1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

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Pooh's Blustery Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood

Expanding south behind the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in WDW's Magic Kingdom, Pooh's Blustery Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood will be a live-show featuring the characters of Winnie the Pooh, focused on the main character, Pooh, replicating several tales inspired by the A.A. Milne classic collection of stories.
Pooh's Blustery Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood

This is utterly charming. Pooh is a good IP choice for a live show, particularly for something that's non-musical and smaller in scope. Milne's stories, and the Disney films based on them, have such a low-key gentleness that would play very well with an audience. I can see this aimed at a younger crowd, like preschool age. There is great opportunity for more than one script, like the Muppets in Liberty Square. Heck, you could even do this with live puppets...maybe stuffed animals which resemble Milne's original drawings more than the Disney character designs. How cute would that be?​

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Coming soon: this wonderful show will take place in the Fantasyland Gazebo as various times of the day a rotating cast of royals from (such as the normal standby princesses, to princes, to Disney Junior royals such as Sophia the first and Elena of Avalor) will be crowned once again as to share the celebration with as much of the kingdom as they can.
Coronation Celebration

In a way this reminds me most of those Sword in the Stone Excalibur ceremonies which they used to do by the Carousel. (Or do those still happen?) This has a lot of great potential! You can switch out princesses, use other IPs (as you've listed out briefly), and appeal to a wide array of guests. I am very fond of these small shows which use existing resources and bring extra life to the land.​

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Challenge Five Results

I really enjoy every one of these proposals, which were a joy to read and to imagine in real life. Picking the top shows was difficult, and I switched things around a lot.

Honorable Mention (0.5 points)

@gam3rprincess – Coronation Celebration
A perfect example of a small scale performance which could only work at Disney.

Bronze Medal (1 point)

@mickeyfan5534 – Mickey and the Enchanted Voyage
@DisneyManOne – [Mickey and] The Enchanted Library
Creative & thoughtful variations on one of Disney’s very best live show formats.

Silver Medal (2 points)

@Brer Panther – Higitus Figitus! Merlin’s Magic Show

A small, intimate magic shows is a grand idea, perfectly paired with an IP!

Gold Medal (3 points)

@ACE Astro – The Muppets Take Fantasyland
I would love it to be real! I think the Muppets is a great way to spoof things and they have the track record to prove it works!
Normally you shouldn't review your own proposal, but you are 100% correct.

We’re midway through the One Sentence Competition. Challenge Six appears soon!

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In the Parks
More than one proposal uses the Mickey’s Philharmagic acreage. Live shows typically have greater spatial requirements than a screen-based show. Still, I don’t know this area well enough to say for sure that it’s an issue; players get the benefit of the doubt!​

That theater actually used to host a live show! Legend of the Lion King! An elaborate (but smaller scale) puppet/costume character show. It told the story of the movie, which is why when Camp Minnie Mickey was being built Festival of the Lion King had to write a new story around the songs rather than do a retelling because the cheap, temporary show at DAK didn't get priority over the puppet show at MK! (Learn more in my new video Thursday (probably))

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Time has been kind to Adventureland. What began as a generic tropical setting for Jungle Cruise has evolved into a varied, textured, exotic wonderland. From additional headliners like Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones Adventure, to beloved smaller attractions like Enchanted Tiki Room and Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Disney’s various Adventurelands have a lot to offer. So let’s improve Adventureland even more, and delve into a topic which Armchair Imagineering often ignores.

Your task is to propose a themed shop for Adventureland. :p

Use only a single sentence to describe your idea. You may also use one image if you wish. The deadline is Tuesday, August 18th, at midnight EST.


KISS – Keep is simple, silly! With only one sentence, you can’t get too detailed. Think of this as an elevator pitch.

-Judging Criteria-
Is it creative?
Is it realistic?
Does it fit visually/thematically?

Any questions, please ask! Now good luck everyone! Create!


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I’m not sure why this is only going to Hong Kong and Magic Kingdom. Any Castle Park (except maybe Shanghai) could host this! I’d think Paris would work best, actually, between their wintertime snowfall and their truly gorgeous Fantasyland.
Both MK and HK don’t have an overlay for ITaSW; the latter of which did have one but closed in 10, and I saw my troupe as an alternative to the overlay.


