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Trip Report 50 Years of Magic WDW May 2022

Well, here I am, a trip that's three and a half years in the making, my eighth Walt Disney World adventure, after countless delays due to money and a global pandemic basically changing the entire world forever, but thankfully masks and vaccines would later be good enough for May 2022 to be the month that my family and I would visit the World's Most Magical Place, Walt Disney World

Let me introduce to myself, Ryan, who's on my eighth trip after seven previous adventures were a success, even with a few setbacks

and also joining my adventure left to right are my parents, Claire & Brian, who are each on their ninth Disney trips

Where we stayed: Disney's Polynesian Village Resort(via the Villas side)
Dates when we stayed: May 3rd-10th, 2022(an eight day trip)
  • Day 1: Epcot
  • Day 2: Magic Kingdom
  • Day 3: Hollywood Studios
  • Day 4: Pool Day
  • Day 5: Animal Kingdom
  • Day 6: Hollywood Studios
  • Day 7: Epcot
  • Day 8: Magic Kingdom

So, let's get things started


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Day 1: The Journey and Epcot

The Journey:​

It all started when I woke up at 2:00am thanks to my phone alarming me in advance from an early sleep(as I went to bed early at 6pm), as I showered, brushed my teeth, and already had my clothes ready(which my first day was a Mickey shirt that said 2022), but my mother was so excited to hit the road, and by 2:30am we were already on the road to the airport(Philadelphia International Airport, which is 2hrs 10mins from my house), and after a crazy road trip that had fog invading our view, even running over a bunny rabbit(Which my mother was embarrassed at), and chaos while trying to park in the airport area, but thankfully we would make it to the airport by 5:00am, in which we didn't wait that long for our plane to start boarding, which our flight would be at 6:00am

The Flight:​

It was 6:00am and our plane was ready to set to go flying from PHL to MCO, and it was kind of bumpy ride(I was nervous at first for weeks, before eventually getting used to it), but it was a calm flight, which I got pretzels and endless cups of Coca-Cola, before eventually landing in MCO at 9:15am(with my mother booking a Ratatouille Lightning Lane for later in the day), in which I started to get excited for what was to come the next week

Welcome to Orlando​

Once we got off the plane, my parents and I immediately went to the restroom, before finding our ride to get to the resort, in which sadly because Disney's Magical Express was one of the many casualties before this trip happened, we were forced to join in with Mears Connect, but interestingly enough we didn't go on a bus, but instead we rode on a van, definitely very different than my last couple of trips, but thankfully despite the never-ending Central Florida traffic that had billboards for the attractions in the area and hotel buildings, we made it to Walt Disney World worry free

Polynesian Village​

After years of waiting and nearly 7 hrs of traveling, my family has arrived to the Polynesian Village Resort, as I was set to head to Epcot for my first day(it was originally Magic Kingdom, but a cast member event occurred that night, so I chose to do Epcot on the first day), while my parents were a little tired from the journey and are going to change clothes to feel better, I was too excited, in fact I was off to the park immediately, but a little hiccup happened, as my MagicBand+(in fact my family's MagicBand+) had a little problem, but thankfully was resolved and I was off right away to the TTC to catch a monorail to Epcot, and I already know it'll be a grand start to the trip

Epcot Part 1:​

Once I got into the Monorail to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, this is was the trip truly gets the green flag, and minutes later, even with a two minute pause with views of Cosmic Rewind(which was three weeks away from opening), the Play pavilion(like that's ever gonna happen(oops, wrong franchise not from Disney), Mission Space, the World Showcase, and Imagination, as well as the center point that's got the Fantasyland 2012/Hollywood Studios 2016 treatment, I was on my way, and interestingly they didn't have to enforce to scan your finger after your MagicBand for the day(that was the only park day where I didn't have to scan my finger with the band)
First things first, was the return of our beloved & popular, but rather polarizing character meet and greets, which had returned two weeks prior to this trip, and the first Disney friend I said hi to was Mickey's dog, Pluto, and the line was slow, but thankfully I got to see him, gave him a few fun interactions, and a few pics to remember this moment forever
and later walked down to ImageWorks to find Vanellope and Joy, and they didn't even have that much of line, first was Vanellope in the world of the internet(as seen in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, which basically is nowhere near as good as the first, but still stands solid on its own), gave her a few fist pumps, high fives, selfies, pics, and told Ralph that I said Hi, and seconds later, the shortest line for anyone, Joy from the movie, Inside Out(who's now alone without Sadness in mind), and I asked Joy if Riley has seen the animated Disney Channel shows, The Ghost & Molly McGee and The Owl House yet?, Joy nodded her head no to TGAMM(to be fair, it's still new), but vaguely nodded yes to TOH, and posed for our photos and interactions
and it can't be Disney World, without visiting the Big Cheese that started it all, Mickey Mouse of course, and he was at the Magic Eye Theater, having a solid line(of course, love him or not, Mickey is highly popular), and his character attendant, actually almost spewed up a Looney Tunes reference, but she said, "That's All", and after 10 or so minutes in line, it was my turn and I was happy to encounter Mickey and greeted him with a hug and said stuff about his life, before posing for selfies and pictures, and within less than a minute, we said our goodbyes to the mayor and was off to move on to our next destination

before moving on, I got to see something cute, something worth sharing to other family members, it was Winnie the Pooh with his butterfly net(keep in mind, there were still a few distanced meets, and this was one of them), he's too cute hanging outside near Imagination
The first attraction that I would end up doing would be inside The Land, with the theater show that replaced the long-running Circle of Life, which was Awesome Planet, narrated by the guy who played including but not limited to, Phil from Modern Family, Mr Peabody, Jack from Duncanville, Bailey from Finding Dory and more, Ty Burrell, and I hate to admit it, but I find myself enjoying the show, sure it's not a classic, but a solid time-waster to get away from the hot Florida weather(speaking of which was above average and had record high temps nearly all week), with good in theater effects, cool cinematography shots, and score by Steven Price, as well as sprinkling in some Disney references

to be continued with part 2


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Day 1-Epcot Part 2:

