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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    As far as what the ships have been up to, most of the ships have been anchored together off the coast around Florida. The magic, dream, fantasy are anchored outside of Port Canaveral. There’s more groups of other lines outside of Miami, Tampa Bay and down in the Bahamas. The fantasy did make a...
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    Planet Coaster

    This is another personal favorite.
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    Planet Coaster

    Been a while since I posted on this game. They recently updated the game and gave player the ability to turn off scenery collision. The game can still be very fiddley and time consuming to really theme up an attraction. Once done, things look great though. There are a lot of youtube videos of...
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    Rob's (possibly) moving back to Orlando - aka buying a new car

    So are you still running runflats?
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    Ticket price increases coming in the next month?

    Headline would be: "For the first time in forever, Admission prices frozen."
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    Is this really a thing or is it April 1ST? Cabanas in the parks.

    The cabana definitely started it though right? Could be called an altercation...
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    Is this really a thing or is it April 1ST? Cabanas in the parks.

    Was it an altercation?
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    Planet Coaster

    There was a DLP park in the alpha workshop. Their BTTMR recreation was pretty cool.
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    Planet Coaster

    I've uploaded 7 or 8 naked "coasters" so far to the workshop. I really enjoy making small coasters that I know people can use because it will fit in any park.
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    Planet Coaster

    I think this is the theme park game people have been dreaming of. I think there will be room for improvement in the future, but there is soo much there already.
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    Planet Coaster

    Monorail!!! Beta starts on the ninth of November, full game release the 17th.
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    Amorette's Patisserie reducing operating hours from today

    Was there on Monday, wife and I were going to go in there to see about a pastry and were surprised to see it closed early. A CM walked by and said it didn't open till 3. There was no signage or notice on the door. In response to the people on the general state of DS, This is just one night but...
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    Mickey and MINI 2016

    I'm not going to any festivities per se, but I'll be around Disney springs this weekend. I'll be the one waving if I see you in your car.
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    Planet Coaster

    It's no Lilly Belle, but the Connie Express should be coming to PC in the next update. In addition they were running an alpha weekend for the people who pre-ordered this weekend.
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