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Trip Report “Excuse me ma’am, can you put your phone away? Snow White doesn’t like apples” March 2019 *COMPLETED*

Captain Barbossa

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MK continued


After Edwin chatted with us, Russ came over.
He was very friendly. One of the nicest CMs I’ve ever met and he enjoyed talking/interacting with guests. This is his “retirement job” and he loves it. He only works like 6 hours a day 3 days a week. If I remember correctly he works Monday-Wednesday and is off Thursday-Sunday. Nice little gig if you ask me. Also, the man with the hat behind Russ’ shoulder has been working at MK since it opened on October 1, 1971.

We were given strict orders not to cross the white tape.
The kid with the Under Armours was cutting it close. :hilarious:

L had made it into MK and was going to rope drop Space too. She was in the same line that I was in and could actually see me.

More CMs appeared the closer it got to park opening.

9 o’clock soon arrived and we were led into Tomorrowland.

L caught up with me and we headed straight to Space.

We walked right on!

I had brought my Tiger Rag with me today. Obviously, this attempt was a fail :hilarious:, but I would redeem myself later.

This was my 1st time experiencing the new exit.
Ok y’all, I totally miss the moving walkway. (Thanks people who didn’t know how to use it :rolleyes:) That really is a hike back! I thought the new room towards the end with the ball pit was kind of weird.

After Space, L went to go find some Joffrey’s. (yuck) The TTA was calling my name.
Time for some people movin’!

This turned out to be my only ride on the TTA 😢

Up next: TTA!

Captain Barbossa

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I know that it has reopened and this is old news, but here’s some of the work on the speedway.
It felt sooo weird because everything was quiet and I couldn’t smell any fumes. :hilarious:

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Captain Barbossa

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TTA continued

Here’s a better look at some of the track work at the speedway.
You can see the rebar that’s underneath the sections of concrete that have been removed.

This here is the work for the new retention ponds near the WDWRR berm between Space and Main Street.


After TTA, I was gonna hop on Buzz, but the line had already extended outside, so I headed towards Fantasyland instead.

Poor lawnmow... I mean race cars. :hilarious:

As I approached the teacups, I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard a familiar noise off in the distance, a noise I didn’t expect to hear this trip. I told myself that I was hearing things and continued on, but I heard it again and this time it was much louder. I asked myself, “Could it really be?” and then I sprinted to Storybook Circus.

As I passed Dumbo, I looked to my left. White smoke was emerging from the trees, and the sound of hissing steam grew louder. I immediately became ecstatic. And then, I heard a distinctive clanking sound, which made me even more ecstatic.

IT WAS ROY!!!!!!!!!!! :joyfull::joyfull::joyfull::joyfull:

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Captain Barbossa

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MK continued

I was sooo excited!

I was wondering what he was doing out on the mainline, but then I saw Kaitlyn and a few guests and I realized that it was for TMBOSTT. I knew they were still giving the tour despite the WDWRR being closed, but what I didn’t know was that they would fire up Roy and pick up the tour from Fantasyland station. If I had known that, I totally would’ve done it again.

Anyways, Kaitlyn and her group had left, so it was time for Roy to head back to the roundhouse.






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Captain Barbossa

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Has the ride gotten any better on Space, or should I keep seeing my chiropractor in anticipation of riding it again?
I mean it’s still jerky but that has never really bothered me. Imo, the jerkiness makes it more fun. Honestly, the seats are pretty comfortable and it’s really not too bad. The whole being in the dark thing can also mess with your mind and make you think that it’s worse than it really is.

Disney Drew

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I mean it’s still jerky but that has never really bothered me. Imo, the jerkiness makes it more fun. Honestly, the seats are pretty comfortable and it’s really not too bad. The whole being in the dark thing can also mess with your mind and make you think that it’s worse than it really is.
I can deal with the jerkiness too - it just seems last time I rode (granted 3 years ago), the overall smoothness of the track wasn't there any more and some areas were quite bone-jarring...

Perhaps it's time to give it another try!

Captain Barbossa

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MK continued


I was bummed last year because Roy was down and wasn’t running, so this definitely put a smile on my face! And, I thought I wouldn’t see steam operate again on the WDWRR until 2020 at the earliest. My day had been made!

I left Storybook Circus and headed to Fantasyland.

Under the Sea had a 5min wait.

Hidden Mickey?

I was literally the only person in line and walked right on.


I really don’t understand why some people dedicate their lives to hating this ride.

Maybe it’s because their pictures turn out bad, like mine. :hilarious:

After Mermaid, I made my way to Frontierland to meet L.

I’d never read the plaque before. :hilarious:

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Captain Barbossa

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MK continued


Getting through Fantasyland was a pain, as it was for most of the day.

While passing through Liberty Square, I got excited when I saw something that was absent during last years trip.
The Liberty Belle!
She looks great! But...
...I absolutely hate the new whistle! :mad::mad: It’s sooo annoyingly high pitched and loud. Half of the time it didn’t even function properly. It belongs on a tugboat, not a riverboat. Bring back the old whistle I say!


I met L between Big Thunder and Splash. Despite it being an hour after rope drop, Splash only had a 10min wait, so we got in line.

Ok y’all, I really do like the Ziplocs! I know Disney took some backlash when they introduced these because it came a week or two after the plastic bag announcement, but I think it’s a smart idea. I was able to fit my phone, wallet, map, and sunglasses inside with room to spare! Also, they’re a neat little souvenir.



We were actually on in less than 10mins. I forgot to take a picture of the marker, but we were in row 1.


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Captain Barbossa

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Splash continued





After Splash, it was time for our 1st FP of the day, PPF, so we headed back to Fantasyland.

The FP line was INSANE! It was almost backed up to the entrance for PhilharMagic! And to make matters worse, half of the people in line didn’t even have FPs! :banghead: We finally made it on after waiting close to 30mins.


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Captain Barbossa

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MK continued


We were both hungry and ready for a late breakfast after Peter Pan.

FEF3EB69-CF7A-41F1-BAEB-3D72DA805CEB.jpegThis is becoming one of my favorites.

They had the window on the side open so you could smell the waffles cooking. Needless to say, they smelled sooo good!

Originally, I was going to go with the fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich, but at the last second, I decided that I didn’t want something sweet, so I went with the Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich served with Ham and Tomatoes.
It was absolutely fantastic! Big too. The tomatoes were especially good despite not being in season. (Maybe they came from the Land?) Might just be the best QS breakfast item that I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend it and definitely plan on getting it again!

L got the Mickey waffle with powdered sugar, which also looked really good. We grabbed a table outside of the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and just at the right time because The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History was about to start. (I’d never seen it before)

It was the Declaration of Independence version.
I really enjoyed the show! So glad I finally got to see it!


We finished our breakfast and headed back to Frontierland for FP #2.


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