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I bought an AP for the first time and was wondering where you find the merchandise that is exclusive for the pass? For example, I'm looking for a lanyard and there are a couple things for the F&W festival I'd like.


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F&W stuff is available in the Festival Centre. They have a display of what's available and you request it at the cash.


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It depends on what it is exactly you are looking for. Some stuff ends up online, but it's usually at whatever store is selling that type of merch. The page/info announcing a particular item will usually say where you can get it. There is no one stop shopping for AP holders though. As @Monty said, F&W should be at the Center, but some years they also had the pins at the pin kiosk in Future World.


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Many times, especially for pins, you have to ask at the register. They may or may not have them on display.
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