Leaving off after walking out of Awesome Planet, I had to find something to do while taking in some major steps, before checking out the Fab 50 statues of Hei Hei & Pua, Rocket & Groot, Olaf & Bruni, Miguel, and Dante, as my first of the 36 statues saluting 50 characters
and after seeing a quick glimpse of the Mariachi Cobre in Mexico, I quickly went to the A/C in Norway, to find myself inside the Royal Sommerhus featuring the Queens of Arendelle, Anna and Elsa(and yes, this was after the release of Frozen 2, and this would be my first time seeing the two in their new outfits from the final act of the second chapter of the Frozen story), and of course, I got to snap a few pics of Anna's ring, asked the queens for their signatures, took in a few self portraits, and yes, give them warm hugs like in the movie
After walking and walking, including inside the American Adventure to visit the Soul exhibit and the Mitsukoshi gift shop in Japan to window shop, but that was enough at this time, so it was time to join my parents as they were hyped to ride Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, and quite honestly, it's really good, stays true to the original movie that the ride is based off of, has cool 3D effects, the score, and is just fun from start to finish, but do you know who loved this more than I did?, my parents of course, they loved everything from it, they loved it so much that they wanted to ride it again

And little did I know, my feet were out of fuel, in fact I was a little tired already, but it was NOT enough to stop me from doing a few more things like say hi to Mary Poppins in the UK, posed for a few pics with PhotoPass, found the Figment statue, try out the new Club Cool, had the Turning Red Pand-Ade, and did one more ride before calling it a day at Epcot, Spaceship Earth
and after six hours of fun and excitement, I was ready to head to the resort, where I would rest for the reminder of the day, had chicken and fries from Captain Cooks for dinner, and watched the fireworks from our resort before officially calling it a day

Stay tuned for an exciting Day 2, which would have Magic Kingdom for Rope Drop, visits with more friends, see the updated PhilharMagic, watch an abridged Festival of Fantasy, and more


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Day 2: The Magic Kingdom-Part 1: Rope Drop

"After being re-energized from a long first day, I was up and ready to set sail for the first full day of the trip with the center point for the World's Most Magical Celebration(or what many of us thought it could had been), the Magic Kingdom

Starting things off at 7am with my morning routine, and got off at 7:30am, to grab some breakfast from Captain Cooks for Mickey Waffles, Bacon, and OJ, and how could you say no to Mickey Waffles, and this amazing view of the Grand Floridian(the resort I stayed during my last trip)
But anyways, I hoped onto the Monorail to the park before the park opened to the public for the day, kicking things off with snapping a few pics of the statues of Lady and the Tramp, Tinker Bell, Dumbo & Timothy, and of course, the Sensational 8(of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, and Chip n Dale), which I got a PhotoPass pic with the Mickey and Minnie statues, before having a spot for the opening Castle show.
Speaking of the opening Castle show, it's a true banger, featuring Mickey, Minnie, and the gang in their EARidescent outfits and Celebration performers singing the anthem of the celebration, The Magic is Calling, officially opening the gates to the other lands of the park, as I immediately sped walked to Princess Fairytale Hall, and said hi to Tiana and Rapunzel, it was a little bit of a wait, but I luckily got to visit the two princesses, starting with Tiana, where I would ask her if she's ever heard of the Disney Channel animated series, Amphibia(which was nearing its final episodes around this time, and Tiana's actress, Anika Noni Rose voiced a character on the show's third season, I didn't want to break character, LOL), and she's never of it, but I told her that it was a world of talking frogs and all of that stuff
After Tiana, came my personal favorite Disney Princess, Rapunzel, but despite being a massive Punzie fan, I didn't interact with her equally as much, but she did give me a few fun moments including her talk about the Snuggly Duckling, but luckily I told her to tell Cassandra(a character from the Tangled TV series) that I said Hi
Once I got out of part 1 of PFTH, I went into the hidden gem of Fantasyland, and the first attraction of the day, Mickey's PhilharMagic, which recently got a digital upgrade after playing on film for nearly 20 years non-stop, I got seated almost right away without waiting, and why it got a digital upgrade is because of a new show scene that got added to this beloved show, that's right, Un Poco Loco from Coco was added, and quite surprisingly, it's a worthy addition to the show and no other scenes were deleted from the show

Right after seeing the Musical Revue, I headed back to Princess Fairytale Hall, but this time to visit Cinderella and interestingly enough, Elena of Avalor, and it was a very, very long time to get through, it was slow, because only one-two groups were in the room at a time, but fornunately, it was worth a 45 minute wait, with Elena immediately greeting and waving to me once I snapped a pic of her while she was waiting on a group to encounter her as they were greeting Cinderella, speaking of which, the Princess of the Magic Kingdom herself was first in line, speaking to me about Gus and Jaq and took a few self portraits, and had a cast member take my pics, since no PhotoPass happened at the Hall

But that was just a piece of cake compared to what was to come with the Queen of Avalor herself, who surprisingly is still meeting her fans(despite her show ending its run and basically no merchandise of her show were sold at the parks anymore(except for dresses), but it didn't matter, because she had the absolute best character interaction out of any character I've met during this trip(and nobody else came close to this level of greatness), as I bowed to the queen once I was up next, and she noticed that I've seen every episode of her series, and I did(as I binged the show on Disney+ from day 1 until completing it in March), and I also told her about Sofia and her family attending Queen Elena's coronation in the series finale(afterall, Sofia did save Elena from her amulet), and I also asked her if she has heard of the story of Encanto(as I did ask her about Coco last time), well she's getting used to it(to be fair, that popular film is still pretty new), but luckily this next responsible was the highlight of the trip, as I would ask her if she knows who Luz Noceda is, and luckily, as both can speak a bit of Spanish, she has said Yes, and I also spewed up King, Eda, Willow, Gus, Amity, Lilith, etc. and she does know what The Owl House(I'm a major fan of that toon) and the world and characters who live in the Boiling Isles are(let's be fair, both EOA and TOH are produced by Disney TV Animation), and yes we did pose for our self portraits, posed for the camera, and gave out a hug goodbye, in a memorable experience that I would never forget
Leaving the Hall one last time, I didn't know what to do next, but I sped myself to the Tomorrowland Speedway for one lap around the speedway that was supposed to be Indianapolis for the 500, and I grabbed a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and a Sprite to drink up in the hot Florida sun(even though water is far superior for that matter), before grabbing the statues of Pinocchio, Cogsworth & Lumiere, Cheshire Cat, and Mad Hatter

