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Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report


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Tuesday June 25, 2019......Our Anniversary. 14 years of marital bliss? ;)

We left Palm Springs early, super early, it was about 4:15am. I think I scared the poor desk clerk at the BW when I went to check out. It was about a 2 hour drive and a week day so we knew we would be encountered some rush hour traffic. Our goal was to get to California Adventure by park open.

We had one problem though....LaToya the Toyota. We were returning her at an Avis location near Disneyland had to return it by 5:30 pm, we had our luggage our room wouldn't be read this early, and we had a dinner reservation at 5:15 pm....

Option One: was to park one of the Disneyland lots (we have an annual pass so parking is included), go to the parks, then leave mid-afternoon drop off our bags at the hotel, then return the car and walk back (only 10 minutes from our hotel) to the hotel.

Option Two: Try to check into our hotel early or at least ask if we could store the bags for the day, return the car, and walk to Disneyland

We went with Option Two. Of course our room wasn't ready but I did a pre-check in and they were super nice about storing our bags. I even started with saying, "I know our room isn't available yet", so that they weren't thinking I was demanding a room. Then we drove over to the Avis car rental. It was 7:20 am and we had about 10 minutes to wait until it did open. The driveway to the car rental could only fit about 2 cars and we luckily were the first ones there.

While we were waiting to return the car I made a reservation for the afternoon at Oga's Canteen. It seemed like an appropriate thing to do on our anniversary. The car rental guy actually opened the place a couple minutes early. We waved goodbye to LaToya and walked about 10-12 minutes over to the Disneyland Esplanade. We entered California Adventure at about 7:50 am!

Our first stop was at Guest Relations for Anniversary buttons. As we were walking out of Guest Relations I put my finger through the writing on the button and smudged it. When I showed Brad he suggested getting another, there was no line, as we turned around I think the cm knew what we needed because she grabbed another button and started writing a new one! I didn't smudge my second one.

We headed to our first ride of Soarin' and got in line right before 8am. The line wasn't long but we still waited about 20 minutes! That was a little frustrating at park open. After that we headed to Guardians and I rode once without Brad and then he rode with me. He can't handle back to back rides and since the line was non-existent when we arrived we thought it was better for me to hop on first and then we would use our fast pass together. Turns out we didn't need the fast pass that we used either, there was no line when I got off the ride the first time.

I loved the Tower of Terror but I do think Guardians is more fun than TOT. With that said though, I do not want the TOT at Hollywood Studios to change.


Then we went to Monstropolis. B claims to not care for the ride but I make him go on it and can get him on it when there is no/to little line. And guess what he says after it ever time, "That is a cute ride."

We met up with Goofy by the Carthay Circle. Goofy liked B's shirt.

Remember in the King's Canyon/Sequoia part of this report when I showed you Grizzly Falls. Well here it is again but this time at California Adventure!

Next stop Radiator Springs and Racers! We used a fast pass on Racers and then walked on the ride again with single rider.


Next we made our way over to Pixar Pier and found Forky. Brad had not seen the movie yet, I had seen it through a special D23 movie preview event in Minneapolis a week before it came out in theaters. So I knew who Forky was Brad did not but I assured him he was a cute good character. By now he has seen Toy Story 4 and did think Forky was a cute character.

We rode Jessie's Critter Carousel. It was new to both of us, I was going to ride it when I took my solo trip but the wait was over 30 minutes. That's ridiculous for a carousel. Today the wait time was the time it took for the ride before us to end, perfect! The carousel animals are cute and the songs are fun. I'd ride it again with no wait.


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Tuesday June 25, 2019
By the time we had looped around Pixar Pier we were hungry, we hadn't had much for breakfast so when I saw this shirt it kind of summed up our thoughts.

I thought this one was cute too.

We had about 20 minutes before our lunch reservation so we walked onto the Little Mermaid ride. I thought of @Tuvalu and her reports and I gave a wave. I looked over to Brad's clam shell to see if he was giving a wave and he was asleep in his shell!


Then we headed over for lunch at Lamplight Lounge



I told Brad the pink phrase must be his motto for me!

And I had him pose next to the green one; my feelings for him!



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Tuesday June 25, 2019

Finally some food! We started with drinks. A rum and Coke for B and I went for the Pizza Porter beer.

We sat at the same table we had in November, so no new stuff to look at for us.

I got the deviled eggs, which were good. We shared the nachos with steak and Brad got some steak sushi type thing.

The nachos were okay, they look cheesy but it was really just in that spot. Needs more cheese.

And a close up B's steak thing. He enjoyed it.

We were too full and again didn't get the special doughnuts. We looped back to Toy Story Mania then headed to our fast pass for Guardians.

Groot was out but the line was long so I caught him in between people.

Special photo op for passholders.

After Guardians we killed some time by going to Philharmagic again. We sat closer to the screen this time and that made the smaller screen better but MK's is better. After Philharmagic we shopped around and then it was around 2:30 pm and our room was guaranteed to be ready at 3 pm. So we headed out and over to the Best Western Park Place Inn. On the way out Oswald was just coming out for a meet and greet! I didn't realize he still came out. So of course we stopped.


