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  1. mousehockey37

    6-year-old surprised with free Disney trip after using birthday money to help Hurricane Dorian evacuees

    So they were from Florida, in South Carolina visiting. With a hurricane on the way, instead of preparing or heading home, they were having a cookout for evacuees? It seems that they were supposed to be in Disney right after the hurricane went through. So, were they in SC to collect granny...
  2. mousehockey37

    6-year-old surprised with free Disney trip after using birthday money to help Hurricane Dorian evacuees

    Wow, what for work did that kid do to put away his money for a year and be able to pay for a Disney trip? Different places are reporting different things. This said birthday money and his family saved. Other places are saying he saved up. Which is it? Something's fishy here... There's...
  3. mousehockey37

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    Haven't been through the responses, but a bunch of us have said for a long time that the brass were on here. A lot didn't listen, now the truth is out!
  4. mousehockey37

    Galaxys Edge "camping out"

    I can see it now.... "You can't trespass me... I paid all this money to be here!!".... who knows, maybe people will be holding spots in line with double strollers full of anything but kids and ECV's...
  5. mousehockey37

    Galaxys Edge "camping out"

    People camp outside of Best Buy for days ahead of Black Friday.... what's the difference?
  6. mousehockey37

    A Magical GF Surprise

    From the sound of your post, you don't need to do anything to make it better. The dreams coming true by staying there.
  7. mousehockey37

    This forum's opinion on IPs?

    Gotta think this is a troll... :cautious:
  8. mousehockey37

    Can anyone currently in Disney do me a little favor?

    Call Disney. They can get you in touch with someone in the shops as well.
  9. mousehockey37

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    Can you post this over in the stroller thread too? Or is the dumpster too small for that thread.
  10. mousehockey37

    Shop Parks app retiring

    The shop parks app was nice... you could actually get things at home from in the parks at the start... then, I'm guessing as popularity grew, Disney saw a change in shopping that people who weren't on vacation buying things that were "park authentic". So, then they changed the rules. They...
  11. mousehockey37

    Canvas work

    I got some really awesome pictures a couple weeks ago, one being an awesome sunset over WS lagoon and I was thinking of getting a canvas print done of it instead of just the regular frame deal.
  12. mousehockey37

    Canvas work

    Anyone have a good place to get pictures put on canvas that are reasonable in price?
  13. mousehockey37

    Monorail Playset

    Sadly, the things aren't even probably worth the $40 they had them on clearance for, let alone the $99.99 they were charging. I'll admit I look forward to putting ours out each year. It's the little things. Oh well, guess I've got a piece of nostalgia now!
  14. mousehockey37

    Monorail Playset

    So after just being at WDW, I couldn't help but notice that the monorail playsets are no longer being sold. The last few years have been orange and blue stripes, but now in the shops, all they have is the train set. It's a bummer because I was hoping to expand my collection, but when they were...
  15. mousehockey37

    Sept Cheapest time of year

    HA! Good luck Chuck.... September has turned into one of the BUSIEST times of the year. Food and Wine, Halloween Parties, Hurricane Season... It's super busy, super hot, but hey, the rates are low... Don't let the rates or crowd calendars fool you! Well, you booked, so they did!
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