Next on the list would be another meet and greet, but it's being held inside what would be normally be the home of Enchanted Tales with Belle. but thanks to the affects of 2020 and reasons..., it didn't reopen right away, instead it became a meet and greet for Belle, and I didn't have to wait that long to see her, as I was third in line to greet her inside her cottage, once her set started, as I greeted her with a cuddle, we chatted about her father, Maurice, and posed for a few portraits, before getting back outside
and a long walk to Adventureland we go, and visit Captain Jack Sparrow across from Pirates, and most park-goers didn't know that Jack was coming out, and they were NOT in line to see him, in fact I was first in line to see him for that set I attended, and I greeted him with a handshake, told me to find some gold, posed for a few pictures, and said our farewells til next time

After nearly three hours in the park and a low battery on my phone, it was almost time for me to leave the park for a few hours, but not before waving hi to Winnie the Pooh and his friends(and this would be the very first time that I would see Rabbit in the parks in person, and he really gave me one of the best character interactions of the trip, and also captured their walk from the train station and back to the Hundred Acre Wood because it was parade time)
That's right, two months prior, the afternoon parade made its return, and I was ready for the return of the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, although it would be abridged with the Brave unit being erased from the parade completely and a few dancers were absent for staffing problems(although the opening regained the Princes and Anna two weeks prior), but I didn't care for these flaws, it's still a spectacle on the streets from the opening Princess Garden unit to the Tangled unit, and from the impressive Maleficent Dragon to the fun filled finale capped off by Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the hot air balloon, and after that, now it was time for me to leave Magic Kingdom(for at least a few hours)
I hopped on a monorail, and returned to the resort to relax, not before heading to the pool for a few hours, before heading back to Magic Kingdom for an Adventure like no other

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my second day of this adventure


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Day 2-Part 2: Magic Kingdom in the Afternoon/Early Evening:​

That break was what I needed, my phone was charged back to 100%, my feet(although in a bit of pain) were still in fine condition, and I bought my water bottle to drink up for part 2 of my Magic Kingdom day after a few hrs in the pool

Around 4pm, I returned to Magic Kingdom kicking off with a PhotoPass picture with the Mickey and Minnie topiaries outside the park, before getting a hiccup with the MagicBand, but was resolved almost right away because of the finger scanner
It was little less than an hour before the 5:10 Adventure Friends Cavalcade, I would stay on Main Street enjoying the Dapper Dans and saluting the country with the Flag Retreating ceremony, led by the Main Street Philharmonic, with my pre-cavalcade drink being a Coca-Cola in the 50th Anniversary bottles(at least the 50th did good with the marketing and merch)

But anyways, I was ready to Vamos, sitting in the heat for minutes(despite a few good moments of shade), but it would all be worth it, because the first of two performances of the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade would arrive on Main Street around 5:15

Led by Miguel from Coco in his WDW debut, followed by the Woody's Roundup half-reunion of Woody and Jessie, and from Metroville, the super himself, Mr. Incredible(Mrs was absent from both showings that day)
Then the first of two floats feature the princesses of Merida(that's why she's not in Festival of Fantasy), Elena of Avalor(which I did promise that I would see her in this cavalcade, and that promise was made), Moana(glad we're giving her more attention in the parks), Mulan, and Pocahontas

Following up with a cast of Disney animal friends of Meeko(who was happy to see me), Terk, Baloo, King Louie(Timon was also absent for both performances I saw), as well as the Aladdin trio of Princess Jasmine, Prince Ali himself(but in his rags), Aladdin, and of course, the character that made the 1992 masterpiece worthwhile and very funny, The Genie

Also starring on the second of two floats, are the residents of Zootopia, Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps(who in which she was very excited to see me wave to her), the star of Get a Horse(who would later be a placeholder for Mirabel, who would debut a little less than a month and a half after my trip), Clarabelle Cow(she's not bad, I felt she was a little out of place, as she didn't have that much adventures as much as the other Adventure Friends), and two of our favorite Caballeros, Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, whom I got to see for the first time in person
And wrapping up what can be the cavalcade to see at the park, is led by the cute fan favorite kitten from The Aristocats who was a bit camera shy towards me, Marie, then Goofy's son, Max from Goof Troop and the fan favorite cult classic road trip movie that qualified him to be in this, A Goofy Movie, in which I was happy to finally see in person at the parks, the lovable blue alien, Stitch from the film that would turn 20 this year, Lilo & Stitch, and on a Jolly Holiday to wrap up the Adventure are Mary Poppins & Bert

Having seen it, I followed the cavalcade to the end of the route, until the gates closed and I waved bye to the characters and told them to see them later, overall a fantastic variety of Disney friends, despite being a mix of the Goofy, Princess, and Fantasyland Friends Cavalcades from 2020, but it's filled with a fun soundtrack that made me dance(and one of the friendly guests told me that I should work at the parks as a performer), great interactions(depending on how much of a fan of these Adventure Friends), and doubtedly, the one cavalcade to see the most, in which I hope it can stay for a long time(with a few new friends added overtime, like Raya, Molly McGee, Mei Lee, the Up gang(speaking of which, one of the parkgoers said that they deserve to be there since they qualify), Ian & Barley, Luz, King, Willow, & Gus from The Owl House, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, etc. who all Adventure Friends)

After the adventure ended, I went on a little slightseeing, as I snapped the Stitch statue on the purple wall, attempted to catch the PeopleMover, before it went down, and relaxed in Adventureland before my parents arrived for the Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane which would happen at 6:00pm, and it would be my first ride on the attraction since my first trip in 2005
From the backside of water to a subtle reference to the Jungle Book(and I made a reference to the 2016 live action movie, which was the best of the remakes, but the skipper can agree with everyone that the cartoon is superior), the Jungle Cruise is a blast from start to end

