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I think that it just isn't what people were hoping for, even if it is exactly what Disney has planned, which is a minor area that offers attractions for younger visitors. I don't think it was ever meant to be a major land that was supposed to "wow" guests. It has done fine and people seem to be okay with it. It has the misfortune of being the first major new addition to a park that had really gone downhill in the previous decade and opening before Galaxy's Edge. Had it opened after GE, I think it may have been looked upon more kindly. Once GE opens, people will forget about their over-inflated expectations for TSL and it will simply be the "kids' area" of DHS, as it was meant to be. With that said, Swirling Saucers would be underwhelming in any situation. TSL is drawing people into the park during the waiting period before GE opens. Slinky Dog is still a coveted FastPass for now. It may not being the draw that Disney had hoped it would be, but they'd be fools if they seriously thought it was going to pull in crowds like a major new land would. Until GE and Runaway Railway open, DHS is lucky to get the crowds it does. I know we're only heading over there briefly next week to catch Fantasmic and so my wife can ride Star Tours. If we didn't have Park Hoppers, we would have skipped it entirely.
What Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock n roller coaster?


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Cough mickeysbirthdaystarlandcircusbeautifuldayintheneighborhood cough
That took less than a year to build. Toy Story Land took 3.

Toy Story land is an OK kiddie land / bridge land. It's better than Storybook Circus, but it's decent execution on a bad theme. Kathy Mangum herself said they were going for Cars Land immersion, and while no one believed her, it was said at the announcement.


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I keep forgetting Disney will be launching a new sub-brand in 2019. The new sub-brand will be called "Disney Animals".

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