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Special thanks to @nelsonj3 and ResortTV1 for continuing to provide some of the best Disney videos around!

Since the 2015 and 2017 D23 announcements, it's clear that there's a lot of content coming to Disney Parks over the next 5-10 years or so. After many years of stagnation, 20+ years since the Magic Kingdom got an E-Ticket, 10+ years since WDW's last E-Ticket, things are finally starting to turn around for us fans. While every decision might not be a home run, or in the location we want, for instance Guardians or Runaway Railway, it's something -- an it's an effort - and after doing some research into what is coming to the parks, I think that even the most egregious placements can still be salvaged.

I've been trying to rack my brain for almost 2 months now after finishing one of our last collaborative projects, the Universal Australia Resort, but there wasn't anything that was peaking my interest. Several of the recent projects I've worked on have dealt in very blue sky ideas, designing completely new resorts in foreign countries, and while it's an awesome creative exercise, I wanted to try something more grounded, but also something that would on the scale of those prior projects.

Since we are now in an age where construction progress extends for years after initial announcements, and there is so much confirmed and rumored to be coming to the Walt Disney World Resort in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary, I wanted to try something different...

Imagineering the final products of the upcoming attractions, restaurants, resort hotels, and more coming to WDW over the next decade. This entire project will involve realistic predictions, spanning over the next several years, and include what is rumored to be 50 'new' things to see and do for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

This will be a collaborative project between @MonorailRed and myself -- though for the next week or so it might be mostly me while Red takes her finals. :p

First thing's first...we need a celebration slogan for the 50th anniversary!

Follow us on this journey as we tackle new features at all four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, Resort Hotels, Recreation, Transportation, and much more - and in a few years we can see how many of these dreams for the future become a reality!

The next post will be a placeholder for a syllabus with links to various locations around property to organize everything by year of arrival, beginning in 2018 and spanning till 2022. We have some plans to expand beyond and make it a full decade of renovations, ending in 2028 - so stay tuned for that!

Thank you and enjoy! :)
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Project Syllabus
May 25, 2018 | Toy Story Land - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Summer 2018 | DuckTales World Showcase Adventure - Epcot

Fall 2018 | Crescent Lake Bungalows - Epcot Resort Area
October 31, 2018 | The Midnight Lounge - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Christmas 2018 | We Know The Way: Journey of Moana - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Christmas 2018 | West Side Renovation Part 1 - Disney Springs

Spring 2019 | Old Port Royale Renovation - Epcot Resort Area
Summer 2019 | Brava Centauri Restaurant - Epcot
Summer 2019 | Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Expansion - Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort Area
Summer 2019 | Tomorrowland 2022 Part 1 - Magic Kingdom
Summer 2019 | West Side Renovation Part 2 - Disney Springs
Summer 2019 | Disney Skyliner - Transportation

Fall 2019 | Disney Riviera Resort - Epcot Resort Area
Fall 2019 | Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Fall 2019 | Perfect Park Acres at Disney's Contemporary Resort - Magic Kingdom Resort Area
Fall 2019 | Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Spring 2020 | Mary Poppins in the Park - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Spring 2020 | Explorer's Harbor - Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
Spring 2020 | Big Thunder Mountain Railroad SFX Update - Magic Kingdom
Spring 2020 | Remember Me: A Coco Adventure - Epcot
Spring 2020 | The Ello Cruiser Resort - Disney's Hollywood Studios Resort Area
Summer 2020 | The Golden Mickeys at Main Street Theater - Magic Kingdom
Summer 2020 | Spaceship Earth Refurbishment - Epcot
Summer 2020 | Familienfest at the Germany Pavilion - Epcot
Summer 2020 | Expedition Everest Refurbishment - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Fall 2020 | Muppets Courtyard Enhancement - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Fall 2020 | Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity - Epcot
Christmas 2020 | Tomorrowland 2022 Part 2 - Magic Kingdom

Winter 2021 | Walt Disney World Railroad Enhancement - Magic Kingdom
Winter 2021 | Panda Exhibit on Maharajah Jungle Trek - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Spring 2021 | Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training - ESPN Wide World of Sports
Spring 2021 | Olaf's Summer Slopes - Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
Spring 2021 | Tomorrowland 2022 Part 3 - Magic Kingdom
Spring 2021 | Guardians of the Galaxy: Energy Quest - Epcot
Spring 2021 | Merida's Brave Journey - Epcot
Spring 2021 | Walt Disney World Pelican - Epcot Resort Area
Summer 2021 | Mickey's PhilharMagic Refurbishment - Magic Kingdom
Summer 2021 | MagicBand Watch - Technology
Summer 2021 | Transportation and Ticket Center Upgrade - Transportation
Summer 2021 | Maggiano's Little Italy - Disney Springs
Summer 2021 | Walt Disney World Golf Classic - Recreation
Summer 2021 | Walkway to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa - Transportation
Summer 2021 | The Life Around Us at the Harvest Theater - Epcot
Fall 2021 | Top 7 Must Sees at WDW - Resort Television
Fall 2021 - Fall 2022 | The 50th Anniversary Golden Dreams Celebration - Resort-Wide
Fall 2021 | Main Street Spectacle of Lights Parade - Magic Kingdom
Fall 2021 | Remember the Magic: A Dream in the Sky Fireworks - Magic Kingdom

