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A sequel? Nah, not this one

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
Trust me, the circumstances of its departure have A LOT to do with the overwhelming opposition as to why. And from the usual suspects. And if I'm wrong about that, let's talk about the film Song of the South. It was as popular a topic pre-"cancel culture intimidation" as the bowler hat villain from Meet The Robinson. But I can't say there are any anti-bowler hat villains initiatives on that count. But since he's now the most famous Disney villain, though I've rarely seen him mentioned in the niche community (or otherwise), I am living in an alternate universe.
Maybe I’m not the best person to judge, given my username and interests.

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
Some analyst on a website suggested it because they had a deadline and needed to say something.

Then someone who hates Iger so much because Mr. Toad's Wild Ride isn't coming back would now like to see Disney come crashing down to spite him and so they cling onto that bit of fake news.
Wait, what?

Brer Oswald

Well-Known Member
They live. Hurt and broken. But, they live.


Well-Known Mumbler
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People like a little doom and gloom with their Disney news.
There are things that could at least theoretically happen (a hostile takeover of Seaworld), things that are effectively legally impossible (a hostile takeover of Comcast/Universal) and things that are effectively logistically impossible (a hostile takeover of TWDC, at least anytime soon). It’s not worth anyone’s time to speculate on the latter two.

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