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Recent content by Matt in the Hatt

  1. Matt in the Hatt

    Game of Thrones watch party?

    Did you ever find one?
  2. Matt in the Hatt

    How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?

    I am more excited for my September trip. Bring on the crowds i am going to the planet Batuu
  3. Matt in the Hatt

    Weird cake of the day question

    Every day room service has a special cake of the day. Its not published anywhere you have to call them and ask about it
  4. Matt in the Hatt

    Weird cake of the day question

    So we are out at dinner and the topic of cake of the day came up. Does anybody know what time the cake switches over
  5. Matt in the Hatt

    Cinderella’s Royal Table - What say you?

    Had dinner there on my last trip. The pork shank was excellent, tomato soup was good as well. Our server wasn't the best but good enough. It was just me and the wife and i did have to ask for a sword. Watching the fireworks from inside the castle was fun
  6. Matt in the Hatt

    Le Cellier Server Question

    Thanks. Is she still working there?
  7. Matt in the Hatt

    Le Cellier Server Question

    Having lived my life in Detroit and the surrounding area i have had many pleasant encounters with Canadians
  8. Matt in the Hatt

    Le Cellier Server Question

    We had an amazing server named Hannah a few years ago there, they must have a great training program over there, or its just Canadians
  9. Matt in the Hatt

    Do the parks sell larger-sized clothing?

    3xl shirts are rare and almost always Grumpy is on them. It's a win for bootleg shirt makers
  10. Matt in the Hatt

    Is Boardwalk Worth It?

    We stayed at boardwalk and enjoyed it. Not as much as the people next to us who woke us up at 530 am 2 mornings...they really sounded like they were really enjoying the room
  11. Matt in the Hatt

    Favorite Underrated Animatronic!

    Guitar playing cactus from its a small world
  12. Matt in the Hatt

    Trying New Things

    Honey bbq brisket burger at the plaza was great
  13. Matt in the Hatt

    Indiana Jones Land?

    I am not eating at the table service place
  14. Matt in the Hatt

    Getting from Miami to Disney World

    Thanks for the help 🙂
  15. Matt in the Hatt

    DVC perks on DCL

    Thank you.
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