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  • you are my hero with the thread about the planters...those tshirts are epic thank you for doing what you did....
    Glad to see you in! Never knew Disney SEA was acronym....Love it.

    Use the one that I used...I.E, the one you had to resend me a few weeks ago. And yes, exactly right.
    Heya....Was wondering if you could do me a avatar favor? :eek:

    Using the one you made me for D64, could you swap out the EC Logo for the SEA Logo? Please? If you don't have the SEA Logo, I'll post one. :)

    Thanks so much!...I tried to do it, but fail miserably at .gifs. :lol:
    Neeeeevermind. In my infinite wisdom, I forgot to check the smaller subfolder labeled WDWMagic Avatars. :lol:*headdesk*
    Hey, Ben! :)

    Do you still have the D64 Avatar you made for me a while back? You know the one that's like my current one that changes, but has a D64 slide in there? I misplaced the file. :eek:

    Season 3 of AMC's "Mad Men" premiered recently. And believe it or not the show is not a bromance between Mad King Ludwig and the Mad Hatter.
    Oh my gosh, you are awesome!:D

    I like the single one, but can we remove the SSE Background? White background with black text should be fine.

    Hiya! :)

    If possible, could you add a Disney64 "slide" onto my avatar? I would really appreciate it since you seem so adept at making graphics and avatars! If so, please use the logo from the social group.


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