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Join the agents at Kingdom Konsultant Travel and your fellow WDWMagic friends for our first ever Family Cruise on June 22nd 2015 for a fun filled 4 night Bahamian cruise aboard the Disney Dream that will feature 2 stops at Disney’s beautiful Castaway Cay!!

Cruise must be booked with Kingdom Konsultant Travel

Onboard credits (non-refundable, non- transferable)

Onboard Private Reception

Special Guest appearance

We make it affordable by allowing you to make payments along the way!

Please be sure to type 2015 Family Cruise under “other details” at the bottom of the quote form.


2015 Family Cruise begins in  

Let's go cruisin'
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Hey Peter a lot of that depends on what room category you are looking at. Also with all cruises it is ALWAYS cheaper to have two or more people in the room. Give us a call or drop one of is an e mail for a quote on this. Have a terrific day! Marie

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