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    Tokyo Dining

    It's awesome along with Teppan Edo
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    Shoes for water parks

    One thing I would warn you about is not to buy the cheap ones. They feel fine at first, but, as the skin on your feet and toes get softer from the water, it's easy for you to rub the skin right off your toes from the stitching.
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    Does Disney still send the welcome booklet...

    Got one for POP when I stayed in June
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    Coronado Springs updated map

    I'm going to be staying for a couple of days for the first time the second week of Dec in a preferred room. Is there a map that shows what building those rooms are in? Also, I've seen something about getting a free resort mug and pins during construction. Any truth to that?
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    Question: Current status of Coronado Springs Resort in room toiletries...

    When staying at POP last June, the pump for the body wash was bad and it took way more effort to get the soap out than it should have. I asked to have it replaced but they didn't.
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    Annual Passholder merchandise

    I bought an AP for the first time and was wondering where you find the merchandise that is exclusive for the pass? For example, I'm looking for a lanyard and there are a couple things for the F&W festival I'd like.
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    Champions World Resort or Seralago?

    A few years ago, Seralago was a total pit. Hardly looked like it had any upkeep since the 80's.
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    What was the best Year to Visit WDW

    When I started going again as an adult in 91' it was great, but, the years I thought that was most memorable was for the millennium celebration.
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    MNSSHP - Adults, you dressing up?

    Dressing up is awesome! Last year, me, my daughter and ex wife (yes, we went together as family even divorced) went as the hitch hiking ghosts. It was hot and humid, but worth it.
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    MK 24 hour party 2015 - Coolest Summer Ever

    What do they usually offer as special merchandise (besides t shirts) and food? Do they have a special park map for that night explaining what's happening for the day?
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    MK 24 hour party 2015 - Coolest Summer Ever

    Taking a tally sheet is a good idea. I also plan on taking some pictures of us two to see how the overnighter has took its toll on us. I plan on staying away from the pop/soda, since it actually makes me sick drinking it after 8 or so. Caffeine doesn't act much as a stimulant on me, so I...
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    MK 24 hour party 2015 - Coolest Summer Ever

    I'm considering going in the morning and going back to the hotel early afternoon to take a swim and a nap, then heading back early afternoon. We will rent a locker or two to put some extra clothes, snacks, pillows and such in. Can't wait!
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    MK 24 hour party 2015 - Coolest Summer Ever

    This year I'm finally getting to go, but, it will be with my 8 year old daughter. It will be our first trip; just the two of us since my divorce last summer. It will be a good bonding time. Any suggestions on doing this event with a child? I had planned on letting her have some nap times...
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    Other transportation from airport to Uni

    I have a friend that has an 8 hour layover at the airport when the bus drops him off after departing the Disney Cruise. He thought he might like to kill several hours and go to Uni. Other than taking a taxi from MCO to Uni, does anyone know of any other transportation available?
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