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  1. SpoiledBlueMilk

    I like Bob Chapek

    Here's the thing. Objectively, if this isn't sarcasm, the analysis is right. Chapek cut costs and inefficiencies and maximized areas for profit. As a shareholder, I say thanks! But I can say the same thing for an airline CEO who cuts to improve margins. Problem is, Disney's parks are...
  2. SpoiledBlueMilk

    I like Bob Chapek

    Just look at that face. Doesn't it just scream **MAGIC!**
  3. SpoiledBlueMilk

    News New Crêperie restaurant coming to Epcot's France Pavilion as part of Ratatouille expansion

    They need some streetmosphere - hire some yellow vest protesters.
  4. SpoiledBlueMilk

    News New Crêperie restaurant coming to Epcot's France Pavilion as part of Ratatouille expansion

    Well if you wanted authentically Parisian, it would be a storefront covered in graffiti.
  5. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Creations Shop opening this summer

    I can accept the coloring, but the face is off-putting, like a knock-off Mickey you see painted on walls of pre-schools in the Caribbean. In its very essence, drawing Mickey is just a matter of following some intersecting circles, but so much can go wrong there. But that's why Disney artists...
  6. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Creations Shop opening this summer

    That's classic 50's stylization. The mural is just....c- art school work
  7. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Creations Shop opening this summer

    sorry - still can't get past the Mickey on the left. Something just seems off about it.
  8. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Are you buying Genie+

    Good work on this post. You really encapsulated what I've been trying to convey in a few posts. There was a time when Disney was the leader in innovation. The price they charged was offset by the product they offered. You knew walking into WDW that you were going to see some of the best themed...
  9. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Did Disney push too far this time?

    I'm not a doom and gloom person. Change happens and honestly, Disney needs to figure out new revenue streams to recoup its COVID losses. I also believe Disney fans will scream at even the slightest of changes, but will grudgingly accept it over time and hand over their credit cards anyway...
  10. SpoiledBlueMilk

    News Big Top Souvenirs reopens with a full line-up of sweets at Magic Kingdom

    Happy to see the tables and the place re-open. Big Top is one of my favorite shops at MK.
  11. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Living With the Land...in peril?

    Fire suppression systems and leaks I can understand. As long as they don't decide to add plexiglass dividers to keep people in the boats. God I hate the entitlement people feel these days for just about everything.
  12. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Akershus now a corporate lounge?

    I loved it as a rest station during the COVID restrictions last time I was there. Great place to take a break. The only reason to eat there usually is to get the breakfast reservation so you can eat quick and be first in line for Frozen.
  13. SpoiledBlueMilk

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Those would definitely disappear from tables.
  14. SpoiledBlueMilk

    What is Bob Chapek's Vision?

    I don't like Chapek and I think he's a better fit for an institutional consumer products company like Nike rather than Disney, his sole job is to navigate the company through the effects of the pandemic back into the black. If he breaks a few eggs along the way, so be it. Of course, those eggs...
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