Trip Report 7 Night Northen Europe Finished


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Count me in... I think? lol ;)


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Day 3
We woke up bright and early and headed back to the Beefeater for breakfast. Fully nourished we loaded the car back up and headed the 10 minutes down the road to our pre-booked port parking. We had a minibus shuttle to ourselves down to the dock and proceeded to head inside to check in.
We were only waiting for an hour or so as they boarded everyone by numbers. We had our pictures taken with Captain Minne (didn't by any DCL pics and can't find it on my phone so will have to do another cruise to get that picture).
Finally we were on and headed straight to cabanans (ooh na na ( obscure song reference)). After lunch we headed to Cove cafe for a coffee and a relax whilst we waited for the staterooms to open up.View attachment 418539
The lounge chairs just outside here are one of our favorite sports onboard.
once our the staterooms were available we went straight down and unpacked View attachment 418540
(makes it feel more your space rather than living out of a case).
We had exactly the same two staterooms as on our Fjords trip so photos are over there. After the muster drill and Sail awave party we wandered the ship for a while before changing for Dinner.
View attachment 418541
Shameless pre dinner selfie.

View attachment 418542
Guess where we ate on our first night 😁
Better late, then never.

I like your solution for the Minnie pic.

And if you live, and drive around with a 16 yr old girl, cabana oh na na is not so obscure. As a matter of fact, I didn't read it in my head, so much s sing it.

Ready to dig in to your TR.

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Day 2 . Bermuda

Our morning started with the obligatory visit to Cabanas for breakfast and to watch the scenery go by as we sailed into Amsterdam.MVIMG_20190819_065228.jpg We had a bus/canal boat tour booked today so after eating we gathered our things and met my parents in the D-lounge where everyone was meeting.
Once we had boarded our coach we set of with the first stop being Rembrandt's windmill. He lived here for a time whilst he was creating some of his masterpieces.1010899~2.jpg1010903.jpg
Next up was a city tour followed by a short amount of time to wander. We headed for the floating flower markets and found a small cafe to try the local coffee. 1010904.jpg
Back on the bus we headed to the docks for our transfer to a canal boat and spent the next hour cruising the canals.1010911.jpg1010916.jpg
Once we were back on Terra Firma we headed back to the magic for lunch.
We spent the afternoon relaxing onboard before changing for dinner.MVIMG_20190819_142412.jpgMVIMG_20190819_201558.jpg

Any guesses as to tonights location ?

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We started with drinks
Non alcoholic for me
Somewhat alcoholic for Donna
Then pasta truffle pursettes for me (not as good as everyone raves on about).
Donna had this (forget what it was )
split pea soup for both of us next.

Grilled Tuna steak for my main
Chicken schnitzel for Donna.

No photos of pudding (too busy eating it)
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