News 2019 Epcot Food and Wine Festival


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Was starting to worry about all the talk of drinking craziness there for a bit. First time ever going.

Then I remembered I go to several nights of Summerfest every year. I’ll be good. Those in the know will understand well.


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I thought the menus usually had pictures of the items, am I misremembering? It's been a few years since I've attended (arriving Saturday, really excited).

Sometimes there are two types of boards at the booths. One has photos and is a nicer display. The more common one is simply prices and description


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Our only chance to go is on a Saturday mid October. Will crowds be horrible when the festival first opens? We plan are starting right at 11.


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Crowds, drunks, clutter of Showcase...

It’s a theme park. Or was. Pleasure Island was built for this.

What a total pain to navigate WS. I'm done with F&W personally unless there's some special reason to come down. The food options are incredible. The crowds and booths jamming up the walkways flat out suck. After the first day of our trip, friends realized how bad it was.

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