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  1. TXDisney

    Pack n Play Fit

    Not sure if anyone has tried this... but we're staying in a studio villa at Poly in a week. And so our 15 month old can sleep better (she's used to sleeping in her crib in her own room). We were thinking of putting her pack n play in the just shower bathroom of the villa (Poly villa has 2...
  2. TXDisney

    First time at Poly DVC Rental - How loud is the smaller pool?

    WE have loads of family meeting us for a "pool" day next sunday. Is it worth it to get a cabana at the oasis pool for us?
  3. TXDisney

    First time at Poly DVC Rental - How loud is the smaller pool?

    I requested Tokelau for our trip in a week. Hopefully I will get it. But obviously there's no guarantee with requests.
  4. TXDisney

    Magic Band Question

    Good to know. Was just wondering. We will just stick with our FPs. No biggy.
  5. TXDisney

    Magic Band Question

    This might be an odd question... but I figured I'd still ask bc we've never done this before. Our trip is coming up and we are staying for a longer time and we have family from Tampa meeting up at the Poly with us a day (hang by the pool and have drinks day). My wife and Mom are going to stick...
  6. TXDisney

    EPCOT Changes

    I think the construction will suck for awhile. But that's just how things go. People always want new things and part of that is construction. So I'm ok with t for a couple years. The couple things that I wish were clarified are what exactly is the Mary Poppins attraction? A ride, a meet and...
  7. TXDisney

    What Should I Expect at Epcot

    I didn't ask about the construction... I know there's a ton of construction at Epcot. I asked about Christmas décor.
  8. TXDisney

    Do Deluxe Resorts Include Pack n Play?

    Thanks a ton for the info!!!
  9. TXDisney

    Do Deluxe Resorts Include Pack n Play?

    Staying at Poly and this is our 1st trip with out little one since she was only a few months and slept in the bed with us. Does a Poly DVC room include a Pack n Play? Or do I need to bring my own? Or do I just have to call and request one?
  10. TXDisney

    Too much money and not worth it..

    WDW is expensive there's no question about that. And honestly if you're not a theme park, Disney lover... you will think its a waste of money. But it is a place you tend to enjoy the more you go (I know more money). You figure out the best times to go, book in advance to get all the dining, fp's...
  11. TXDisney

    Magic Bands are on the Way!!!

    Woohoo!!! We just got our luggage tags Saturday and should be getting our bands next week. So exciting. Now is trying to decide on outfits and purchase new shirts to make sure they get here before the visit. Have a great trip!!!
  12. TXDisney

    What Should I Expect at Epcot

    So we frequent WDW. And I'm rarely confused as to what I'll see. We normally visit WDW about 4 times a year. And always try and do a trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas for the Holidays. We rented DVC points for this visit and the week we wanted to go and stay at Poly wasn't available. But...
  13. TXDisney

    which one!

    I think te resort alone makes POR worth it.
  14. TXDisney

    Debating Thanksgiving week - Very Merry Christmas Party

    I’ve done both parties. And I must say I think everyone should do each atleast once. It will be a similar set up and schedule as the MNSSHP, but I’m a Christmas nut and love MVMCP even more. Plus I always say take advantage of the rides and characters during the party. That’s where imo you get...
  15. TXDisney

    Hotel Help!

    Polynesian is worth the splurge if it’s affirdabke for you. If not we love POR when not staying Deluxe. So much quieter than the other moderates.
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