Winter 2022 | Epcot Century III Part 1 - Epcot
Spring 2022 | Tomorrowland 2022 Part 4 - Magic Kingdom
Summer 2022 | Brazil Pavilion - The Finale - Epcot
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We begin our journey towards the Golden Dreams Celebration with the next confirmed addition to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney's Hollywood Studios...
Toy Story Land

While there isn't much 'imagineering' that can be done on this land seeing as it's opening in just a few months and everything is outdoors, visible, and known about the project so far - most of this section of the project will be guess work, predictions, and a first person perspective of what the land will look like based on previous concept art renderings.

Hope you enjoy! :)
Reading Music

(and Hopeful Land Background Music)
(Really hope this song is played as guests walk through the land -- one of my favorite Pixar pieces)

Our Opening Date Prediction
Friday May 25, 2018

Land Synopsis
In Andy's backyard, guests are shrunk to the size of their favorite toys and invited to join Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and the rest of the Toy Story gang for a larger than life adventure among giant building blocks and game board pieces. It's the perfect setting for toys of all kinds to gather together for an experience that's more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys.
Land Overview

New Attraction Descriptions

Alien Swirling Saucers
Andy has collected enough game tickets at Pizza Planet to get the Alien Swirling Saucers (Home Edition) which has now landed (pun intended) in his backyard. The game features Alien-driven flying saucers whipping rockets around four turn tables while 'The Claw' looms ominously overhead, seemingly ready to nab those who are "chosen"

Attraction Statistics
Ticket - B-Ticket
Time - 1 minute 30 seconds
Operational Hourly Capacity - 600 guests

Slinky Dog Dash
Andy built Slinky Dog Dash with his Dodge and Dash Mega Coaster Kit. Instead of using the coaster that came in the box, he decided to put his Slinky toy on the tracks. The result is a family friendly thrill adventure that whooshes around curves, up hills and down drops as it winds around the backyard.

Attraction Statistics
Ticket - D-Ticket
Time - 2 minutes
Train Capacity - 18 guests
Average # Trains on Track - 2 (Disney would do that...:grumpy:)
Operational Hourly Capacity - 1,080 guests
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (with 3 trains) - 1,620 guests
Height Restriction - 40 inches

Woody's Lunch Box
Andy has used his lunch box and thermos to create a walk-up quick-service window that will serve up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats.

Still to come
Current Attractions

Toy Story Midway Mania
Attraction Statistics
Ticket - D-Ticket
Time - (approx 5 minutes 20 seconds)
Operational Hourly Capacity - 2,160 guests
Theoretical Hourly Capacity - 2,400 guests
First Entrance Path Concept Art
(opening day)

When guests enter Toy Story Land on opening day, they will walk through a new path cut out in between Walt Disney Presents and Toy Story Midway Mania. The path is shown above at a first person perspective to get a feel of what it will be like when we take the first steps into the new land. Off in the distance - Slinky Dog Dash races around Jenga sets and tinker toys scattered throughout the backyard, as Rex sits atop a building blocks tower wrapped in a strand of lights.

Slinky Dog Dash Concept Art

Woody's Lunch Box Concept Art

Woody's Lunch Box Menu

All-beef Hot Dog
- with chips $8.49
Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce $5.69
Pretzel Mini Dogs - $5.49
Lunar Lunchbox – PB&J, chips, grapes, babybel cheese $8.49
Roundup Lunchbox – Pretzel Mini-Dogs, chips, grapes, babybel cheese - $8.49
Assorted Chips $2.99
Whole Fruit $1.69
Popcorn $3.99
Popcorn in a Souvenir Bucket $9.39
Popcorn Bucket Refill $1.39
Hand Scooped Vanilla Ice Cream - $4.39

Any Soda Served with Hand Scooped Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped cream -
Served in Woody’s Roundup boot - $10.49

Apple Juice
Chocolate Milk $3.29
Milk $3.29
Orange Juice $4.29
Bottled Water $3.50
Soft Drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, PowerAde, Light Lemonade $3.69
Served in Woody’s Roundup boot - $9.29
Final Thoughts

After reviewing the concept art, diving into what this land will actually become, and despite some cutbacks - this might be not only the best 'Toy Story Land' thematically throughout the Disney Parks, but a nice family-friendly addition to a park that desperately needs family attractions. I must admit - I was a bit skeptical of this project, but it just goes to show, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

There's a lot of detail going into this land and while it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as Pandora or Cars Land, it fits the Toy Story 'world' and at least from the concept art and what has been built so far, is colorful and vibrant - which again is something DHS really needs.

