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A sequel? Nah, not this one


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I think the other thread illustrates how Iger is perceived internally and externally to have stepped down to avoid running the company during a pandemic.

Yeah, don't see that at all. But for Iger to leave before his term, the BoD has to oust him. And unless someone's chummy with them or they start making public statements, this is just a Iger-hater wish and not a real rumor.


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I think Iger thinks he has a shot at 2024. This is political.
It is political and he has used the company for his presidential campaign for quite a while, like that time when he tried to intimidate Georgia's governor because he wanted to ban abortion, or when he tried to appear in many interviews as he could when Black Panther and Star Wars premiered, so that he could look as "new kind of caring CEO", now he is using a ride based on a movie produced by Walt Disney himself, for his political gain. From the way i see it, the longer he stays, the longer he will use the company as Platform for 2024...


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Even before covid, with Universal Express the way you cut through the lines is magical, I did managed to ride everything in UOA and Universal Studios. That’s the ultimate ticket, granted worth the extra 230 bucks.

Just treat yourself to a deluxe room for the night and you get express included for all members of the party up to six plus it is good on the check in and check out days so get a 2 day hopper and go wild!

Oh, the hotel express is not limited like the purchased version.
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I know people say this all the time half-heartedly, but if they seriously put Wakanda in as a country in World Showcase I think I'm officially done with WDW. I can swallow having rides and characters in the already established countries, even when it's a bit of a stretch (Frozen). But to plop a completely fictional Marvel land in the middle of an area of the park that's supposed to represent actual places and culture? Nah. Honestly, I'd be ok with them not adding any more countries to WS. But if you're going to do it, please keep the integrity of the area (mostly) intact.

I'd happily settle for a different park. Perhaps where the Aladdin Spinner currently resides.
Next best choice would be Seas Pavilion with logical M&G.
Yes! I've recently said this myself! I've always hated having Agrabah in the middle of Adventureland. It has never fit in with any of the surrounding theming. But Moana would be at least a little bit better fit with the tropical aesthetic. I think Seas would be a little bit harder sell just because of the look of the building...but they could easily make her some kind of "ambassador" that educates guests on the importance of taking care of the oceans.
Really I feel like they could leave the Nemo theme, as I think it's really well done and still relevant. I do wish they would overhaul the actual tanks. The water always seems murky, and compared to newer aquariums the Seas tanks are just kinda boring. The manatees are usually the one exhibit that is a must when I do venture into Seas just because those aren't usually at other aquariums.
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Supposedly next to Germany. Brazil was supposed to go between Germany and Italy.
Honestly though, before adding anything else to the WS, they really should focus on SSE, and keeping the budget focused on SSE’s future overhaul whenever that may be, as well as the possible redevelopment of Imagination. Their decision making has been extremely baffling to me in terms of what to prioritize and it’s incredibly sad. Of course, all of what I am referring to should take place after every remaining construction project is completed within the next two years.
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This thread got a little spicy again! Thanks @TheVisionarySoul

If Iger wants to run in 2024 he will probably leave the company in 2022 at the latest. He is going to have to run a monster campaign to build support across the county and create value in his candidacy to the party. You really can't leave a job of his importance to be on the road all day campaigning...unless you're a congressman.


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