After our Jungle Cruise trip, my parents would meet me at Haunted Mansion, as I was ready to witness the second(and sadly final) Adventure Friends Cavalcade of the day, as I was set up in Frontierland to see the Adventure begin again, as it kicks off with Woody giving me a high five and a sweet pose for the camera, and told Bo Peep that I said hi(sorry TS4 haters), then seeing the princesses again(with Elena and Merida waving to me, I liked how Elena noticed me again, she's such a sweet queen), then Terk was Trashin' the Camp after noticing me, and then Aladdin and Genie waved to me one more time, such wholesome friends, Panchito is graceful enough to wave hi, and finally I told Stitch that I love him and he gave me a hand heart for the wholesomeness this cavalcade has, and Mary Poppins saw me and winked at me(like in the movie) to top the cake of this cavalcade, and followed it all the way to Liberty Square, as the Adventure is officially over for me(Sadly, hope to see you again soon)
Finally arrived to the house that had 999 happy haunts, but they had room for one more, as sadly even though I wanted to have a vehicle to myself, unfortunately..., I was squished in the middle between my mother and father on the vehicle for the next 10 minutes, and I was uncomfortable with their sweat and annoyance they were giving me..., I just wanted to rage my anger, but I didn't because that would break their hearts, and thankfully when I got off, even though I love the ride, the experience was terrible, my parents had ice cream, while I had a Sprite to drink up

Next up was a Lightning Lane for Big Thunder Mountain with my mother, but I was exhausted from the blisters and ankle, in fact there were three friendly security cast members noticing me that I was turning red(like the Pixar movie, but NOT in a good way and no red tail), but they were so nice enough to give me a free bottle of water to drink, and they thought I was going to be serious enough to head to first aid due to my heat stroke, but it wouldn't be bad enough, as I would ride BTMR for the first time ever, with mother, and at times, I almost fell off the vehicle, but I was too big to fall, it was a great and crazy ride, but it was more than enough to end the day at the park, while mother was going to stay overnight, and she and father would have dinner at Be Our Guest

On my way out, Mickey and the gang in their EARidescent outfits were waving to guests leaving the park, and I had a bit of energy left to give them some fun interactions
Wrapping off the night, would be an extended boat ride from the park to the resort, but I was lucky to see the Electrical Water Pageant on the boat, and it was a special treat, simple, yet very special, before grabbing dinner from Captain Cooks to end the night and immediately went to bed before getting ready for Hollywood Studios the next morning, while my parents enjoyed dinner at the Beast's Castle and mother took advantage with the Extended Evening Hours, as my father went straight to bed, while mother didn't return until midnight
Stay tuned for Day 3, featuring encounters with a snowman and an old friend, my first Galaxy's Edge adventure, my first ever Runaway Railway ride, and PizzeRizzo


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Day 3: Disney's Hollywood Studios

After a long day at Magic Kingdom yesterday, the next challenge was to face Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it started off fine, but when my parents called in to take an Uber to the park, this was when the day started off on the wrong foot, as once again I was squished thanks to my parents and felt uncomfortable once again

Once we arrived in the park, I just wanted to get my anger out again due to that underwhelming experience(as I should had just taken the bus), that was un-Disney

But once I got inside the park, my parents decided to go to Oga's Cantina for Breakfast(which I didn't miss anything from this, as they said it was just drinks and Chex Mix to them), while I found all the Fab 50 statues that were at this park, Joe Gardner(from Pixar's Soul), Flounder & Sebastian(from The Little Mermaid, surprisingly even though Voyage of the Little Mermaid hasn't reopened yet), Bo Peep & Woody(from Toy Story), BB-8 & R2-D2(from Star Wars), and Frozone & Edna Mode(from The Incredibles)
And I was tempting to find some Disney friends, and hoping that Mira Royal Detective would had come where Pluto normally is, but they didn't even add her to the meets(because of "2020 messed everything up", and the lineup were characters from shows that ended(yes even their most iconic was still meeting her fans in Doc McStuffins(due to the show's 10th anniversary despite airing its last new episode in 2020), and NO, Sofia doesn't do meets anymore, which was a major heartbreaker)

But fortunately though, Chip n Dale were ready for their perfect picnic on the lawns of Hollywood Blvd, and decided to snap a few pics and take video of their little antics with the blanket, basket, and acorn, and is actually one of the actually fun distanced meets around the park, and was so excited to tell them about their new Disney+ Rescue Rangers movie which was coming out within two weeks from that point(and spoiler alert: I actually liked the movie)
After spending a few minutes with the Chipmunks, I walked over to meet Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight(aka the permanent home of our favorite snowman), again, and I was here for warm hugs, selfies, a video, and photos(again, there was no PhotoPass), with a mostly solid line that had me wait 10-15 minutes
Next up was actually attending the beloved show that I went to see on every trip(since 2005), this was the one that I managed to see on every trip, and it never fails to impress me, that's right, Muppet-Vision 3D, I did miss a few mins of the preshow, but luckily the part with Rizzo dressing up as Mickey Mouse never fails to make me laugh, and for this showing, I got to sit in the front row(ish) for the presentation that still holds up strongly with the witty writing that had Muppet Mayhem fun all over, the clever comedy, the impressively "cheap" effects(they're cheap in a comedic way), a live Sweetums who never fails to get goosebumps the first time he walks onto the theater, the impressive animatronics of Statler & Waldorf, the Swedish Chef, the Penguins, and Bean Bunny, the Glorious 3 Hour Finale(You've got a minute and a half), and so much more that makes this a must see at the parks
I made my way to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge on the original site of the old Streets of America, and let me tell you, my first impressions of the land in person was INCREDIBLE, everything is well detailed and greatly themed, and look I got to see Rey working on an X-Wing and decided to snap a few pics for the memories

None of that, would compare to what my parents and I were ready to be impressed by, as mother had her DSA(Disability Access Service) pass for what would be the most complexed attraction at the entire Walt Disney World Resort, opened at the end of the 2010's, caused very long lines for this when it opened, and some can go even as far as saying that this is the best theme park attraction at not just at WDW, Central Florida, nor just the Disney Parks in general, but also of all-time, that's right, we were ready to witness for the next eighteen minutes, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, with a great preshow featuring an animatronic BB-8 and a hologram of Rey who gives out a mission to us, and then we board a resistance CEC Intersystem Transport Ship for the first portion of the ride, piloted by Lieutenant Bek, and then onto the next section is where we see the most impressive (and the most photographed) part of the attraction, the Stormtrooper hangar bay room, and then the main course itself, we board a transport controlled by a BB droid, and it was off to escape from the first order, and without spoiling anything major, it's just fantastic, everything from the animatronics, the ride system, the characters, the story, and more just makes this a brilliant addition to an already grand land, that could never be made on this grand scale again
However, even if Rise was a brilliant attraction, THIS isn't my favorite attraction at the park that was added the last five years, no, it may had been groundbreaking and technologically advanced, but there is one ride that tops it, which would the next attraction that I would witness, that's on Hollywood Blvd, it's at the Chinese Theater, it may had sacrificed a classic like The Great Movie Ride, and it's from an art style that people aren't fans of based around the iconic cartoon character, that's right, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway is better than Rise of the Resistance in my honest opinion, here's why
Once my family and I arrived to the Chinese Theater, we see posters of some of the recent Mickey cartoons made by the brilliant guys at Disney Television Animation, and we knew that we were invited to a screening of the new Mickey Mouse cartoon, Perfect Picnic, and as the cartoon starts, we were in for a treat, but this goes less than perfect as Minnie's pie accidentally lands on Goofy's train, and the screen went BOOM, and we were all invited to the Cartoon World, and I was highly excited

