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Recent content by The_Jobu

  1. The_Jobu

    Positive Experiences with Guest Services?

    I think Iger must have spit in his dole whip. It's the only logical explanation.
  2. The_Jobu

    So what changes will we see at DHS GE based on DL GE?

    That's a crazy low wait for a new ride on July 4th. Even on the slowest days FOP rarely dips below an hour.
  3. The_Jobu

    Positive Experiences with Guest Services?

    Ohhhh, that makes sense. That sounded like a one in a million response. They must have really messed up to give out a free trip.
  4. The_Jobu

    Positive Experiences with Guest Services?

    Choose your own adventure?
  5. The_Jobu

    Do you think you will ever enjoy Epcot again??

    Epcot is still my favourite park but I think nostalgia has a lot to do with that.
  6. The_Jobu

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    I'd be happy with putting back the original Red, but that ain't happening. Also, I enjoyed the waterfall effect, why would they scrap it?
  7. The_Jobu

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    This is certainly why my interest in the land is so low. Do I want to come online and say it doesn't look appealing? Of course not, I want to say I'm insanely excited to see all my favourite characters, but unfortunately I can not. I'll withhold judgement till I get there, but in the meantime I...
  8. The_Jobu

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    I feel ashamed, but I too am in the grip of Disney's neon claws. I just can't stay away from the 50th, I feel like I have to be there, just to soak in all the memories. That might be my last go, but I'll admit they pretty much got me unless they do something REALLY REALLY stupid.
  9. The_Jobu

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    I'd have no problems with prequels stuff, no problem at all. A mix of all three trilogies would be great too, it's just the fact that it's only the nuTrilogy that makes me not care so much.
  10. The_Jobu

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    But I like that baggage :grumpy:
  11. The_Jobu

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    Pushing the nuTrilogy so hard just baffles me. Throw original fans a bone Disney. They want what they already love.
  12. The_Jobu

    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    I enjoy his persona, and its nice to see his parks content, but he's getting comped so much now, I can't take his opinions seriously anymore.
  13. The_Jobu

    Disney World Low Attendance Paradox

    Whenever I think "this is it, this will finally dip attendance at WDW" it just keeps going up. I give up trying to predict things now. The locals are blocked from Star Wars in Cali, and other than opening day, no one's in a rush to see it. Yet, regardless of its content, it will be packed at...
  14. The_Jobu

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    You're gonna need a bigger bank account.
  15. The_Jobu

    Did Disney put too much stock into Star Wars?

    There's basically very little original trilogy content in the whole place. Disney is pushing their nuTrilogy® super hard, to the detriment of the land, I feel. The most Vader, as I recall, is a small "artisan" plush you can buy. I'll still check it out whenever I get there again, but almost...
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