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    Monorail Lime finally out of shop — Blue deltas are back!

    I know it's an unpopular opinion among many WDW fans but I think the monorail paint jobs are boring; they're all monorail/monotone white with a small stripe. Disneyland's fleet looks amazing. Monorail Red is actually (wait for it.....) red with white accents.
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    LA TIMES: Walt Disney World plans to deploy driverless shuttles

    Mine as well. I'm not ready to live in the iRobot world just yet but I honestly don't believe that my great grandchildren will ever learn to drive a car. It's coming and will probably be normal in 10 years. WDW is a perfect place to test technology if they can control the roadways.
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    LA TIMES: Walt Disney World plans to deploy driverless shuttles

    No, of course not. The numbers are like predicting the home run and batting title winners in MLB based on the games played last week; There are guys hitting over .600 currently. When the sample size becomes more significant, I think we will have to make a choice of the safest method of...
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    LA TIMES: Walt Disney World plans to deploy driverless shuttles

    My thought on the self-driving car thing is this. This year, we have had one fatality caused by this technology. On average (using 2016 numbers from the USDOT), 3,121 fatalities occur on American roads. If it becomes a numbers game and humans kill 30,000+ per year while driverless kill 5,000+, I...
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    Drum Corps International marching performances at Disney Springs this weekend (July 9)

    Very cool. I hope the kids get some time to play in the parks. DCI tour is tough and that would be some perfect down time for them.
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    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    Go right ahead. Coach Saban just signed an extension through 2024.
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    Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

    Take a victory lap; you just won the internet!
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    Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

    Every time I see Expedition: Everest, I think the same thing. That thing is the Lonely Mountain, change up the queue decorations, replace the two Yeti scenes with Smaug, and there you go. Bulldoze DinoLand and build Esgaroth with sight lines to the mountain and we have LOTR!
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    Avatar construction aerial updates

    Of course I have. They did a great job with the lands you mentioned, Africa in particular. However, it's not an "I'm in the middle of a fictitious movie set; how in the _____ did they actually build this" feeling. You get that walking into Cars Land and Pandora looks to be able to deliver that...
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    Avatar construction aerial updates

    Other than Main Street USA, I can't really think of a land at WDW that is completely immersive as Pandora appears to be. My wife and I went to DCA a couple of years ago; this looks to be Cars Land level immersion. It will be like walking into the movie (without the toxic atmosphere of course). I...
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Some of the comments on here seem to assume what you addressed and they also act like Category 5 Hurricanes strike twice a week. Well stated.
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    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    I'll go ahead and be a voice of support for change/removal. We were at WDW a few weeks ago and sat through the Tiki room. My wife and I talked about it after it was over. Other than nostalgia, neither of us can think of a good reason to keep it. We thought it was a good place to cool off and the...
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    50 MAGICal Enhancements for the 50th ...

    Is there any indication that they will do something with the final scene? A screen based Yeti or some type of hologram would be an improvement over disco.
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    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    We will be making our bi-annual spring break pilgrimage to WDW beginning on March 21. That's about 2 months out for Pandora being opened. Is it too early to hope for soft openings and testing? When they do begin to happen, report below with pictures and impressions!
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    Copper Creek Villas Point Totals Per Night

    Thanks for posting. One of the reasons we love VAKL Kidani Village so much is that the 1BR has 2 bathrooms. For our family, the shared bath doesn't work that well; 5 people and 1 bathroom makes a very tight morning and evening schedule. I was hoping we could stay at the VWL at some point in the...
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