I boarded the train with Train Conductor Goofy, through a chaotic and fun filled adventure, where we go inside a train tunnel, the wild west, an amusement park, a tornado, an island, under water, a city, Daisy's dance studio where the vehicles would do the conga, and a factory, before finally reaching the finale at Runnamuck Park where Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto had their perfect picnic

This is how this is the best new addition to the park within the last five years, the story is greatly written, has the same charm that made the recent cartoons so great, the same likable and iconic characters, and features a memorable soundtrack, as well as an impressive trackless ride system, not as groundbreaking as Rise, but still impressive

After that it was finally time to visit James P Sullivan from Monsters Inc for the first time in over a decade at Walt Disney Presents, the wait was a little lengthy, but I was more than happy to see Sulley at the parks again, for plenty of hugs, posing like monsters, taking about Mike Wazowski, and so much more, it was such a great reunion
On my way out of the attraction, I had to take some pics of the outfits from Steven Spielberg's recent movie adaption of West Side Story(and YES, this is a Disney movie, via 20th Century after that manager), and it was also the time to check out the Mickey Shorts Theater, where the short, Vacation Fun was showing, it may had been a clip show episode consisting of Mickey's greatest adventures around the world, with new animation where Mickey finds stuff to pack for his vacation

It was time to grab something to eat, and you already know where I'll grab a bite to eat?, at PizzeRizzo of course, it's a love/hate restaurant where they serve nothing but mediocre at best pizzas and meh salads

But yet to my surprise, my meal..., wasn't that bad, sure it's not top class, but it was affordable for me, a small cheese pizza, with a salad that had decent dressing and crunchy croutons, alongside an Orange Fanta, I didn't eat all day until that point, but it was a fine meal, not great, not terrible, just fine, while my parents had a delicious lunch at Sci-Fi, which sure was better than my PizzeRizzo lunch
Of course, my next plan was to catch the Pixar Stars and Motor Cars(the only motorcade that was still in parks when I went), and there was some fun from this, where Mr. & Mrs. Incredible were showing off their superhero poses(was hoping for Frozone since he came on some days, but not today), Edna Mode was darling in her Chevy Camaro, with interestingly enough, Sulley walking down Echo Lake(rather than having another Pixar pal taking his spot after his meet returned like Russell & Dug or Ian & Barley), and the Toy Story section led by the Green Army Men who had some of the best character interactions on the trip, they are professionals, then straight from the Adventure Friends Cavalcade are Woody and Jessie(sorry no Bo, despite the statue existing), and finally wrapping it up is Buzz Lightyear in his impressively awesome Chevy Camaro to end a short, yet entertaining motorcade
Next was Star Tours, which had a 20 minute wait, as it may had been the least popular SW attraction at the park, but surprisingly enough, it's still a fun time on the attraction from the different planets I visited throughout my Star Tours flight

After that would mainly consist of Star Wars experiences, saying hi to Rey, Chewie, and Vi from a distance(honestly, I kind of liked them from a distance, and that was before Launch Bay reopened where Chewie hugs were allowed again(even though there should be a rule where characters from SWGE must be exclusive to the area and Launch Bay had little to purpose to still exist in a post-Galaxy's Edge world), and the last ride of the day, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
Since I was a bit uncomfortable with my mother and father, I wanted to join another group for this one, and sadly the Hondo animatronic was NOT working that day, so he was on a screen telling us what was to come, and I had a bit of fun on this, but admittedly, I think this is the weakest of the three Star Wars attractions at the park, it's not terrible per say, or nearly as fun as the others

Ranked Star Wars Rides:
1. Rise of the Resistance
2. Star Tours
3. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Once I got off a Smugglers Run, I told my parents that this was it, my day at Hollywood Studios was over, because I was pretty exhausted especially with the feet, so I walked from Black Spire Outpost, ALL the way to the bus stop, because a bus is so much better and more magical than an Uber, and that was it, I spent the rest of the day watching the Taste of Disney+ Channel and a bit of toons of Disney XD

Stay tuned for day 4, where it was mainly a pool day, no park to go to, I needed a break


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Day 4: Pool Day

Originally set to be a day off-Disney property at Universal Orlando(like in 2005), even going as far as grabbing Express passes and a Mear's van to travel from Disney property to outside Disney property, but I decided against this, as it was not a day to visit any park due to my sore feet(it was either going to be an additional 10 hrs with sore feet or staying on Disney property), in fact this was going to be a pool day, while mother and father would go to Disney Springs

The pool day started off well, as I would take a dip in the pool swimming around to get some exercise, and I would get a few bites to eat for lunch and a few drinks, thanks to a very nice cast member, but however a few hours passed by, and I got a sunburn, especially on the forehead :(
I window shopped around the Poly area, while my parents had fun at Disney Springs, father even got some Gideon's cookies(and mother got the Coke sippers that I would use for Coke products after I returned home)

Little did I know that the sunburn got even worse, in fact it was so bad, that I couldn't even get to walk because I broke my ankle, as we got Dole Whips and pizza from off-Disney property via Papa John's, while watching the Taste of Disney+ Channel, because there's no Disney+ in the hotels(they should put the service onto every Disney resort room)

It was so bad, that I didn't feel all that good and wanted to leave early, because I couldn't take it anymore and my parents were immature and annoying me...

