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  1. righttrack

    Wilderness Lodge vs. Boardwalk

    So basically it's like this. Boardwalk is a great option if you're going to find yourselves spending your evenings in Epcot, in World Showcase and then spill back onto the Boardwalk for late activities, bar-hopping, etc. These days MK is a very late park. So many nights you can spend there...
  2. righttrack

    Man Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Face Character in WDW

    Read this. She was really upset and rightly so. I hope she realizes that this was in no way her fault and that she has found some peace. Such a shame this had to happen.
  3. righttrack

    travel to other places with kids

    For doing a one-day rental this is the best way. Doing so at the airport would mean going back to the airport mid-trip.
  4. righttrack

    Caribbean vs Art of Animation

    CBR will probably meet your needs out of those two. I also will second the Swan/Dolphin suggestion as an additional alternative.
  5. righttrack

    Do Kids Have the Option Not to Eat at Ohana?

    O'hana was always my kid's favorite meal, from 2 on up. I think they might surprise you,
  6. righttrack

    If you had to pick your 3 best TS meals in EPCOT WS...what would they be?

    I'll add a few of mine. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall - Laks - Grilled Salmon with ragout of white bean and bacon Biergarten - Dinner and a show for the price of dinner alone San Angel Inn - The atmosphere is still magical.
  7. righttrack

    The fallacy of overcrowded parks......

    As long as MK remains the park with the most activities in one place, it's always going to be like this. If you had one park day, no park hopper and planned to spend 12+ hours in that park, which park would you choose? MK right? It's got the most do to in it. Evening hours especially. I...
  8. righttrack

    Continuation of a species at AK

    Cue the signage for the Rhino Romp Backstage Tour only $759 (lunch not included) chaching!
  9. righttrack

    Star Wars Ep. 9 Thread

    Not reading the spoilers here but I saw the trailer and I think I've seen too much. Ugh :bawling:
  10. righttrack

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Wookie Life Day is only 65 days away
  11. righttrack

    Expedition Everest...How bad is it?

    I'll say what I tell a lot of people who were initially afraid of going on it. It does a few different things. They are all very different from each other. It doesn't do any of those things very long. If you dislike part of the ride, it won't inhibit your enjoyment of the other parts because...
  12. righttrack

    REVIEW - Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    OK, I think I'm going to sum up something here. They took away a wonderful, beautiful, geeky and social fan event (Star Wars Weekends) and gave us this land more aimed at the masses. I'm sure geekier fans like myself and others are feeling that. Don't let your feelings get out of hand here...
  13. righttrack

    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    My wife and I used to have a game we played on the beach. One point for every person under 30 without tattoos or piercings beyond ears. Over time it became very difficult to get any score on the board.
  14. righttrack

    REVIEW - Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    What else are they going to ruin before I even get there! :mad:
  15. righttrack

    What if Disney went dry......

    I don't believe that alcohol being served impacts guest bad behavior because frankly those bad-behaving guests will find a way to drink, toke, etc as a pregame before even getting to the parks. It's also super expensive to drink at WDW anyway. As an adult with adult children I enjoy being able...
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