Overall, this land has grown on me, and one that I'm looking forward to next year. Not only because Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were my favorite films growing up as a kid, but that the characters are still relevant enough for a whole new generation of children to enjoy new films and this land.
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DuckTales World Showcase Adventure

Summer 2018

The Agent P World Showcase Adventure is an interactive game in Epcot throughout the World Showcase Pavilions as you find clues and follow a story-line based on the Phineas and Ferb characters. With the success of the 2017 animated DuckTales series, the interactive game will be overlayed with the Scrooge McDuck, Hewie, Dewie, Louie, and many more characters on a hunt using an ancient Mayan treasure map that leads throughout the countries of the world to its destination.

Along the way, you'll encounter other characters who are after the same treasure, and you'll have to work alongside your favorite characters from the show in order to suceed in your missions.

The missions will be similar in concept to the previous iterations of the World Showcase Adventure, using a mobile device and going to specific locations around the pavilions to complete your tasks. DuckTales characters will be installed in locations throughout the pavilions as well, similar to the Agent P show, example below in the Germany Pavilion.

Overall, this will be a fun little overlay as well as integrate a new popular IP into the parks while still maintaining an exploration of various cultures throughout World Showcase, gaining a bit of appreciate for the detail and designs the pavilions have to offer.

*Just a quick note before proceeding into the next topic.

The scope of this project combines both real and imagined concepts. Predicting the details of confirmed future WDW projects while also sprinkling in original ideas, but trying to keep the same practical sense to those original ideas in order to 'feel real'. So just to clarify I have no inside information about what is to come. If some of this stuff actually happens that would be amazing - but for example this next project is not confirmed or even rumored, but I'm slotting it in to happen next year. This is an original idea with a practical flare. Hope you enjoy!:)
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The fall 2017 refurbishment of the Yacht Club Resort's took the Captain's Grille Restaurant and the Ale and Compass Lounge - to combine them into one Ale and Compass Restaurant. In addition, a new marketplace located in the former Fittings and Fairings: Clothing and Notions giftshop was added, now with a place for quick snacks that was sorely missing from the Yacht Club side of the resort complex. The enhancements of the Yacht Club's dining to include a 'DVC-esque' quality to them has prompted Disney Executives to create a DVC resort for the Yacht Club.

Ale and Compass Restaurant

Similar to the Polynesian DVC upgrade, not only will a select group of Yacht Club Resort rooms be converted to DVC, but there will be seaside bungalows on both the Yacht and Beach Club shorelines, coming in the Fall of 2018.

Disney Vacation Club
Crescent Lake Bungalows

Given the plethora of upgrades coming to both Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios over the next 5 years and the Disney Skyliner station at Epcot's International Gateway (just to the right of the image above), more guests, especially DVC guests, will want to be centrally located near those parks. The issue is that both the Boardwalk DVC and the Beach Club DVC are already some of the most popular venues and more capacity is needed to accommodate the influx of potential guests coming in the next half decade.

Due to the minimal use of Crescent Lake for anything other than a mode of transportation via Friendship Boats, the Yacht Club Marina will be reduced in its fleet capacity, with boats only on reserve for the Illuminations Firework Viewing parties. The rest of the former marina and beachfront side of the Beach Club side will both be inhabited by a grand total of 21 bungalows, ranging from 2-3 bedroom grand villas holding up to 12 guests.​


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The Midnight Lounge
Opening October 31, 2018

Since the inception of the rumor beginning in 2016, and subsequently ending in the fall of 2016, the idea of a Tower of Terror 'bar' was one that received pretty positive reviews from fans, for the most part. The idea of a haunted, cobweb invested, Shining-esque bar towards the exit of the Tower of Terror was something that definitely perked my imagination. However, the rumors were a bit odd to me.

Judging by the floorplan to the Tower of Terror, the rumored location of the bar would be across from the Photo Purchasing location in the space marked 'unknown desk'. Not only does this seem like a very small place to put it, but guests would either have to ride the attraction, or enter through the giftshop in order to get to the bar. The crowded and potentially mixed atmosphere when coming off the attraction gave me pause to that idea...but I still felt there could be a way to salvage it.

Across from the exit, after passing through the gift shop, is a Joffery's Coffee Cart - and behind it is a green area that separates the Tower of Terror from the Fantasmic! access path. Judging from Google Earth and various other map services, the space between those two paths offers plenty of room for an adjacent bar area - away from the crowds coming off the attraction, and allowing patrons to simply walk up to it without having to ride the attraction or enter the giftshop.

In anticipation for the Midnight Lounge, the location will fit in seamlessly with the previous backstory, adding only more depth to the story.

Midnight Lounge Backstory
The Hollywood Tower Hotel, when opened in 1913, was only open a few years before Prohibition swept across the nation, causing the Tip Top Club to temporarily not serve alcoholic drinks. The show business elite, disgruntled with the hotel's policy, secretly transformed the hotel's auxillary greenhouse shed, as a hideaway for their illegal beverages. When Prohibition was lifted in 1933, the shed was then built into the Midnight Lounge meant for separate private parties and could arguably be even more exclusive than the Tip Top Club. When lightning struck the Tower on Halloween 1939, the Midnight Lounge along with all other aspects of the hotel, were left as they were, as guests ran for their lives away from the haunted hotel.

