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  1. TDGMedley

    Booked Pop Century- Now I'm Regretting It

    I think pop is the best value resort. We stay there the most when traveling to Disney. and with the room remodels its very nice. We do stayed preferred very time, I like being close to the front. We are staying there again in December.
  2. TDGMedley

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    First time for food and wine weekend, what do you thing is a good time to pick up bib on Thursday?
  3. TDGMedley

    Airport Pick up

    Thank you!!!
  4. TDGMedley

    Airport Pick up

    we are coming in for wine and dine in November and I would like to go from airport straight to ESPN center to pick up our race bibs. Does any one know can we Uber?? or what service and we use and possible cost. Thank you.
  5. TDGMedley

    Feb or April School vacation 2019?

    I just did Princess weekend this year. it was crowded. We had a group of 6 adults and 2 kids in strollers. I say get to parks early all the runners will be coming in a little later after running. And most runners just come in for the week end Thursday-Sunday. No sure if it helps any, enjoy your...
  6. TDGMedley

    Possibly Feb 2019 WDW trip

    We just went for the first time in Feb. 21- 28 it was way more crowed than i thought it would be. Now we did go during race weekend but even after that the crowds did not go down. I hear no more low crowds.
  7. TDGMedley

    DVC rental vs. regular resort stay

    Im thinking about renting DVC points from David's. I have tickets already after i rent the points will i be able to add it? Sorry i have never rented before and trying to understand the process.
  8. TDGMedley

    Vegan at Walt Disney World - Nov 2018

    I have been want to try Sanaa. Heard great things about it. Good to know about the waffles.
  9. TDGMedley

    Vegan at Walt Disney World - Nov 2018

    Waiting to follow. We are also going in November and my sister and her husband are vegan
  10. TDGMedley

    how far in advance do you plan

    Over a year. I like time to pay it out!
  11. TDGMedley

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Days to go. Feels like forever sense we just got back and the end of February
  12. TDGMedley

    WDW back in our plans again

    What are the 2 months for non retired vets. My husband is a veteran but did not retire either
  13. TDGMedley

    How does a 'free' child work?

    Yes, He will get a magic band, and from my experience it works. I have given the band to another family member so they could get in my room and so they could by something for my child while he or she was with them. But they do not have to wear it or have a park ticket. And you can always buy...
  14. TDGMedley

    How's the weather

    Its not snowing here, But so ready for warmer weather.
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