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  1. yensid67

    "Step In Time" Script Project

    Again, I would send to Disney for hopes that they could use it somehow!!!
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  3. yensid67

    Seeking additional budget 'hacks' that you may use

    6 - Stack on savings by purchasing Disney gift cards at discounted prices, using credit cards that offer rewards or a bonus: For anything you'll be paying Disney for directly (unless it's an expense where you'll save more by paying with something else, e.g., a Disney VISA card) -- including...
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    I am looking for a pic of The American Adventure from the plaza on the Future World side of the park. Please post! Thanks! WITH NO OBSTRUCTIONS! Just a cear view across the Lagoon toward AA!
  5. yensid67

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    I wish they could have done some kind of heavy plastic drapery that would blow naturally in the breeze instead of stagnant hard plastic cheep looking
  6. yensid67

    Visiting a park as a group, splitting, and getting back together

    I would suggest with the age differences... Plan as a group for discounts where you can get them. Let everyone know that for the most part they are on their own to do whatever they want during the trip...EXCEPT.. For a day or two of group activities...sit down meal in the parks, a Dinner Show...
  7. yensid67

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    As devastating as it is, COVID is getting a bad rap...being blamed for everything, when actually in this case it would be BEING CHEAP!(for the BIGGEST Disney AREA on earth!)
  8. yensid67

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    California has just as hot weather if not hotter...Disney used fabric for their decor!!!! IF it were MY company I would treat every park the same with the same decor and love for attention!
  9. yensid67

    Fall 2021 Visit

    OCT 1st: 50th Anniversary begins! REMY is Opening Disney schedules the events like anniversaries to last about 18 months for a reason! The first FEW months will be busy! I can almost guarantee that there will be 50th crowds into AT LEAST LATE 2021(December) 2022 is when you MAY see a decrease...
  10. yensid67

    they're cutting all the other perks so will they do this?

    MY IDEA: INTRODUCING The Disney MAXXPASS! FOR: Disney & Good Neighbor Hotel Guests, and Other Hotel Guests(off site) COSTS: $40(Disney. GNH); $80(Other Guests) INCLUDES: Disney/GNH- Select Extra Hours, 100 Day Dining Reservations, 4 Day Initial Park Reservation, 2 Day Extra...
  11. yensid67

    Another park reservation question

    IF you will have a car, why not do something that is NOT A THEME PARK! International Drive area can be an all day activity. OR Maybe go to DOLPHIN COVE and do the Dolphin Swim. if you are going as a family or a group, I would suggest look for a Dinner Show...(Capone's, Pirates) Although I don't...
  12. yensid67

    One Year Prediction

    I know the prices WILL increase, because they can, and they will because they are Disney! For me, staying on property would be NICE, but #1 It's not affordable for me #2 It would be a waste of money for me to pay for the theming and only sleep and shower and spend days in the parks and not at...
  13. yensid67

    Epcot/Itinerary question

    God Idea! 🤞
  14. yensid67

    One Year Prediction

    FINALLY!!!! Someone with the smarts and guts to do THIS! I have NEVER stayed on property, I would LOVE to just ONCE for the experience. BUT I will not pay for a themed hotel just as a place to sleep and shower. If I were younger and had kids(I don't think they would like my 2 dogs swimming in...
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