50th Anniversary Dates


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Does anyone have any idea when the 50th Anniversary celebrations (merch, shows... if they're allowed..., etc.) will begin? My husband and I like to visit in late April around our wedding anniversary, but will delay if necessary because we really want to be at WDW around the 50th! We are still newbies so we have no idea what to expect and are just trying to get as good a guess as we can.

I know nothing is certain, but I just thought I'd see what reasonable expectations would be! Thanks for any advice!


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I am booked for September 30, for 3 nites. I want to be at Magic Kingdom on October1, for the exact day which I hope will be commemorated with something really special. Contact Pam@KingdomKonsultant.com to book a room. That way I am sure she will send out updates as to what Disney has planned. Pam is also a sponsor here.
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