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Recent content by Schneewittchen

  1. Schneewittchen

    Does anyone NOT like Flight of Passage?

    Hate it. Don't think my tummy can tolerate it a second time. All the screeny, motiony rides make me queasy. Motion sickness I guess. And the last time I went on Star Tours some lady puked all over the place, oh god the smell, and we were trapped for several minutes until a CM could "rescue"...
  2. Schneewittchen

    Need Help Planning 14 Night Trip Dining Reservations

    I'll vouch for the following that are not signature, but are in parks or near MK or EPCOT, in no particular order: 1. Liberty Tree Tavern - yummy turkey and toffee cake 2. Plaza Restaurant - basic sandwiches and fries 3. Chefs de France - good steak frites 4. Biergarten - grapefruit beer 5...
  3. Schneewittchen

    Would you pay $226 for a souvenir?

    I voted no, but I was kinda lying. I won't spend $226 on a stupid light saber. But I will spend $300 on a bottle of perfume from the Guerlain shop in Epcot. I think I spent about $300 on a framed Mary Blair/iasw American West room canvas. And DH and I have spent similar amounts ($200 - $300)...
  4. Schneewittchen

    Strategies for additional Fast Passes

    In my experience, grabbing additional FP's is most effective at MK. The other parks have so few rides that they just run out. So maybe I'll be able to get a useful 4th. In MK, I try to get the initial 3 FP's for the worst waits (Peter Pan, Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain or Big...
  5. Schneewittchen

    Caribbean Beach Resort thoughts

    I can speak for two weeks ago, maybe things have changed since then. Construction was definitely still going on. A lot of landscaping and pathways were torn up and fenced off especially around Aruba, making navigating difficult. It took me about 4 days to figure out the most efficient paths...
  6. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    You'll notice from my signature that I might suffer from the same affliction.... But I have to argue the food and weather in Hawaii really outshine WDW..... I've had some of the best meals in my life in Honolulu and Kona. And my first visit to Hapuna Beach State Park has ruined me for all...
  7. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    And here I am thinking.... "Why are folks that can easily drop $1000 on a mediocre dinner vacationing in Florida?"
  8. Schneewittchen

    How Park Exploring Has Changed, Could we Get one Old School Day?

    You should go to Disneyland. For whatever reason, it's a lot like amusements parks used to be. It's probably some combination of more local visitors, less exclusive experiences, minimal fastpasses, lots of rides... it's so strange to not run from appointment to appointment. A lot less...
  9. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    I'm just practicing my writing skills. So remind me, what was it that I was arguing for?
  10. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    You're funny. This is a fight for humanity. A fight for good value and entertainment. Every Disney visitor should smile with pleasure as the mouse steals his wallet because it was worth every penny. I am a disnerd, so I care. When Disney makes a garbage movie, do we watch it? No. It's a...
  11. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    Very good point. I had dinner for 2 at Le Cirque with the wine pairings for less than the cost of this package.... Though now I contradict myself on outrageous pricing, I'll happily pay $200/person for a 5 course fine dining experience at a Michelin rated restaurant.
  12. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    Perhaps the package comes with a whole bottle of New York's finest fizzy water: Great Western Brut 🤢 $9.99 MSRP
  13. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    I have to respectfully disagree. It is a scam on the uninformed. It preys on the ignorance of the infrequent visitor. The product described at $199 / person is nearly identical to the same underwhelming dinner and dessert party that can be purchased for $50 less per person. It's a shame...
  14. Schneewittchen

    CRT New Upcharge

    I think it's uncool to be predatory. If you don't spend all of your free time researching and planning your next Disney trip (like most of the people on these boards), the average WDW visitor would have no idea that you could book CRT and the dessert party separately and save hundreds of...
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