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A Spirited Perfect Ten


Resident Curmudgeon
If you let people in early, you don't know when they leave, so they could stay the whole time and add congestion to the crowds throughout the day; either that or Disney wants the ability to switch from a partial blackout date to a full blackout based on the actual attendance. For example, instead of guessing ahead of time which days the park will be full and abusing blackouts, Disney can make an announcement at, say, 1:00 PM whether or not the blackout will lift at 4 or extend throughout the day.

If the whole point is to use better information to make decisions, it sounds reasonable to me.

Edit: reasonable if it's used to improve the employee benefits, which appears to be the purpose.

Or more likely it will be used to degrade the benefit and the blackout will be applied the entire year becoming an after 4PM benefit for 4 months of the year while a total blackout will be applied the rest of the year. Gotta juke those PCGS and PRGS numbers and can't have underpaid CM's diluting them for the 'Street

Mike S

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Meg Crofton just got elected to the board of directors of Tupperware....

(I'm not a happy owner of $TUP right now)...


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Sadly, the Dinoland Dance-a-Palooza dance party ended in early May. We attended the last one. I loved that little party because it was the only way to see Gypsy and Slim from A Bug's Life, and others from a group including Meeko, Brer Rabbit, Mushu, Thumper, Miss Bunny, Brer Fox. I hope those characters get reincorporated at some point.
While I'm excited for Avatarland, I am a little bummed that Camp Minnie Mickey is gone because it was one of the easier locations to find other characters. These days Thumper or Miss Bunny only come out at random.


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True but will they be able to pay the amounts needed to make up for the former subscribers not interested in ESPN?

No - the market has evolved and that cash cow will be dead. The idea of having millions of people pay for your product that they have no interest in using is incredibly lucrative and why its always been such an asset. But that captive market model is eroding and with it the extra the company was used to. That doesn't mean they can't be successful, or grow in the future in a new model... just simply that the old one is wanning, and maybe the revenue expectations with it. Short term thinkers don't like facing that transition in a positive light.. but its not all bad. "Bad" is the when the leaders hold onto the old ideas all the way till the plane slams into the ground. "Great" are the leaders that pivot at the right time to ensure the least amount of market identity and recognition while losing the least amount of revenue in the transition.. aka pivoting at the right time.

Cesar R M

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Speaking of toilet's, I saw this on Nat Geo Tv this morning. It is the world's first toilet theme park in South Korea dedicated to toilet's and uh other thing's. :hilarious:
and people actually pay for that?
And I tough the japanese were weirder with that bizarre toilet restaurant.

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