Legend says that many of the patron spirits of the former Midnight Lounge still reside in and around the hotel boundaries. Enter this mahogany crafted 1930s Hollywood bar setting...if you dare, and splurge on a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, and assorted beverages and quick service menu items, all themed around the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It will be a 'fright' night you'll never forget.

Custom Menu and Interior Images to come

Drink Glasses Concept Art
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We Know The Way: Journey of Moana

Voyage of the Little Mermaid Replacement
Christmas 2018

The Voyage of the Little Mermaid Show is a 17 minute production that replaced Here Comes The Muppets in January 1992, after the popularity of The Little Mermaid upon its release in 1989. However, since New Fantasyland opened in 2012, the 25 year old show, while still holding a special place in many people's hearts, is long overdue for a replacement. Several shows have had overlays just years after they began such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame show, and while Voyage of the Little Mermaid still runs strong, something updated and novel coming into the Disney Parks would be great for Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Ever since the success of Moana, rumors have swirls regarding her placement in Adventureland, either in a Volcano based attraction in the expansion pad, or even in the Enchanted Tiki Room. While the former seems to have fallen through, and I sincerely hope that the Tiki Room doesn't happen, I'm here to entertain a third option that I haven't heard mentioned.

Voyage to the Little Mermaid transformation into a Moana show - which would need to have similar water effects and surroundings that the theater already provides for the Little Mermaid. In addition, similar to the Little Mermaid, it would be over 2 years since Moana's release and the opening of the stage production, similar to the Little Mermaid in 1989, and the show's release in January 1992. Roughly a similar time frame between the film and an implementation in the parks.

While Moana seems like a perfect fit over in the Polynesian areas of Adventureland, I think that there are so many other projects going on in the Magic Kingdom - that adding more into that park wouldn't help the crowds that will be flocking to Disney's Hollywood Studios in the coming years for both Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Having a new, popular character, have a full-time attraction, with a similar length in show to Voyage of the Little Mermaid, would offer an escape for the crowds and provide a desperately needed update to Disney's Hollywood Studios's show lineup that features many decade old shows. Rumors suggest that Voyage of the Little Mermaid might be removed by the end of next year - and We Know The Way: Journey of Moana - I think could be a great short-term inclusion to represent a new, popular character in the Disney Parks. This will also continue the theme of adding more 'color' and vivid imagery to the back of Disney's Hollywood Studios - following suit with the colorful displays of Toy Story Land and Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway!

Show description to come

(*sidenote - I'm placeholding @MonorailRed 's parts of the project by saying 'to come' because she's swamped with finals until next week. But this way we can just slot her stuff in when she's ready):)
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Disney Springs West Side Renovation Part 1

Christmas 2018
While to me Disney Springs is a bit of a mixed bag (I'm not much of a shopping person, though someone else is *cough @MonorailRed cough* :p) one cannot deny the vast improvement of not only theme, parking accommodations, but the plethora of unique restaurants and locations continuing to pour into the Springs. While the east side of Disney Springs was the main focal point for the initial phases of the overhaul, the West Side of Disney Springs almost feels like an after thought, though several new additions in the next few years will bring a more lively atmosphere to the area.

For now though, La Nouba is closing in 2017 to be replaced with a to be determined Cirque show, Disney Quest closed, Wolfgang Puck Cafe closed, to name a few. Furthermore, the West Side still has more of an urban contemporary vibe to it compared to the updated east side. While it might make sense to overhaul West Side in order to blend in more seamlessly with the east side, actually according to the story of Exposition Park, that marks the centennial of the expansion of the Springs.

According to the Springs backstory, it makes sense why the more modern additions reside in the West Side, similar to any cityscape like Boston or New York, you'll have contemporary buildings expanded around and beyond older sections of town. Moreover, given the updates in the coming years having West Side themed more similarly to the rest of the Springs would mean you'd have to basically reskin the exteriors of an entire 24 plex movie theater, retheme Splitsville, among many other modern exteriors, for no profit gain. It would also have to edit the additions of the NBA Experience in 2019 to replace Disney Quest

Not only that - but the Wolfgang Puck Cafe was announced to be replaced in 2018 with
Jaleo by José Andrés

From wdwmagic synopsis:
Menu items at Jaleo Disney Springs will include paella cooked over a wood fire, hand-carved Jamon Iberico de Bellota and wood-grilled Iberico pork. With five locations in the United States and Mexico City, this will be the first location in Florida. The first floor of the multi-level restaurant will feature a “grab-n-go” storefront with Spanish-style sandwiches.

Interior of a Jaleo restaurant

Since this restaurant has 5 locations throughout North America, the 6th being Disney Springs, a sample menu can be viewed to get an idea of what some things you might see.

