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    Resorts soap and shampoo

    Wow 2oz. Shampoo,conditioner and lotion and they are replenished everyday! DVC gets micro shampoo etc... (1.25 oz.)and it is not replaced.
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    My Unpopular WDW Opinion - post yours!

    Now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I remember back in the old days when they still used tickets If you had wings was free so my brother and I would ride it over and over. The super fast room was great,almost like you were taking off in a plane.......
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    Moonlight Magic

    They've Opened registration.
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    First Trip To Disneyland and Aulani (for a WDW Veteran)...Help!

    I have been going to WDW since it opened and did finally go to DL a few years ago. I have also been to Aulani(although not combined with a DL trip but hope to some day) I am excited for you you should have agree at time! The most striking thing to me about DL is sleeping beauty castle,having...
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    Crowd calendar questions.

    Thank you,sounds like earlier in the year is better and touring plans has been recommended a number of times so I'll probably try them. I just would rather not go during the Brazilian cheerleader wine and flower marathon week
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    Moonlight Magic

    I've been checking every day and yesterday nothing then this morning it said that res were open for members with onsite lodging res starting the 15th with them opening up to all members the 22nd. I said to myself " the 15th that was 4 days ago, I've checked every day?" I didn't have time to look...
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    Crowd calendar questions.

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I have never used a crowd calendar because I have always gone when I was able so crowds were what they were. Kind of like the weather,you can look at a forecast but the most accurate is just looking out the window. I am planning a trip this winter,sometime...
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    Crowd calendar questions.

    crowd calendars,how accurate are they and what is the best one?
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    Walking from SSR to OKW?

    I have walked and ridden a bike between OKW,SSR&DS many times, it is a nice walk.You mention a taxi,consider Uber as I believe they are cheaper and will pick you up right at your unit and is very convenient for resort to resort travel.
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    Moonlight Magic

    They've posted an actual time,9pm to midnight (previously it was TBD) does that mean they will open reservations soon?
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    Unique trip planning questions

    it is supposed to be a surprise for his wife so I hope it is because she suggested it at some point and if there are going to be 11 people going have any of them every been? If someone in the group has been then they could suggest what they think is best. If none of the group has been then I...
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    Stroller for backpack storage

    You asked if it sounded like a hassle, I would say that depends on where you are going to bring it. I remember the good old days when you could walk thru Fantasyland,now you have to squeeze your way thru and and are stuck in a traffic jam of people and waaaay toooo many parked strollers. So if...
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    Are all Park Hopper Tickets the same?

    couldn't it be a crowd cotrol thing?when tickets never expired there were actually times you could go to the parks with light crowds. Now there are few if any times it isn't really crowded. So if you had thousands and thousands of never expiring tickets wouldn't that exacerbate the problem. Now...
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    Are all Park Hopper Tickets the same?

    Your tickets never expired, then they had the pay extra to have your ticket never expire. When did they stop the pay for no expiration ?
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