So, will this incredible vacation come to an abrupt and short end or could the next day be an improvement over May 6th?, we'll find out on Day 5 where I'll be visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom


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Day 5: Animal Kingdom

So after a day off from the parks, which turned out to be anything BUT magical, this Saturday morning marked the only time that it rained, so I didn't get up until 9am in the morning, with Mickey waffles for my breakfast, before the parents applied far better sunscreen on me than the one that they packed for me, and got me a $35 dollar hat to cover my forehead, as well as a wheelchair for the day, yeah it was this bad

Then it was off to Disney's Animal Kingdom around noon, as our plans were uncertain, but the first thing I wanted to do was ride Dinosaur, not before taking a look at the remaining statues I didn't see yet, to complete the Fab 50 Character Collection as I saw all fifty characters and all thirty-six statues in all four parks, within less than a week, which at Animal Kingdom we saw Bambi & Thumper, Timon, Pumbaa, & Simba from The Lion King, and last up are Nemo & Dory from the Finding Nemo & Finding Dory movies
My parents wheeled me all the way to Dinoland and I was all set to get that dino, it was my first time going on this ride since late 2007, despite watching the movie that was ride was named after a lot as a kid, when I was a lot younger and was a little frightened by the ride, and I liked it more than I did 15 years ago, sure it maybe scary at times and the ride system was copied from Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland, but it didn't matter, it's still cool
Next was to attend the 2:00pm performance of A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King over in Africa, and this would also mark the first time I would see this show in some form since 2005, and even if the jumping monkeys and flying birds weren't in this version, the abridged version of Festival of The Lion King is still a superb show regardless if its full length or five minutes shortened, no wonder they call it the best show on Disney property
After that, I made my way to Pandora: The World of Avatar(the James Cameron movie), to meet up with mother, as she and I would have our first flight on what can be considered Soarin in 3D, titled Flight of Passage, and IT WAS EPIC, you board a Banshee and fly all around Pandora with amazing effects and scents all topped off with a great score, in fact it was THIS good, that I would ride it a second time, following the calming Na'vi River Journey, which I went on in 2018, although very simple, it's still a good ride, it's just Flight of Passage was worth the admission alone
Once my Flight of Passage ended and grabbed a souvenir from the Windtraders Shop(a pin to be exact), my time over at Animal Kingdom was over and done with, but however, the day was FAR from over, in fact I was set to have dinner at Artist Point with Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen, and thankfully I felt a little better after riding Flight of Passage and I didn't need the wheelchair anymore as my feet were getting a little better, I was ready to continue this trip, and the dinner was going to be amazing

None of us knew what to expect from this dining experience, but luckily once we were seated, we were greeted with water, soft drinks, and the amazing appetizers to start what would be an amazing dinner(my favorite was the Hunter's Pie, I can't help myself, I loved this thing), as I greeted by Dopey, whom after 15 years of tracking down, I finally got to meet him, he was full of energy and hugs, and snapped a few pics along the way, next was Grumpy whom my mother was graceful enough to pose with him, and finally was the lovely Snow White(my mother didn't want to pose with her, understandable since she was too far away to get in a photo with), and the main course came with my Magic Mirror's Slow-braised Pork Shank, and admittedly it was pretty good
Capping off the experience were the desserts, I liked the Miner's Treasures best since it had a Dopey hat, and some of our friends revisited our table again, before our waiter gave us The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen(they were chocolate hearts) with a cool effect of smoke likely via dried ice, and before we knew it, we were next to see the Evil Queen, and it was a bit of a weird experience, I didn't even have a chance to take a selfie with her, far from terrible(especially the events of the previous day), but it was still a grand experience that my family would want to do again

And, it was luckily the happy ending to a unpleasant start to the day, and we would all officially call it a day around 10pm

Stay tuned for Day 6, where part 2 of Hollywood Studios comes with a visit to Andy's backyard, a few character interactions, and more


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Day 6: Disney's Hollywood Studios Take 2-Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day at the Polynesian, as my parents would invite me to the Ohana Breakfast(and I decided to bail out, as I wanted to chill in and catch up on the next to final episode of Amphibia, which is titled "All In", and even when my parents came back from the meal, they talked over the show a bit, but it was a great episode before its final episode), and they didn't like it, they hated Ohana, this was when the characters were absent, in fact the experience they had was beyond disappointing, as they were expecting some great things like the Snow White dinner the night before, but what they got was the exact opposite, mediocre food, rude cast member, and terrible service, and no Mickey, no Stitch, no Lilo, and no Pluto

But luckily, my parents decided that it was for the best that I would be at the parks by myself for the rest of the trip, because they knew that I felt uncomfortable towards them, and luckily I was more than old enough to do things myself, starting with the bus ride to the park I was going to, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it was MUCH, MUCH better than an Uber, has more space, and more magical, although I had to wait a few minutes for the bus to get here, and when it did, I was ready to go

Once the bus reached Hollywood Studios, with the famous Gone with the Wind fanfare playing, I was ready for a great time at the park, and it all started with a distanced meet with Donald and Daisy Duck, as they had no lines, and I was taking pics and talking to them one by one, they're such a treat, and posed for a few pictures around Hollywood Blvd
Admittedly, I wasn't ready to see anyone from the Disney Junior gang on this trip, but since there were barely any meets available at the park that I wanted to do, I went out and did it, I got to meet for the second time(after 2018), Doc McStuffins, celebrating her tenth anniversary in 2022, even though the show aired its final episode in 2020, but thankfully the cast members at her meet were very good and chatty to see me(one of them was a fan of The Owl House, as I had a shirt from that show on), and the experience of seeing Doc was worthwhile(and yes, I said that she would tell Lambie she would say hi)
Next thing on the list was seeing the next performance of the Frozen Sing Along, and quite honestly, it's still a fun watch, singing along to the songs from the film(even if some moved on from Frozen), funny references(including one related to the newly released Encanto), and featuring Anna, Kristoff, and at the very end, Elsa
After the sing along ended with a snow flurry, I was off to grab a frozen Lemonade and try to catch Goofy(and maybe Max) near the Tower of Terror, not before a little window shopping inside the ride's gift shop, and it was the time to find some friends, but interestingly, it was just Goofy himself sporting a special tropical vest, and I snapped a few pics and talked to the Goofster
Moments later, the next thing was to witness the new show on Sunset Blvd, Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy, and it may had been geared more towards kids and hardcore Cars fans, it's still a pretty good and fun show that had an impressive Lightning McQueen animatronic, afterwards, I grabbed a water to drink up before arriving to Andy's backyard