For Jaleo - the prediction we are going to go with is August 2018 for an opening day, roughly a year after Wolfgang Puck closed its doors on August 1, 2017.

In addition, Wolfgang Puck will be moved to the Town Center of Disney Springs - as an additional article from wdwmagic states:

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, will modernize the traditional “bar and grill” concept in a setting inspired by traditional farmhouses with a touch of elegance. The restaurant will capture the essence of laid-back California dining made popular by Puck at Spago, his flagship restaurant in Los Angeles. The menu will highlight the best of Puck’s signature dishes with Mediterranean influences, innovative takes on comfort food classics and handcrafted specialty cocktails, beer and wine.

The new Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill will be built on the empty space next to Coca-Cola, across from Planet Hollywood.

Concept art for the new Wolfgang Pick Bar & Grill location - also going to use a prediction of August 2018 for its opening date.

Disney Springs is growing in popularity, and surely will be for the coming years, as is evident by the construction of a 3rd parking garage connected via pedestrian walkway, with construction beginning in 2017 and expecting to arrive in 2019.

With the replacement of Wolfgang Puck and the insertion of Jaleo, the adjacent restaurant, Bongos Cuban Cafe, was one of the rumored restaurants to receive an overhaul this past spring when announcements were planned.

So far, nothing has been announced to replace Bongos Cuban Cafe...

Until now!

An original modern Greek seafood restaurant located on the shoreline of Lake Buena Vista and in the heart of Disney Springs West Side.

Modern Greek restaurants are a bit of a rarity at Disney Springs, and for the Bongos fans or at least fans of Cuban cuisine, fear not - similar to the treatment Wolfgang Puck received, in Part 2 of the West Side overhaul, it will find its place in the pantheon of Disney Springs.

Back to Spitha, Greek for 'Spark', it takes inspiration from the modern styles of the West side, bringing over nuanced Mediterranean flavor to Disney Springs. Living up to its name, Spitha will provide a 'spark' to the West Side, with beautiful views of Lake Buena Vista, succulent cuisine, and a new hot spot come Christmas 2018.

A full sample Dinner Menu is provided below:

Breaded Calimari - Served with feta, tomato, herbs, and garlic 21.
Saganki - Traditional Kefalograviera cheese 17.
Lobster Gyros - Cucumber tomato relish and mint tzatziki 19
Spinach Pie - Baked stuffed filo with spinach, feta, leeks 15.
Shrimp Santorini - Baked shrimp with white wine, tomato broth and feta cheese 25.
Mussels Tsikoudia - Roasted tomato herb broth, topped with feta cheese 20.
Sardines - Grilled, topped with lemon and extra virgin olive oil 14.
Carb Cakes - Deleware jumbo lump with herb aioli 28.
Octopus - Charcoal grilled with red and yellow roasted Holland peppers 28.

Greek Green Salad - Mixed Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, olives and feta 20.
Romaine - Baby romaine lettuce with creamy feta dressing 17.
Arugula - Sliced red onions topped with goat cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette 18.
Greek Bruschetta - Chopped Greek tomato salad on whole wheat rusks 17.
Takis Salad - Chopped romaine lettuce with dill and lemon vinaigrette 16

Salmon - Orzo cherry tomatoes, broccoli rabe 35.
Halibut - Beets, pearl onions and potatoes 37.

Swordfish - Red pepper stuffed with vegetable rice 37.
Tuna - Green beans, fingerling potatoes, red onions with lemon vinaigrette 38.
Plaki - Oven baked sea bass with onions, tomato, and herbs 39.
Shrimp Scampi - With black olives and corn risotto 39.

Side Dishes/πλαστικά πιάτα
Build Your Own Seafood Tower
Shrimp Cocktail 7. Each
Main Lobster 3.25 Each
Pacific Cherrystone Crabs 2.25 Each
Kushi 3.75 Each
Littleneck Clams 2. Each
Lobster Cocktail 1lb. chilled lobster 29.

Baklava - Layered fillo with almonds, walnuts and orange honey syrup 11.
Galactobourico - Semolina custard with orange lemon syrup 11.
Amygdalopita - Greek almond cake with figs and chocolate 11.
Apple Tart - Warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream 10.
Classic Greet Yogurt - With honey, nuts and sour cherries 12.

Chardonnay, Cypress, J. Lohr Vineyard, Central Coast, 2012 9.
Chardonnay, Ferrari-Carano, Sonoma County, 2010 13.
Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Lapostolle, Rapel Valley, 2012 10.
Pinot Grigio, Ca’Donini, Delle Venezie, 2012 9.
Rose, Chateau Beaulieu, Coteaux D’Aix-En- Provence, 2012 10.
Riesling, SeaGlass, Monterey County, 2011 9.
Moschofilero, Boutari, Mantinia, 2012 10.


Part 2 of the Disney Springs West Side Renovation will come - sometime in 2019!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading and check back tomorrow as we will venture into the next calendar year (2019) with a smorgasbord of new additions coming to The Walt Disney World Resort!:)


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Caribbean Beach Resort Renovations
Disney Riviera Resort

Spring - Fall 2019

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is a moderate resort that resides in the Epcot Resort Area. And over the past few months and into the next few years, it will be going through a series of major updates and changes that will reshape the resort for decades to come.

