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3 Days out give me your best meal at WDW


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Chicken and rib combo at Cosmic Rays for QS, steak at Shula's for TS


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Also, the pork nachos at ESPN zone on the Boardwalk. Not exactly a Disney specialty item but We usually stay at the Boardwalk Resorts and after returning home from the parks after midnight or later, the only thing open is ESPN Zone. We were starving one night after a long day in the parks and I stumbled in there for a beer and some food to bring back to the room. I asked what would be good for two people to split and the bartender suggested the pork nachos. It was large enough for both if us and we even had left overs. They have kinda become a late night tradition now. Highly recommend it if your staying at any of the BW resorts and get hungry after hours. They cost around $15. Worth it.

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Interesting.... I ate their for the pats vs kc game this year and could not have hated the food more... just gross Dog&&&&


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Interesting.... I ate their for the pats vs kc game this year and could not have hated the food more... just gross Dog&&&&
In all fairness, you were watching the Pats so I understand if you were a bit nauseated. Lol. Jk. Full disclosure, I have usually had a few beers before I get to Espn Zone so my standards are somewhat lower by then.

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Oh, gosh. Hmm.

For quick service, I'd have to say the pork chops and mashed potatoes at Sunshine Seasons. For table service, it's a toss-up between the Tandoori Lamb at Sanaa and the Chicken Curry at Rose & Crown, though the Fried Chicken at Prime Time 50s ain't far behind.
I tried the Sunshine Seasons chop a few weeks ago and it was delicious. I also like Via Nappoli although service this past trip left much to be desired. The German buffet is always good as well.


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BBQ a ribs at YAK & YETI very good. ( could use a little extra sauce on side but that just me )


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Another REALLY good QS meal- The Tandoori chicken at AoA with Naan bread and cauliflower and... Gosh, that meal had so many delicious sides I can't keep track. Excellent value if you're on the dining plan.


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Best buffet/all-you-care-to-enjoy: Dinner at 'Ohana (grilled steak and shrimp, pork dumplings, sticky wings, lo mein, banana bread pudding...)

Best traditional table service meal: Serious Steak and Bread 'n Butter pudding at Raglan Road (Downtown Disney)

Best counter service: the BBQ beef/mint-cucumber sauce pita sandwich at AK's Tamu Tamu Refreshments. (Unfortunately, this item is no longer available.) Best still-existing choice would be the lobster roll at Columbia Harbor House.
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