We made it back to the BW Park Place at about 2:45 pm and we were told the room wasn't ready yet and that it wasn't guaranteed until 3 pm. Ok, it was only 15 minutes early. So we got our luggage from storage and waited in the lobby. At 3 pm sharp Brad went back up to the front desk and asked about our room and now (only 15 minutes later) it was ready. So we went and unpacked and had a nap to recharge our batteries for the evening. We can't do a 4am wake up to park close without a nap!


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Tuesday June 25, 2019

After our nap we headed back to the park. We had a dinner reservation for the Hungry Bear Fantasmic dining package at 5:30 pm so when we got to the park we did a few castle shots and then Brad suggested walking through Fantasyland. The Hungry Bear is on the far side of the park in Critter Country and it is not convenient to walk through Fantasyland to get to it. I quickly figured out what he was up to, so I agreed and asked him if he wanted to cut through SWGE on the way to the Hungry Bear. We could go out the entrance that would take us past the Hungry Bear. He looked a little sheepish and said yes.

Today was only the 2nd day SWGE was open to the public without reservations. We had been watching the app yesterday and saw that boarding groups had been in use but so far today (and as far as I know every day since) boarding groups didn't need to be used. So we did something that we thought wouldn't be possible for years, we walked into SWGE and used it as a short cut to get to the other side of the park!


The Hungry Bear had changed their Fantasmic menu since I ate there in April. Which was fine by me, this was really good, except the carrots. They were hard, I don't like hard carrots.

After dinner B wanted to build his droid so we walked back into SWGE and right into the droid depot with no wait at the payment counter for his droid. He built a BB droid which he calls BBPB, BB and PB because people call him Pastor Brad.


Some pictures inside the droid depot.



Picking out parts, this took forever because he couldn't make up his mind on the colors he wanted. I ended up taking a ton of pictures in the Depot because I was bored.


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Tuesday June 25, 2019

Droid Depot Pictures

If you are unsure of color combinations and want to pre-plan your droid you might want to study the first two pictures for your options.









Look at B's basket, it has more options than allowed. He would gather parts and then decide.


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Tuesday June 25

The droid will be build in this post. Once he finally decided on his color scheme, Cubs colors, he started the building.





And here it is BB-PB

He's getting activated.

The box was a lot bigger than the BB droid and it seemed like a hassle to carry around. After droid building we headed out of the land and when we got to the hub Brad was already tired of carrying his toy around. He thought about getting a locker but our hotel is less than a ten minute walk from the turnstiles. So he decided to take it back to the room.


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Tuesday June 25, 2019

As B took the droid back to the hotel room I kept his backpack with me so he could get back through security quicker. About that time the Soundsational parade was coming through. So I found a bench on the far side of the hub and watched from afar. It was relaxing watching the parade and the ducks nearby.


B made it back to the park not too long after the parade ended and I had moved to the castle area to get a front row spot for the All American College Band. They always put on a good show, I was bummed that they wouldn't be around when we came back in August. I guess they need to go back to their colleges.





After the band we headed over to Tomorrowland to take the train around the park.

The Tomorrowland train station has a good view into Autopia.

All aboard! I just now noticed that the monorail train is in this shot too.


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Tuesday June 25, 2019

We wanted to see what SWGE looked like in the lighting of the time near sunset. So here are some near sunset views.




Soon it was time to get our spots for Fantasmic. It was a very enjoyable show. Before the show we went to the candy shop by Pooh/Splash Mountain and got the fantastic chocolate peanut butter sandwich for our show dessert.




We watched the fireworks after. It is now the Disneyland Forever show from the 60th anniversary, which in my opinion is just okay. I really liked the Mickey Mix Magic show they had in March and April. From what I've read on the internets I might be in the minority of this opinion but that's okay. I like what I like!


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Tuesday June 25, 2019

After the fireworks we headed over to Galaxy's Edge for our Oga's Cantina reservation. On the way to the Cantina I took some night shots of the land.





Waiting to get into the Cantina

Inside with DJ REX, I'll put some pictures of the new drinks we tried in the next post.





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Tuesday June 25

In the Cantina we shared a table with a nice family from Burbank. They were fun to chat with.

My drink was the :

Gamorrean Ale

(ABV 5.8%) Red Ale, New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins

Brad got the:
Dagobah Slug Slinger
Herradura Reposado Tequila, Bols Blue Curaçao, Citrus Juices, Ginger, Herbs, and Bitters





After the Cantina we headed to Smuggler's Run and used the single rider line to get onto the ride quickly. We waited about 5 minutes.


Then Brad met an old friend.




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Tuesday June 25, 2019

As B took the droid back to the hotel room I kept his backpack with me so he could get back through security quicker. About that time the Soundsational parade was coming through. So I found a bench on the far side of the hub and watched from afar. It was relaxing watching the parade and the ducks nearby.

View attachment 398103
A west coast Disney Duck!!! 😍
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