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1st Cruise, getting to Port Canaveral?


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If you purchase DCL's insurance, I think the 8% is right, or very close. But as Joe mentioned, you have a lot of options. My company uses Allianz for travel insurance, and it's a very good product. You can do a Google search for "travel insurance" and you'll find lots of options to compare. Just take the time to figure out what you're actually getting for the price.
When I priced insurance, it was $200-$300 per person. That included the same company Disney uses for its cruises.


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Downside with Disney insurance is that it only covers the cruise. If you booked airfare through Disney I believe that it will be covered. If you booked everything separately, only the cruise is covered. I use Allianz and the prices are very reasonable.


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Correct. Renting a car both ways was cheaper than buying DCL transfers. $480 for transfers vs. roughly $230 for the rentals plus maybe $25 in gas. Plus we could then hit Walmart/Publix for food and water and a few other items once we were down there instead of paying Disney prices for our one night on-property before the cruise. 😁

Airfare kills us now that we no longer can fly standby. 😢
No matter how you slice it, if you're not traveling by Disney transfer, the ship is not going to wait around for you. Mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, traffic jams, missed connections, etc., can all be your undoing.....
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