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    AKL or Beach Club???

    Beach Club is my favorite with Animal Kingdom Lodge a very close second. I think your kids are the perfect age to be wowed by Animal Kingdom Lodge! It is such an amazing a beautiful resort. Transportation is not bad. The buses are pretty frequent. Never had a long wait for a bus there...
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    Special Offer for Healthcare workers and First Responders from Kingdom Konsultant Travel

    I'm staying in my DVC unit, buy as a nurse, I appreciate the gesture!
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    Caribbean Beach vs Dolphin

    You may want to consider the swan if you will be sharing beds. Dolphin has doubles, Swan has Queen beds. You link your reservation under my plans, link hotel. Have to wait 24-72 hours before it will show up.
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    Magic Kingdom...not so magical.

    Welcome to mid-day at the Magic Kingdom. First thing in the morning is a much better experience.
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    Issue with RR single murphy beds

    Agreed... They need to check EVERYTHING.... Cutting corners is never a good idea.
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    Why is WDW so stressful, expensiv and overcrowded these days? The fear of dissapointment from a 2020-First-Timer

    I didn’t read all of the other posts so I’m sorry if I’m repeating what’s already been said... I would not arrive at the MK at 10-11 am. That is absolutely the beginning of the most crowded hours of the day. I suggest doing RD (which means arrive at least 45 minutes BEFORE park opening) at MK...
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    Sad State of The Grand Floridian

    Every hotel in America gets the same reviews when due for a refurb which it sounds like GF is overdue. Disney will only increase the frequency of returbs when guests speak with their wallets and book elsewhere.
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    Reduction in Air -Conditioning Usage?

    AC in both July and September was more than adequate to me. Caveat, I lost 50# and I am always cold now.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    Regarding emergency kits: to borrow from healthcare, we are required to check the code cart/defibrillator once per 24 hours. I can’t see Disney checking for an emergency kit more frequently than once per day. Not realistic. Nor is wiring the kit to an alarm even remotely a possibility. I...
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    Yes you absolutely could. A check once every 24 hours should be more than enough to cover them. There is only so much corporate responsibility required. And again, I don’t believe for a second that this is happening with any significant frequency. I’ve yet to see an actual news report stating...
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    The problem wasn’t incoming. The blue gondola failed to depart and the following gondolas failed to stop. If they can figure out why and fix both those issues they should be good. And of course, they could also stand to improve their evac plan but not sure they will be required to do that.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    I live on a 200 acre farm also with lots of deer, an occasional bear siting, and turkeys. No problem here where they have room and hunters. Once had to wait for a LARGE herd of deer at dawn in a residential area. Not good for the humans or deer.
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    Disney Skyliner shutdown and evacuation - October 6 2019

    The vast majority at WDW had no signage warning of the danger of alligators or snakes. There have been incidents with both and now there is signage.
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