To see the resort for what it is - @nelsonj3 and ResortTV1 have a great overview of what the resort has to offer.

In this renovation, we predict that at least the Old Port Royale (which is the main lobby essentially for the resort) renovations will be completed in late 2018/early 2019. Below are the plans for the pavilion, essentially adding a new restaurant on the water. For what goes on inside, I would guess an updated exterior to the pavilion, brighter Caribbean colors, new menus in the food court, new decorations, basically a solid refurbishment of one of Disney's older resorts.

Though arguably the most grand change to the resort is the addition of a brand new DVC Resort right on its property, taking away the Barbados and some of the Martinique buildings in its path, the Disney Riviera Resort.

Demolition of the buildings in question (the Barbados and Martinique area buildings) have already begun as seen by this aerial photo below.

And according to the D23 Conference this past July, the new Disney Skyliner Gondola System will travel and stop at the Riviera Resort (also serving guests at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort as well) The Disney Skyliner (which will be covered in a separate post later on in the 2019 year) is expected to open in the the Spring or Summer, which makes sense considering that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is expected to open in the fall, along with the Riviera Resort. More traffic capacity will be needed and the kinks to be worked out well in advance of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

From the concept rendering of the Disney Skyliner, and the blueprints of the Old Port Royale Renovation - the goal of this was to try and figure out what the final layout of the new Caribbean Beach Resort, as well as the Riviera Resort, will look from an aerial view once complete.

Below is my attempt and guess at what this resort area will look like come 2019.

Caribbean Beach Resort and Riviera Resort


Update 12/6/17
New Concept Art for the Old Port Royale Refurbishment

Doing these projects, I am getting a better appreciation for what is to come. Us Disney fans really have a lot to be excited about...this project is really cool, I'm definitely looking forward to it a lot more than I was before:geek:

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and tune in again tomorrow as we orbit to our next new project in anticipation for the 50th!
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Brava Centauri Restaurant

Summer 2019

At the 2017 D23 Conventions, a new 'outer space' themed restaurant was announced coming to Epcot in the next few years. From rumors and insight into the project that we have gotten so far, this restaurant has been touted as a very immersive experience and one of the additions coming to Epcot that truly holds up with the original themes of the park.

While we have hints at both the size and scale, the one thing we don't have is a name. Despite this guess probably being wishful thinking on my end - I think the Brava Centauri Restaurant would be a great call-back to Horizons, especially given where this restaurant is being placed.

Rumored to be located in-between Mission: SPACE and Test Track, the restaurant will have its own separate entrance but has been touted to potentially repurpose some of the HP lounge attached to Mission: SPACE.

Zooming in for a more detailed estimate, in this project, guests will walk up in-between the two attractions through a winding chromatic walkway, whose side rails glow in the dark at night. Almost like an airport runway.

The building exterior will complement Mission: SPACE, and call back to the old entrance to Tomorrowland - with two spires rising roughly 35 feet in the air, guiding guests inside.

The symbolism of those two spires will be become apparent, as guests enter into the restaurant pavilion and check-in. After their reservation is received, the dining party is escorted to one of two space elevators that takes them up to the 2nd Level of the Pavilion. So in this case, guests check in on the first level, and then dine on the second.

The space elevators are a call back to the infamous hydrolators in the old Living Seas Pavilion. However, these elevators will ascend into space instead of dropping to the ocean.

The space elevator will take you on a 40 second journey towards the Brava Centauri Space Station and to your dining room. As you ascend up the elevator, a screen above you will project images of your journey. From lift off, traveling up the elevator cable into space, passing birds, clouds, and eventually breaking the atmosphere and going into earth orbit. Gravity inducing mechanisms are enabled, and you disembark as your elevator reaches its destination.

Technology like this already exists in the skyscrapers of New York City, such as the 1 World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building

Once on the Brava Centauri Space Station, you are seating in the 360 dining room surrounded by images of outer space.

The earth and all its beauty can be visible as you follow the ISS in orbit of the earth.

A few special effects throughout the dining experience include:

- Spacewalker outside the window (akin to the divers in the Coral Reef Restaurant)
- An Aurora Borealis show with an original restaurant soundtrack
- and more to come

*Menu still to come*

Overall, the Brava Centauri Restaurant will be an incredible addition to Future World and a completely immersive dining experience for all ages...come (estimated) Summer 2019!

Stay tuned for our next adventure as we travel from the far reaches of outer space, to a more moderate resort expansion in the works!​


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Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Expansion

Summer 2019

One of my favorite resorts at the Walt Disney World Resort surprisingly is Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I say surprisingly not on contrast to the gorgeous photo of it above, but that it has a reputation for being a 'convention' hotel. And rightfully so, as it holds plenty of conventions throughout the year and holds one of the largest convention halls on property.

