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  • Hi there :)
    Thanks for the friend request!

    I love your answer for 'Favorite Parade' on the sidebar of your profile...I completely agree!
    I like Spectromagic, but I barely ever see it.
    Ok, so at MNSHHP on 9/18 I'll be wearing an orange tee shirt that says Happy Halloween (from last year's party) and a Happy Birthday button. My kids will be dressed as Tinkerbelle and a pirate. I have a very tall (6'5") husband. If you see us, please say hi!! I will do the same. :)
    Well I'm pretty sure I will be getting in some trouble in Vegas as most others do. Luckily my friends wedding is a week after my birthday so I get to celebrate it twice (not my usual month of party's). I will definetly have more than a couple of drinks and I will be sure to remember to slam it on the bar for props! Have fun, take alot of pictures, and drop a trip report.
    Hey how's it going? Well I was going to be in the World the same time you would but I had to move my trip to Nov due to a friends wedding in Vegas. Have a blast, and get that drink anyway!
    Hi! I actually just got back from a trip to Fl. I was on the coast for work so when I could headed to the parks for a couple of hrs. It was horrible busy and rained every day, so I think that I will be heading back this fall, either the begining or end of Sept. for my B-day
    Maybe we will run into one another
    Hello! Yeah I was thinking of heading back to the World sometime this fall, maybe in Sept. but I was also thinking of going to Las Vegas so I guess we will see. Either way it's going to be a blast.
    Hey Thanks! Yeah the crowds were insane that week (as I said), my friend & I were at DHS the day I saw you. We got there around 12pm and after getting everything on our list done we decided to leave early instead of wait in lines and headed to the Bellvue Room for a couple much needed drinks before dinner.
    Hey just wanted to say Hello! I saw you the other day as I was getting on a boat from the Boardwalk to DHS and you were just getting off the boat heading towards the Resort. I knew you looked familiar and after placing the face I thought I would drop you a line. So Hi! how was the trip?
    I love your pics but dude, I'm soooo jealous that you got to meet Joe Rohde!
    Was that a Wild Decade shirt he was signing or just a generic 10th anniversary shirt?
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