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  1. Simba's Mom

    Going solo: tips, tricks, advice?

    Yes, I strongly agree with #3-it's amazing what CMs will share with solos. Also, when you're dining alone, don't be afraid to admit that you're dining solo and won't have a dining companion. I've gotten some great window seats that way, and at Coral Reef I was at a tanked table. The CMs seem...
  2. Simba's Mom

    Fountain & Bottled Drink, Popcorn, Pretzel, and Other Snack Item Prices Exponentially

    With all these increases, I wonder if this will be the next thing to go.
  3. Simba's Mom

    Annual Passholders and MagicBands

    We have APs, but I don't think we even have cards, just noted on our MBs and listed on MDE account.
  4. Simba's Mom

    News UP! A Great Bird Adventure Getting A Rewrite

    I just hope the show doesn't close for a while-I have a FP+ to see it in about 3 weeks. Last time I went to see it, in May, about 10 minutes after the show was scheduled to start, a CM announced that there were technical difficulties and we didn't have a show after all. Maybe the birds were on...
  5. Simba's Mom

    We broke down on Jungle Cruise

    So would I! Now that's my goal on my next trip to WDW. So glad I just switched one of my FP+s to the JC.
  6. Simba's Mom

    What Disney resort/park food did you like so much, that you made it at home?

    Way back when the Land was sponsored by Kraft, and the food court wasn't Sunshine Seasons, they sold corn muffins, and the same recipe was used at the Hoop de Doo for their corn muffins (I don't know about now). We still make those corn muffins and, corny I know, we sing "Hoop de Doo" before we...
  7. Simba's Mom

    Navi River Journey - What is the story?

    That was pretty much my take on it, but I figured it was because, like the OP, I didn't see the movie. It was OK, pretty, but for me, it was a one and done ride.
  8. Simba's Mom

    Pre-Trip Crazy lunatic might be taking a solo trip

    My husband got so sick of me asking to go back, I think that's one reason why he surprised me with my first solo trip. One little surprising side effect was listening to me rave about the enjoyment of my solo trips (yes, I took many more after that) made him want to go back.
  9. Simba's Mom

    Best Extinct Epcot dark ride - Poll

    Although I voted for the Irons version of Spaceship Earth, I do miss the version of the Land Boat Ride where they had a live person sitting in the front, narrating. I always said that was the job I wanted when I retired. Now I'm retired and the job's gone!
  10. Simba's Mom

    Favorite park "nap zones"

    I can't nap on anything that has a start and finish, like any of the attractions. That said, I've napped upstairs at PVH, on the monorail (just get on and keep going until I wake up) and in an rocking chair on Tom Sawyer Island.
  11. Simba's Mom

    hotel quick service

    We love the food court at POR. When we stay at OKW, we often drive to POR for the variety in the food court. We also went to AKL, Mara, one time and really liked it, but that one can get VERY backed up at meal time.
  12. Simba's Mom

    Solo Dining - Epcot

    I like Chefs de France at a window table if you can ask for one. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with communal dining once (stablemates wouldn't talk to me) so I felt rather alone. I'd rather be alone! I also like Coral Reef at a Tankside table (which I've been fortunate enough to get...
  13. Simba's Mom

    Tell me about the property at Hilton Head.

    We've been there at least 15 times. It's very different from Walt Disney World in that-little planning, no FP+, very relaxing. Cast Members are excellent. Our favorite resort.
  14. Simba's Mom

    What snacks are you looking forward to?

    I'm also looking forward to the key lime float in Fantasyland, also the chocolate at the Ganachery in Disney Springs. I'm also going solo in September.
  15. Simba's Mom

    Struggling to decide on ECV

    I just remembered one tip I learned the hard way. If you have the scooter on and you either get off or just shift so that for a split second the seat thinks you've left, the scooter will stop running, and you'll have to turn it off and then turn it back on. It makes sense if the scooter senses...
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