News 2018 Epcot Food and Wine Festival


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I think the rain scared away a lot of people this morning, but the crowd level was low. I'm sure it's picking up now as dinner nears. We're going back in a couple hours.

Br’er Rabbit

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Currently at Epcot and doesn’t seem that crazy. Soarin was a walk on for me. World Showcase was busier but not by much.

The food selection is way worse than F&G personally. There’s like nothing I want to try.


This and Christmas are my favorite times to go to the world! I am a vegetarian, but still enjoy some of the food and definitely enjoy much of the drink. It is so festive, I just love walking around. Hubby loves trying different foods.


I'm Just A Tourist!
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I wonder, should I have some tawny or some twany with my Chocolate Studio dessert... ;)
Hey! What's wrong with "Twany"???

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