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News 2019 Epcot Food and Wine Festival


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TBD - November 12 through 18

November 12-14 - Gin Blossoms, PLEASE!
True, but even still...most bartenders are able to discern when a person has had enough. Give the bartenders the ability to decline serving someone who is on their way to (or already) drunk, and the problem gets solved.
You could scan a Disney card/bracelet at time of purchase to control amount of alcohol purchased per hour. But that would limit Disney dollars coming in....


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I have been to many of these event. It is whoever is first in line gets the best seats. You will want to get in line pretty darn early if you want to sit close.
Hmm, we've done the Sunday brunch with Chef Zakarian and Chef Morimoto, and both had assigned seating with our names on a card on the tables. Didn't matter when you got there.


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I'm pretty stoked that it's running so long this year. I'll still have a few days to enjoy by the time I get there - and also get the holiday decorations. Double bonus. 🤘
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