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Recent content by marksniles

  1. marksniles

    MyDisneyExperience Down?

    Thanks! I deleted the other accounts.
  2. marksniles

    Picking FastPasses This Morning

    Oh no! They can't have this happen. How can a $1 billion investment be down so often.:banghead:
  3. marksniles

    Picking FastPasses This Morning

    Finally finished. It took me from 7am to 10:15am to pick the fastpasses for the week we are going.
  4. marksniles

    MyDisneyExperience Down?

    I figured out what was wring. I have several Disney accounts and I wasn't signed in to the one that had my hotel reservation and tickets. Stupid me.
  5. marksniles

    Picking FastPasses This Morning

    Morning everyone! Is any one else having a really hard time picking their fastpasses this morning. I keep getting the "please try again" message on the app and the headless Olaf on the website. I'm been trying since 7am this morning to pick my passes for the week. It is currently 9:20am...
  6. marksniles

    MyDisneyExperience Down?

    Is anyone else having problem retrieving their reservations (hotel, dining, etc.) through the MyDisneyExperience app and/or website? It has been giving me error messages the past two days.
  7. marksniles

    iPhone Portable Charger

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if any of you with iPhones have any experience with portable chargers and what would work well in the parks. I'm looking for something small that I can place in my pocket but something that attaches directly to the phone so I don't have to carry any wires. Any...
  8. marksniles

    2013 D23 Convention Times

    Does anyone know what the times are for this year's convention? I have never been and this will be pur first trip back to Disneyland since they celebrated their 50th anniversary. I'm just trying to figure out dinner reservations at the park. I'm assuming the convention is over around...
  9. marksniles

    Welcome to the forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. marksniles

    Disneyland Restaurants

    How far in advance should I make dining reservations?
  11. marksniles

    Disneyland Restaurants

    I have a trip planned for the first full week of August this year to the Disneyland resort. Any suggestions for good restuarants in either the parks or the hotels? Thanks in advance.
  12. marksniles

    D23 Convention

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone has gone to the D23 convention? I am thinking of going and trying to figure out hotel, etc. I was wondering if it is beneficial to purchase a three day ticket to the convention. Are there different things to see on each day? I'm assuming the displays...
  13. marksniles

    New modern day costumes coming to American Adventure?

    Hate them!!! And I love how people are saying that the old costumes are dated. They are period pieces. They are made to look like colonial times. How can that be a dated look?
  14. marksniles

    Celebrities in Walt Disney World

    Tom Cruise has been in the parks this week. I saw him yesterday on the Jungle Cruise and today at Beauty and the Beast show at the Studios.
  15. marksniles

    Tom Cruise at the Magic Kingdom

    Did anyone spot Tom Cruise at the Magic Kingdom today. We w ere in line for the Jungle Cruise and a boat went by with only two people in it. It was him and his daughter.
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