disney's animal kingdom

  1. MagicGoofy

    AVATAR Land Merchandise

    This thread can be used for speculating/giving ideas on what they could be selling from foods to souvenirs. I know it may seem early but who knows what they might show at D23 during the presentation/show floor! Even though this picture doesn't show merchandise, I think it still shows the hints...
  2. photoflight

    Avatar construction aerial updates

    Might as well start a thread since the construction "officially" is under way. :) As I understand it the new area is replacing Camp Minnie Mickey so that's what I've concentrated on. If they expand south into the open field I'll expand coverage on these and future images (if and when I get...
  3. wdwmagic

    AVATAR land construction progress

    This thread is for posting AVATAR construction updates only. It is not for discussing whether AVATAR has a place in Animal Kingdom, or opinions of the movies. You can discuss those at - AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom
  4. wdwmagic

    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

  5. jtizzle1023

    AVATAR Concept Art released

  6. wdwmagic

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    This thread is for discussion of specific elements of the AVATAR project. Attraction possibilities, locations, budgets, timescales etc. IT IS NOT FOR DISCUSSING WHETHER YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THE PROJECT. That thread can be found here http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=803695...
  7. DocMcHulk

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

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