Challenge 1

First off, to everyone who has been or will be affected by the Hurricane, I wish you the very best. Second, a bit saddened by the lack of concepts, but oh well. No one is getting eliminated this round. And @QuillPenn , if you do find time, I would love to see you come back for the next round.
@Magic Feather with Heartlake City:
First off, I think your proposal is very realistic and overall fun. Your scaling in the land is good, and the map is useful for the visualization. I would complain that the land appeals almost solely to females, but this is a kids park, and the park has lands that appeal solely to boys. So I actually applaud that decision, so great work!

Your attractions seem good and appealing individually, but I wish there was more details as to how the land flows together. The attractions are all up to par with LegoLand standards, and they all send useful messages to kids. Great work on Realism and choices!

@AceAstro with The Racing World:
Overall, I felt that this land would be pretty fun. However, with the Lego Driving Academy Nearby all of the Rides sound a bit repetitive. It also seemed very spaced out, which may have been what you were going for, but it would be kind of bland in real life.

On a positive note, I loved the custom design cars and the way that they would be implemented. That would be simple enough to accomplish, yet complex enough to amaze kids (and convince parents to spend more money lol). The Pit Crew Challenge reminds me of the Mission:Space ending which is always crowded, so I have no doubt that it would be a successful attraction. Great work!


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Challenge 2 – A Whirlwind of Opportunities
A Single Elimination Challenge

Welcome back esteemed time travellers! It is great to see you all here. This challenge sees us travelling back to Orlando in 2015. We're here to observe the closing of Twister, and to pitch a new experience for this very location. However all pitches have stiff competition as they are going against the current front runner Jimmy Fallon : Race through New York. Time travellers you need to come up with something as equally appealing to the money heads at Universal Studios guaranteed to create synergy.

Now onto the requirements of the challenge. It must use a form of virtual queuing, be a screen based attraction, and lastly use a popular and modern IP created after 2010, but before December 2016.

Time travellers you have until September 14th, Thursday to complete this project. It will be due at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Time travellers whoever has the lowest amount of points after the results of this challenge, or if someone does not post anything will be eliminated. On that note, good luck travellers.​


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Original Poster
Well I still have power, and the world hasn't ended yet. I guess I'll push out my own reviews too.

Challenge 1 – Reviews

Heartlake City by @Magic Feather
Glad to see you back Magic, and given your circumstances glad to see you were able to complete your project. I'm sure you knew when doing research on the park that you could run into trouble as you may have run into comparisons with the already existing Heartlake City. However you show what Heartlake City should've been at the park, and it is by far a vast improvement of what was built. Your headlining attraction has enough thrill, and enough fun to entertain the families, and the other attractions help out the surrounding area by adding kinetics to the land. The fountains and the show will keep people in the park, and overall this land seems like a valuable addition to the park. However with that said it does seem like the land will be a tight squeeze in the park. Furthermore it would have been nice if the land itself was labeled, however it was easy to follow.

The Driving World by @AceAstro
This land really fits in with the existing attractions, especially the pit crew section which is similar to some of the attractions over in Lego City. Rocket Racers is a clever and an unique way to make use of space in the small park while providing a fun experience along with some cool new differences on your typical arcade racer. Finally we have The Big Race, the star attraction. Overall the ride seems fun, but I feel like it's a missed opportunity. This land is set for lots of kinetics, and maybe even cars going through the land, and bleachers, etc. Overall the land is solid, but is missing some things that would push it into something great.​


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Challenge 2 – A Whirlwind of Opportunities
A Single Elimination Challenge

Welcome back esteemed time travellers! It is great to see you all here. This challenge sees us travelling back to Orlando in 2015. We're here to observe the closing of Twister, and to pitch a new experience for this very location. However all pitches have stiff competition as they are going against the current front runner Jimmy Fallon : Race through New York. Time travellers you need to come up with something as equally appealing to the money heads at Universal Studios guaranteed to create synergy.

Now onto the requirements of the challenge. It must use a form of virtual queuing, be a screen based attraction, and lastly use a popular and modern IP created after 2010, but before December 2016.

Time travellers you have until September 14th, Thursday to complete this project. It will be due at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Time travellers whoever has the lowest amount of points after the results of this challenge, or if someone does not post anything will be eliminated. On that note, good luck travellers.​
Why do I have a feeling that someone is going to use something incredibly redundant and stupid for this challenge ?

Magic Feather

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Twister Replacement Rumor Tracker: Will be updated as time (and Irma) permits

UO Close Up

Twister: Ride it Out's Final Spin

Hello Everyone,

Today, I am here to tell you about a very special change happening at Universal Orlando Resort. Twister: Ride it Out will soon be closing its doors to make way for an all new, multi-dimensional experience coming soon to Universal Studios Florida. As a result, Twister: Ride it Out will be closing on October 5, 2015 to make way for this new attraction.


Universal Orlando Insider Forums-

I need to make a call.

Who you gonna call?



@Fallon Love-

Everyone Else-


Uni & Friends- The Ultimate News and Rumors Site for Universal Parks and Resorts

Going Up? Is a new Drop Ride coming to Universal Orlando

Hello Everybody, and welcome to the Wednesday Universal Orlando Update. Visitors to the park recently may have noticed a series of height test baloons. These height test baloons seemed to indicate two rectangular high rise structures off the back of the twister building, and in the current extended queue area for Twister. These massive structures will be the slightly taller than the tallest brake run on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. If we were to guess, we would claim it to be around 80'-100'. No matter what, this new structure will be clearly visible from all across Universal Orlando Resort and its greater areas. This new drop ride concept may have a variety of themes, some of which that we have heard suggested are King Kong, Rockefeller Center, and even the Ghostbusters! Stay Tuned!


UORNT: Universal Orlando Resort News Today

BREAKING: Top of the Rock Drop Tower Rumored to come to Universal Studios Florida

Hello Everyone! Ever since Twister closed and was demolished, many fans have been guessing as to what its replacement may be. Well, here at UORNT, we have the exclusive scoop as to its replacement. It seems that a smaller version of 30 Rock will be erected on the site. Guests will go up and down between floors as hijinks based on exclusive NBC programs, such as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, America's Got Talent, and more. This new attraction is planned to open in time for Summer 2017.


UO Close Up:
Ghostbusters: Escape from New York Coming Summer 2017

Today, those of us at Universal Orlando Resort are proud to announce an all new drop tower experience coming to Universal Orlando Resort. This new experience based on the 2016 Ghostbusters film. Additionally, this attraction will utilize our new Virtual Line system, allowing you to join in on the fun on your own time, without waiting in massive lines.
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