First up in Toy Story Land, was to ride Toy Story Mania, which had a lengthy 45 minute wait, and sadly the Potato Head animatronic wasn't working that day, so we moved on to the ride itself, and it's still a ton of fun with the mini games, the effects, and characters we all knew and love from the movies(except for TS4, which did NOT receive an update with the additions of the characters from that film)
Walking from Midway Mania to our next attraction, which mother joined in just for the heck of it, but we did have to be separated for personal reasons of mine, Slinky Dog Dash, and honestly, it's quite a fun coaster, not too rough, not too fast, just the perfect coaster for anyone

And the last attraction in the area would be another stand-by queue I took in was Alien Swirling Saucers, and it may had been easily the weakest of the three TSL rides, but it's not that bad for what it is, and I'm sure kids and families would like it fine

After leaving Andy's Backyard, I wanted to get a bite to eat, so I decided to grab a late lunch from..., PIZZERIZZO again, yep the same cheese pizza, Caesar salad, and Orange Fanta, with the addition of a cup of water

The next Lightning Lane would be Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, in which this would be my second time on this attraction and once again, it never fails to disappoint and you may had already saw my thoughts on this awesome attraction
After Mickey, I didn't know what to do next?, Beauty and the Beast Live, Indy Stunt Show, or Star Tours?, well I chose Star Tours again, because why not, and that Lightning Lane for Star Tours was a quick breeze, as it was basically a walk on with little to no wait, I was on and off the attraction within seven minutes

I had to do one more thing, see the Pixar Motorcade one more time, before ending my Hollywood Studios adventure, not just for today, but also the entire trip, because there were only two days left after this, as I got to see the Incredibles, Edna, Sulley, the Army Men, Woody, Jessie, and Buzz one last time, before leaving the park until next time
and..., that was it from Hollywood Studios, and this would also cap off the day

Stay Tuned for the next to last day, as it would be a long day over at Epcot, where I get to see a few more friends, ride some rides, and more

Before ending this entry, this will never NOT be funny, because the signs on the bus are always filled with visual gags like this one(and the Turkey Legs one)



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Day 7: Epcot Part 2

"May 9th, 2022 marked the next to last day of my Disney 2022 adventure, as I was set to head to Epcot one last time on this trip, as I would officially be 100% on my own for the last full day on Disney property before going back home, because I'm more than old enough, and I would take advantage of the Genie+ thing that replaced the FastPass+ that my family was used to before 2020

I showered(better than the tub that's for sure), brushed my teeth, and changed into a fresh set of clothes for the day as I venture to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow around 10am, boarded the monorail, and away we went

Emotions were different this time around, as my first day was joyful and exciting, while day 7, is just it's almost over, but let's make it worthwhile
My first stop though the walls around the center point of what was once Future World as well as passing by the soon to be open at the time Cosmic Rewind, the old WOL, Mission Space, & Test Track, would be at World Showcase, where I would visit Mulan in the China pavilion, and I was so happy to see her again after our emotional meet and greet in 2017, but this time I wanted to record a video of Mulan giving a message to my older sister(as she couldn't be with us on this trip, but she has always been a major fan of Mulan since her childhood)
Next up was a few PhotoPass pictures around the Italy pavilion, showing off my poses and family vacation photos around the area
After more walking though World Showcase, it was going to be a Jasmine meet and greet in Morocco, and she was a delight as always, as I'm glad to meet her in that spot again, it's air-conditioned and has PhotoPass, I did snap a few self portraits
Then it was time to head to France, but it would be a meet and greet with Princess Aurora, and I saw a family wearing Encanto themed shirts while waiting in line, talking to them, they were nice, and when it was time to see Aurora, we talked and talked, and told her about the story of Raya and the Last Dragon(which she has yet to hear about that story, as the film is rather new), because Aurora's story also had a dragon, but Sisu's far nicer than Maleficent, while we had a self portrait and a character attendant take our pics, due to no PhotoPass
That would pretty much be it for character meets on this trip, as my next plans were lunch at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse, another Muppet themed eatery on WDW property, I had the BBQ Burger, Seasoned Fries, and a Cherry Coca-Cola(my favorite kind of Coca-Cola), and my meal was actually pretty solid, sure it might be on par with fast food in terms of quality of food, but the meal was very tasty
Shortly after my meal, I had to speed walk all the way to Norway and book up a Lightning Lane for Frozen Ever After, and luckily I was there 3 minutes to spare before the LL expired, and a cast member in the queue for this ride liked my Owl House shirt(found another cast member who was a fan of the show, even though executives said it didn't fit "Disney's brand"), but enough about that, Frozen Ever After is a great attraction that still has the spirit and magic of the 2013 animated feature
After the Frozen fest, it was time to visit the Mexico pavilion and ride the Gran Fiesta Tour with Donald, Jose, and Panchito, it's a good time waster that has greatly animated characters mixed with live action, and the legends themselves the Mickey Mouse Revue animatronics of the three birds of a feather, but I did have to deal with an annoying guest throughout the attraction, but thankfully it wasn't that long
It was time to say farewell to the World Showcase until my next Disney adventure, as I was off to World Celebration and visit Journey Into Imagination with Figment, which didn't have that long of a wait(because the ride itself is pretty mediocre, not as awful as the 1999 version), far from great, but definitely an alright time waster, but I did use a DVC discount on a WDW 50th pin at the gift shop
Now that the Figment and Eric Idle Show was over and done with, it was time to visit The Land, where I attended another showing of Awesome Planet, and booked a Lightning Lane on Soarin Around the World(even if Over California is superior, but ATW isn't that bad), I liked how one of the guests knew that Patrick Warburton(who was the host of the pre-show) was the voice of Buzz from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon(shout-out to that guest for knowing a forgotten cartoon that isn't on Disney+ yet)

Meanwhile after our trip on Soarin, it was interestingly enough, time to go under the sea with Nemo and Friends(oops, wrong Disney undersea movie), The Seas with Nemo and Friends, the ride itself is nothing special as it's just the popular characters from the film projected on screens, but it's harmless, especially for families who love Finding Nemo

But the undersea exhibits around the area do make this worthwhile as seeing all of these fishes, whales, and so much more, and pretty educational for anyone who wants to learn about the creatures underwater

It can't be a visit to the Seas without seeing Turtle Talk with Crush, in fact this would be the first time that I would see this interactive show since 2016, and quite honestly it's a ton of fun not just for the young ones(even though they do get the most interactions as they get the entire front row to themselves), but for the adults which can have fun as well

