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    AP Refund Watch

    My BoA card was credited last night. I expected a mail check because I paid almost entirely with gift cards and the credit card covered a small remainder. I didn't bother calculating but it looks like an appropriate amount given the time since our renewal and factoring in the closure.
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    Universal's Epic Universe (South Expansion Complex)

    It's too bad they weren't a couple years further ahead in construction so it would be past the point of no return
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    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    Their lack of communication and self contradiction is infuriating. I called last week and while they said my request had been submitted, I haven't received any email follow up or refund. I called today for my girlfriend to request her refund and was told they'll be sending emails soon...
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    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    I just submitted my request for a partial refund on my paid-in-full pass over the phone. They said it's been pushed thru but really couldn't provide any information, the amount of the refund, when I should expect it or anything. Prepared to be disappointed but I couldn't see myself going for the...
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    Universal Studios: ‘Bourne Stuntacular’ to open in spring of 2020

    reports of soft opening earlier today
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    Matsuriza and British Revolution last performance at EPCOT on Sunday

    Very sad for Sergio among the other performers. You could tell how much he loved his role. 15 years of entertaining Epcot guests.
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    ^Also regarding the colors for rows: Does it make sense within the story that the First Order is assigning us a color and then, after the Resistance bursts in, they have us boarding a vehicle with the corresponding colors?
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Could be a good opportunity for the new 'In the Parks NOW' thread
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    Disturbing or Strange Disney Images...

    Mike Wazowski Jr
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    Best Disney tip you ever got!

    I can't recommend an umbrella enough for a hot, sunny day. Very few seem to use them but keeping the sun from beating down directly on you makes a world of difference after a few hours.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Yesterday just happened to be my first chance to make it over to Galaxy's Edge and we decided to try out the Skyliner and stop into Epcot for a bit. These things seem amazingly efficient and really keep the line moving. Much more enjoyable than a bus ride. And, comparing to other modes of...
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    Help planning my first full day of Resort hopping

    I'm going with a friend in June and they aren't getting admission tickets. I'd like to spend a whole day resort hopping and would like some recommendations for specific things to see/do/eat/drink. What are your favorite tips?
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