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    M&M'S store coming to Disney Springs in 2020

    And many more different colors than come in a store-purchased package.
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    Everglazed Donuts and Coldbrew coming to Disney Springs

    Seems like this would have been a good place for Orlando's first Tim Hortons.
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    Portillo’s coming to Disney springs?

    There are two Portillo's in the Tampa area so just maybe..........
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    News City Works Eatery and Pour House coming to Disney Springs in 2019

    And "Winter 2019" must mean December.
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    The Edison--details announced

    "You can bet I will not attend THE EDISON if they start having Top 40 DJ's on weekends." Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Top 40 DJ's IS what they have on weekends and it's what they've had since they opened in January.
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    Disney Springs Unveils New High-Tech Reservation Finder

    Interesting that STK did not make the list.
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    Adult dance party

    Save Pleasure Island is reporting that a nightly dance party for adults is coming to Disney Springs. http://savepleasureisland.blogspot.com/2018/02/breaking-news-adult-dj-dance-party.html
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    House of Blues replacement?

    I've not heard the Texas de Brazil rumor but I have heard HOB is leaving. I had heard they were heading to International Drive.
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    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    Well Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared UCF to be the National Champion. So it must be so! https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/1/8/16864366/ucf-national-championship-rick-scott-florida-governor
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    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    Oh yeah, Alabama had a much tougher schedule this year, beating Mercer, Vandy, Fresno State, Colorado State and a bunch of down-year SEC teams.
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    The Edison--details announced

    King Bob at Save Pleasure Island did an Edison club review last night- http://savepleasureisland.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-report-edison-disney-springs.html
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    The Edison--details announced

    Over $200 to spend New Years Eve at the Edison and tickets are going fast! https://savepleasureisland.blogspot.com/2017/12/pi-update-new-years-eve-at-edison.html
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    Jaleo by José Andrés to open in Disney Springs West Side in early 2019

    IHOP. There really is no breakfast place in Downtown Disney.
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    'Maria and Enzo' Italian Restaurant coming to Disney Springs this fall

    Some Adventurers Club characters were recently spotted along the half marathon route: http://savepleasureisland.blogspot.com/2017/11/pi-update-remembering-our-pi-past.html
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    Wine Bar George opening in Disney Springs late 2017

    The sign says opening in 2017. Is that even possible?
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