Nevertheless, it still boasts a lot of great scenery as well as convenience to 3 of the 4 theme parks, and 1 water park (basically a 5 minute bus ride away from each). Similar to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is divided into 3 sections, Casitas, Ranchos, and Cabanas, clockwise in that order, and one of most expansive resorts on property in terms of size, as most moderate resorts are. Yet, since Disney seems to be going away with the categories of deluxe, moderate, value, etc for resorts on property, and as evident from the plans Disney has for the Resort, it is definitely raising its bar come summer 2019.

From the Disney Parks Blog - February 16, 2017:
"The expansion at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort will include a new 15-story tower that will add 500 rooms, featuring suites and concierge level services. The resort will also refurbish its current resort rooms and transform its landscape with floating gardens and an island oasis that connects the resort through a series of bridges.

The new tower overlooking Lago Dorado, the resort’s centerpiece lake, will allow guests to experience something truly unique, rooftop dining with panoramic views of popular nighttime fireworks from nearby Disney theme parks."

Based on blueprint concepts for the project - the new 15 story tower expansion will be adjacent and to the right of the main lobby (El Centro) taking out a few of the buildings in the Cabanas section of the resort in its wake.

In the image above, the Cabanas Buildings are the red roofs. Some will remain while a few of the closest buildings to the main lobby (on the left in the image) will be where the new tower will stand. New expanded parking facilities will be offered as well.

From our trip (to Coronado Springs!) this past August, cranes and foundation construction work was well underway. The photo below was taken across Lago Dorado - in the Casitas section of the resort. Moreover, as seen in the designs, a new restaurant with 3 bridges across Lago Dorado, will be places right over the water.

This is a concept rendering of what the final product might look like judging from blueprints and other information.

Looks pretty cool to me!

In regards to the tower expansion, the design seems to have changed a bit. In the original announcement back in February, the tower had vibrant teal colors running up its spine, with teal domes as well on its sides.

Now it seems like that teal has been replaced with gold, and the building's colors a bit washed compared to the original design.

(Personally I like the former a bit better, but the newest rendition blends in a bit more with the surrounding areas.)

The gold continues into the lobby with very modern architectural designs permeating the halls. Going back to the reputation the resort has for being a 'convention' hotel - this tower feels very much like a convention expansion.

Originally, it was rumored that this was a Disney Vacation Club expansion, but judging by the decor, and the fact that it wasn't announced at D23, and that its being dubbed as just a Coronado Springs Expansion (when DVCs usually get their own names) - I'd wager to bet that this tower will be to house mostly convention residents.

Which...to be honest, might not be a bad thing. It means that no longer are conventions spread out among all of the building sections. More likely than not - convention residents will be housed close to...the convention tower (which will have a top floor restaurant) among many other amentities, as well as El Centro right there, with a connecting pathway to the Rix Lounge, and the rest of the convention hall.

What I would do, is let's say a mother or father wants to take their kid(s) with them on the convention. The Dig Site (Pool Area) is probably the best moderate resort pool on property, with tons of space for children's activities and festivals. I would take a page out of @DisneyAndADoleWhip 's book (check out her great thread on a Disney indoor water park ) and maybe add an Emperor's New Groove themed children's event.

Or even better, maybe turn The Dig Site into Kuzcotopia? :geek:

Sort of like the Pirate Cruises at the Yacht and Beach Club. Create an immersive kid-friendly environment at The Dig Site, so that while the parent(s) are at the convention, the kid(s) can have a ton of activities to do at the Resort itself...basically making Disney's Coronado Springs Resort all-inclusive!

Very much excited for the new additions to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort come Summer 2019 - and the possibilities to transform the Resort into something even more unique!​


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Tomorrowland 2022 Part 1

Summer 2019
A Historical Overview
A land in need of constant change - Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom has fell into a sort of limbo between two concepts, and in need of a third transformation.

Tomorrowland 1975 introduced a 70s 'Jetsons' style view of the future with the curved edges and bright design. Attractions included in this expansion were Space Mountain and the WEDWay Peoplemover among others.

Once this version began to get a little dated, New Tomorrowland began in 1994, with a more mechanical view of the future, and promoting it as 'the future that never was is finally here'. One of the most infamous attractions included in this refurbishment was the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

And to most Disneyland fans' chagrin, the refurbishment of 1998, tried to give Tomorrowland a theme that could remain timeless (ie a historical view of the future) well...let's just say there are remnants still remaining and some images that can't get out of your head :eek:

So as you can see - Tomorrowland is a tough cookie when it comes to upkeep due to the continuous novelty of the future. As generations change so do their views of the future. However, with Disney's obsession with IP cohesiveness and inclusion within the parks, there might be a way to instill harmony between IP overload and Tomorrowland inconsistencies.

And that would be -- keeping Walt in mind.