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S.E.A’s Exploring Equipment

Take pleasure in exploring a shop by the Society of Explorers and Adventurers where you can browse for adventurous gifts as well as discover secrets of S.E.A’s past (including former members like Indiana Jones) via pictures and assorted documents all to expand the story into Adventureland and beyond!

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Both MK and HK don’t have an overlay for ITaSW; the latter of which did have one but closed in 10, and I saw my troupe as an alternative to the overlay.
Good point. Sorry I didn’t pick up on that when reviewing.

Do you suppose I could write a proposal for the first two prompts for like maybe the end? I don’t care if get points or not, I just want to try them.
Go for it! Hope you don’t mind waiting until the game concludes...could get confusing otherwise. I can attempt reviews if you’d like, and if I’m not too burned out by then.


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~ Watusi Village Marketplace ~

Through a dramatic tusk archway, guests (backed by elephant trumpets and tribal drums, the Sounds of Adventure™) discover the Watusi Village Marketplace, a collection of small African huts which each sell a different type of authentic, handmade goods, and you can watch craftsmen carve wood figures, assemble instruments (and play them, inspiring guests to dance on down to the nearest cashier), create jewelry, and paint clay pottery, right then and there.



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Baloo's Bazaar


Inspired by The Jungle Book, this shop offers Disney character merchandise -- particularly characters from films like The Jungle Book, The Lion King and Tarzan -- and sundries and other park necessities in an old temple setting, with lush trees, a small indoor waterfall and murals depicting scenes from the classic animated feature.

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Old Smiley's Crocodile Mercantile
Named after the gift shop once featured in Critter Country at Disneyland, the wisecracking skippers one meets on the Jungle Cruise have (in an attempt to make a quick buck) opened a gift shop near the attraction's exit featuring a large supply of merchandise, from plush animals to t-shirts with "I SURVIVED THE WORLD-FAMOUS JUNGLE CRUISE" written on them - and even if one doesn't buy anything, the shop is filled to the brim with enough in-jokes and hidden surprises to make it worth stopping by as you explore Adventureland.


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Stick-bug Shoppe (Joke Prompt)

The new Rick Astley of the 2020s, Sticky the stick bug is sure to make even shrunken heads turn towards his little hut of sticks and woven reeds, home to his many wares from sticks and bugs to tricks and rugs, he is sure to entice teenage guests but be careful not to get stick bugged lol.​
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Goch’s African Trinkets and Treasures (Real prompt)

George Goch; a former pilot of the RAF and a member of the Society of Knowledge and Yearning; is an aviator who travels to and from Africa, exploring its many regions and has set up a freight depot and store; where buyers and browsers would see paintings of many African landscapes, beasts and people, a large mural of a caravan of merchants across the Sahara, old photos of Gogh’s days in the Royal Air Force and of him becoming a member into S.K.Y., charts and maps that reference members and certain locations of DisneySky, wooden statues of some of the several deities and animals that call Africa home; one such idol is that of a demon with a sharp toothed crocodile for a head and; who after sunset; appears to come alive indicated to occasional snickering that is heard at his shelf and his eyes have been darting back and forth across the room (literally, as one moment his eyes might be on the leading merchant of the Saharan caravan before moving onto a painting of a Lion or a wooden sculpture of jengu (a mermaid from Western Africa) or even George Goch himself, and even a large terrarium that is home to a Redheaded Agama called Joka (whose name is Swahili for “dragon” and is named for his fiery temper and would be seen once an hour thanks to advanced technology mixing practical and digital effects and would entertain guests with his antics, wether he’s finding the perfect sunbathing spot, going for a swim or eating a cricket who has other ideas); to export clothing, sundries, books, home decor, and toys related to Africa (much like with Mombasa Marketplace, genuine imports would be utilized for most African related merchandise) and S.K.Y..
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It probably Belongs in a Museum Artifacts Shop


Indy is probably not happy about this shop but nestled near the Indiana Jones Adventure ride guests can find this shop full of unique artifacts/ antiques (as if it was rare things Indy has found throughout his adventures) as well as a few easter eggs to the movies - such as moving the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.​


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Boat Supply


At the exit of Jungle Cruise, there are two boats (that are connected to the ground even though it's in the water) that you can walk on and buy Adventureland merchandise, Jungle Cruise figurines, and much more that'll help last the memories you made on the river journey.​
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