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Do Deluxe Resorts Include Pack n Play?


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Staying at Poly and this is our 1st trip with out little one since she was only a few months and slept in the bed with us.

Does a Poly DVC room include a Pack n Play? Or do I need to bring my own? Or do I just have to call and request one?


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There's no need to bring one.

There's been a Pack 'n Play in every DVC room (studio, 2 bedroom, etc.) we ever stayed in, including the Polynesian. A Pack 'n Play (and an appropriately-sized sheet) are on the standard list of DVC room amenities, so there should be one in your room, usually stored inside the closet. If there isn't, just call the front desk and ask for one.


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Thanks a ton for the info!!!
Just to add you can also request a portable crib. They are more comfortable and easier to put a kid to sleep in than a pack n play. First come first servem, but what we requested after a not so great time with pack n plays

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