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News 2018 Epcot Food and Wine Festival


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I'll just catch the beginning... glad i'll have a week without it though, these festival crowds can be too much at times.


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Really surprised it wasn’t pushed to the 90 day mark this year. Either way I can’t wait


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Starting the fall planning...maybe make that last day on the 12th my first day at the World so I can finally make it to a Christmas party that week and the Parks should be in a little lull before Thanksgiving week.


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Just found this forum thanks to ?? not sure who sent me in this direction. I'm looking at September and after Labor Day as it should be not as crowded according to an article I read. I stayed at the campground about 8 years ago. I'll be looking for something affordable on property. Any suggestions? I hope to stay a week and hit all of the parks. Does Disney still do hopper passes? It will be just the two of us.
Welcome @calway!

We have a trip planning sub-forum with folks chomping at the bit to give out planning advice:


Just to get you started on a few questions:
  • The Value Resorts are going to be the least expensive on property but have their pluses and minuses. Perhaps a Moderate may be in your price range as well.
  • Disney does do park hopper passes in multi-day increments.
Hope you find the forums useful!


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Mercy Me. If there is a group on this list I really want to perform with (other than .38 Special....but that dream was fulfilled many years ago) it is Mercy Me. The group I play with has several of their songs in our repertoire.


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Can't wait to see TBD!!!

  • 10/29-31 – Hanson – “MMMBop”
  • 11/1-2 – TBD
  • 11/3-4 – Taylor Dayne – “Prove Your Love”
  • 11/5-7 – Boyz II Men – “End Of The Road”
Me too! I'll be there 11/1-11/7 so I can't wait to find out who will be there those dates.


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Welp...I'll be at Disney with my wife and parents when Boyz II Men are there.

Gonna lose a lot of respect from them as I scream/sing On Bended Knee.

Don't care.
We are missing Boyz II Men by a day. Arrive the night of the 7th. Besides them and Tiffany, I don't care to see any of these has beens. :cautious:


Er, I mean, what songs does she even sing?
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