After getting a Jessica Rabbit pin and a Sprite to drink up, while my father's at Space 220 for dinner, as well as grabbing a few PhotoPass pics, it was time for one more ride at Epcot, once again it's Spaceship Earth, sure it won't be getting an update anytime soon, it's still a relaxing attraction despite its age

Well, once again after my last ride on Spaceship Earth for the entire trip, it was time to officially call it a day at Epcot, as I boarded the monorail, and snapped this beautiful view from the Monorail station and regardless of what the park's future will be, there's no denying that this is a beautiful park, especially its entry being perfectly refreshed from what I was used to, but it's even better than the Leave a Legacy sculptures, as the flags and trees, on top of the re-imagined fountain being an upgrade
After that monorail ride, I walked all the way from the TTC to my room, which was a few footsteps away from TTC, and spent the rest of the evening watching toons on Disney XD(including Molly McGee and Amphibia), before going home tomorrow, while my parents enjoyed their time in the park, and they were witnessing Harmonious for the first time and mother took advantage of the Extended Evening Hours with her going on Soarin, Test Track, etc.

Stay tuned for the final day of the trip, with emotions at Magic Kingdom with the PeopleMover, seeing two friends together, going on a Mine Train, and one last 12 o'clock parade before we head on home


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The 8th & Final Day: A Magic Kingdom Finale:
May 10th, 2022

"It was a morning like any other morning, after arriving one week ago(and seven days have passed on by) this would be the final day of our vacation, as my final park I would go to was the Magic Kingdom for three hours of fun, starting at 9am, after rope drop happened, I was on a monorail and scanned my MagicBand, and I was on my way to Tomorrowland for the first ride of the day
That's right, it's the PeopleMover, thankfully it was a walk on right away, where it's a calming 12 minute ride taking a lap through Tomorrowland, with views from Space Mountain and the upcoming Tron Lightcycle Power Run coaster(in which in a non pandemic timeline, could had been open by now with massively long lines)
After the PeopleMover, I said hi to Stitch and Buzz Lightyear distanced on the Tomorrowland stage for selfies, videos, and pics with our favorite alien whose film turned 20 on June 21st, and space ranger who was getting ready for Andy's "favorite" movie that inspired the action figure for June 17th(and we already knew how this film turned out at the end)
Moving on from Tomorrowland, and arriving in Fantasyland, as the Little Mermaid dark ride only had a 5-10 minute wait time and for a short wait for a ride like this, I had to ride it, it might not be a groundbreaking masterpiece, but definitely a worthy ride based upon the 1989 animated feature
Well, it was time to grab something to eat as I got myself a big cinnamon roll and LeFou's Brew(without the souvenir mug) from Gaston's Traven, after waiting in line to grab my Breakfast with a free cup of cold water to drink up for everyone
As I caught a glimpse of Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade, as I saw Mickey, Minnie, and all their pals in the EARidescent outfits on floats from Cinderella Castle, it's a shame I didn't get to attend a meet and greet with these guys in those outfits due to "2020"
To wrap up the week's long worth of Lightning Lane passes, it would be my first trip on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train since 2016, and yes, it may had been the reason why Snow White's Scary Adventures had to close forever, but it's honestly a great coaster for families and those who aren't into fast and thrilling coasters

But that wouldn't be the final attraction I would do on this trip, as Carousel of Progress would be the grand finale of the attractions on my trip, and it's a classic attraction filled with funny jokes and a memorably classic soundtrack and song
After going through a Carousel of Progress and a Super Zoom video around Cinderella Castle, it was time for one more thing, aside from seeing Pooh and his friends one last time, witness the 12:00pm performance of the Festival of Fantasy parade before leaving the park for the trip, a perfect way to cap off the vacation is saying good bye to Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, Peter Pan(who actually noticed my Peter Pan shirt), the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and of course, the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse, alongside their other Disney friends
Little did I know, that this would be the end of all the fun, as I went on one last shopping trip with a Coco puzzle and a mystery box for WDW 50th pins at the Moana Mercantile, and had fries and Mickey Pretzels before leaving the resort, said good-bye to the cast members who work at the resort(who gave their best, even if they could be a little stubborn at times), and arriving to the airport, via a Mears van(I miss the Magical Express buses...)

By 3:00pm, we would left Disney property and all the way to the Airport, but I fought back the tears of my eyes, because I did say bye to all my friends, and by 3:30pm, we would be at the airport, and made it past security and onto the last monorail ride of the trip, and into our terminal at 4pm, before calling us to our plane at 4:30pm

And, finally with a smooth 5pm flight from MCO to PHL, we landed at 7:30pm after being a shorter than expected flight due to weather being calm and no issues happened on the plane ride back, we started to drive all the way home from Philly to Scranton by 8:00pm, stopped a few times(bathroom at a rest stop, late dinner at McD's nearby) and finally arrived home at 10:45pm, set up my room and was off to sleep by midnight, and that's officially the end of my trip and the start of my Summer vacation

Man, what a roller coaster of a trip this was, it definitely shared some bad moments that were either painful or uncomfortable and the Disney Enchantment fireworks was no Happily Ever After, but at the same time, it was definitely a great trip, that had a ton of good moments with Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, Galaxy's Edge, Runaway Railway, the Adventure Friends Cavalcade, Flight of Passage, and some of the characters(Elena, Rabbit, Army Men, Dopey, etc.) being some of the highlights of the trip, even if it was just me and my parents, it was still a worthwhile vacation

In conclusion, this really was a great adventure with a few obstacles to face, and was a perfect week and one day away from my home-state, and by the next time I visit the Most Magical Place on Earth, it'll be a completely different Walt Disney World than it was in May 2022, where I would try out Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Journey of Water, Tron, and maybe Play!, Tiana's Bayou Adventure(RIP Splash Mt, I hope this will be a worthy(or even better) successor), hopefully find a few new friends to meet(alongside some familiar friends, plus some I didn't get to meet up close on this trip), and even check out some of the things that would be announced at D23 in a few weeks

Summary of Things I did at WDW in 2022:
Attractions that I went on: 29
Characters I met(not counting sightings or cavalcades): 23
Total Steps I took: 85,631 steps

So thank you so much for reading my trip report, I hope you liked it as much as I did, and I hope to see you real soon ;)
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