It's safe to say that after 20+ years of New Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom, several of the attractions are outdated or poorly placed. Stitch's Great Escape is now seasonal, and rumored to be getting an update, Monster's Inc Laugh Floor (yes the attraction with the peculiar acronym which I will not use) doesn't really fit the theme of 'Tomorrowland' - rather as something that would fit with a Monster's Inc Land (more on that later)

The Carousel of Progress is in serious need of refurbishment, especially considering the 'future' scene talks about car phones. Space Mountain (while I do like the classic version of the attraction) is in need of a new track and updated effects. Buzz Lightyear, with Toy Story Land opening in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and a more popular Toy Story Midway Mania attraction of a similar design, might be up for a redo as well.

And that's not even to mention the confirmed addition of the Tron Power Run Coaster from Shanghai Disneyland as well as the rumored Tron retheme of the Tomorrowland Speedway that will be still in operation.

All in all - Tomorrowland could be up for a big change for the 50th Anniversary, yet the changes will be done in phases. As early as 2017, some of those changes have been apparent such as the repainting of the rocks out in front of the entrance from a brownish orange to more of a Tronish blue, in anticipation for those attractions.

In Part 1 - will will discuss another small, but critical aspect of our Tomorrowland 2022 Project - and that is the removal and replacement of Stitch's Great Escape with...

Now you might be saying...space have you lost your mind? Based on the book by William Joyce, A Day With Wilbur Robinson, Meet the Robinsons was over 10 years ago, got mixed-positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and didn't make a lot at the box office. If this project is being based around realism - how can this be a part of it?

Well -- I'm glad you asked because I'll explain it. :D

From the D23 Website celebrating the film's 10th anniversary in March 2017

We love the movie for its forward-thinking adventures of the young inventor Lewis in the amazing world of the future! While Louis is marveling at the wonders of the future—or as the citizens of the future call it, “Todayland,”—everyone reminds him of one important thing: “Keep moving forward.”

At least one can say it's not forgotten.

Half a decade ago, years after the film had premiered, fans were calling for a Meet the Robinsons attraction given its ties to Walt Disney and its message for the future.

There even seems to be an imagineering concept art for Meet the Robinsons replacing the Tomorroowland Speedway.

Attraction concepts for the film obviously fell through, but with such a connection to Tomorrowland, even something that isn't as familiar could still be a great attraction. Popularity of the IP can only go so far. Song of the South is relatively unheard of outside of the Disney fan community, and Stitch is known everywhere, yet those attractions are universally received differently.

And speak of Stitch - that is where our Meet the Robinsons attraction will go!
Robinson Industries

Keep Moving Forward

Stitch's Great Escape has become a seasonal attraction - but in the Summer 2019 - all of that will change. Furthermore, with Innovetions in Epcot going by the wayside, at least in the concept rendering for the reimagined Future World, there will be no place for any sort of technology showcase. And that's where Meet the Robinsons comes in!

Cornelius Robinson, (aka the older version of the main character in the film, Lewis), has opened up his Robinson Industries located in 'today-land' to the public - and inside is a showcase of the world's newest inventions from gravity boots to memory scanners.

In order for this technology showcase attraction to work - the entirety of Stitch's Great Escape will be gutted and removed. The attraction has seen 4 overlays in almost 50 years, and none seem to hold up for more than a decade. Nevertheless, with a completely open floorplan, and tons of space for interactivity, this will be a guest capacity eater while you either wait for your Fastpass for Space Mountain and/or Tron, or just want to play around with some cool exhibits.

*Exhibit detailed descriptions still to come*

Lastly, with the gutted theaters and pre-show opening up for the Robinson Industries showcase, in the back right corner of the new pavilion will be a show called 'Keep Moving Forward' dedicated to memories and the film's mantra. This small 7 minute show area will run continuously on a loop throughout the day, with benches provided for guests sit, and in a short time, illustrate how Lewis, the young boy from the film, met his future self and learned that your future is based on you making the right choices.

It ends with the finale song, Little Wonders, with the reveal of Walt Disney's quote of 'keep moving forward' as a slogan for what we all should hold true as we progress through our lives in into our own 'Tomorrowland'

Overall, Meet the Robinsons may not be the most remembered Disney film, but to me it certainly has one of the most powerful messages for kids and really anyone as they move forward in their lives. Plus, it's connection with the 'Tomorrowland' concept is strong enough, and the replacement of Stitch innocuous enough, that it might have a lasting place in the land.

In Part 2, (after the Tomorrowland Renovation announcement at D23 2019) we will dive into all the details and illustrations of Tomorrowland 2022 to show what our grand plans have to offer.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!:)


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Okay, I really didn't want to comment on this thread but I have never been so excited about three little words before!!!

Since I am commenting anyway, I just want to say that this project is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to see the art and details from @MonorailRed and the rest of the additions for the 50th!!
:DIt'll be in it soon enough (though it might be after the 50th -- sort of like Everest coming to WDW was at the tail end of Disneyland's 50th anniversary)

And thanks! -- Feel free to comment - it actually breaks up the thread a bit. Sometimes when it's long post after long post the page lags a bit as you scroll. So pithy feedback is welcome and appreciated!:)

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