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Activate AP


Morning! I was wondering if one can activate an Annual Pass at the hotel in check in or do you have to wait until you get to your first park?


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I can't speak to hotels b/c I stay off property, but if you can't there, there is a storefront in Disney Springs for Ticket Services that you can do it at.

I usually do it at DS when we arrived if I didn't want to wait until we were walking into a park.
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I’m fairly certain you have to go to the Customer Service area at one of the parks, or the one at DS. We tried to have it done at the resort and they informed us they weren’t able to do that. You can get your AP ID card there, however I’m not sure if they give them anymore. Everything seems to go back to your MDE account. I looked up our AP tickets yesterday to see when they expire, and we had a huge barcode under our names. I assume this is for scanning when making a purchase that qualifies for the AP discount.
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