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  • Glad you're getting part of the day off today... enjoy your retail adventure tonight. :lookaroun
    I just love your Cookie Monster Avatar! I have a Cookie Monster stuffed animal from when I was a kid - it's about 2 feet tall. It was one of my favorite stuffed animals of all time!
    Thank you! I missed being here and all the great conversation and laughs. This really is a great place to hang out. =)
    Good morning, Victoria! Hope you got the Dunkin Donuts that were promised to you in return for the ungodly hours of servitude this morning. :D
    Have a great Thursday! Did you end up toiling over the photo machine all night like you'd feared?
    Happy Wednesday, Victoria! Glad you got teh intarwebz fixed, and I'm hoping for good news today for you from the bosses! :wave:

    PS: crankiness has subsided... but I still reserve the right to go from zero to in three seconds flat. :lookaroun
    Hey, Victoria! Hope your night got better... I can commiserate... I was going absolutely b!tchcase about everything yesterday (and so far today, too. :lookaroun)
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