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  1. steve2wdw

    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    Old school Disney here (I'll be 60 in July), and I'm hoping that FP is dead. Yes, I waited in lengthly lines in the mid 70's (we always came during Presidents Week), but, the lines always moved, and wait times were exaggerated so that guests always felt, "hey, that 45 minute wait was only 30"...
  2. steve2wdw

    Epcot Monorail

    With the EPCOT line down for so long, does anyone know if the station gates have been converted from the big manual sliding gates, to automatic gates like the MK and TTC stations on the resort and express line use? It seems like it would have been an opportune time to do the conversion. (If...
  3. steve2wdw

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    I noticed that there was a bugle charge from Ft Langhorn, as the LB passed by. It's been a very long time since I've personally heard it. Was this a recently restored piece of audio, or has it always been sounding and I've just missed hearing it? Would love to have the wolf at the HM restored.
  4. steve2wdw

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    The old deep throated (Baldwin) whistle is back. Thank the lord!
  5. steve2wdw

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    I believe that the outdoor track canopy is being completed so that the work on the railroad can be completed, allowing it to reopen. I would assume that all the outdoor construction regarding walkways into the attraction will also be completed.
  6. steve2wdw

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    While the Liberty Belle is down for the count, does an insider know if her old deep throated whistle will return? The current whistle seems like it belongs on the steam train, not a riverboat.
  7. steve2wdw

    Updates to the Seas Pavilion

    They don't seem to be anywhere near the location of the exit Hydrolators, so I kind of doubt they're any kind of tribute. But, this is Disney, so who knows what they're thinking!
  8. steve2wdw

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    This 14 yo thread "sparked" some real life friendships that I truly treasure. If it hadn't existed, well, it would be like a Thanos snap. Here's to M&M, J&D, CM, DD&M, and many more. Let's hope that October works out for all. (And CM, my virtual coffee buddy, lets hope we can have one in...
  9. steve2wdw

    April trips canceled by Disney?

    With thousands upon thousands of reservations in question, I think Disney will announce closures in small increments, even if the end date they have planned is months away. I can't imagine their systems would be able to handle the crush of callers, or website modifications if they announced a...
  10. steve2wdw

    Odds of a Space Mountain Refurbishment in 2021

    Just a quick correction....track hasn't changed. Drops are the same. They may feel different as trim brakes were added at the top of a drop or two, to lessen the stress on the structure. Rockets used to seat 8, 2 connected rockets, 4 guests per rocket, in groups of two, toboggan style. Yes...
  11. steve2wdw

    News PHOTOS - Large mature Oak Trees being transplanted around property from the TTC

    As a WDW tree hugger, any news, regarding trees, has always been met with sadness. This is the first "jump for joy" news I've heard, regarding the re-greening of WDW in quite awhile. These big oaks aren't easy to move, and I'm sure there are some accountants pulling out their hair over this...
  12. steve2wdw

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    My 60 FP+ window opens tomorrow and while I'll take the necessary precautions, my only worry would be if WDW decided to close up shop for a period of time. We cruised on Disney in '05 and it was a high risk year for norovirus (or something really contagious). There were a few ships out of...
  13. steve2wdw

    Fantasmic! Dragon missing? 2/1/2020

    I posted this on the thread regarding the one day closure of Fantasmic just recently. Thought I'd copy my thoughts here. Technically, the DL show is head and shoulders above the DHS version. That said, Fantastic 2.0 at DL, has had the heart ripped out of it. The original version was one...
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