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    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    I am concerned the " Tubby " dude is on the fast track to a Heart Attack. Wow can he eat.
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    If Pirates of the Caribbean Burned Down, Would Disney Rebuild It?

    If my Grandmother had wheels would she be a wagon?
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    Where has the magic gone!

    Here is the " Elephant in the room " .... Disneys debt service. Between the Fox acquisition and borrowing over 18 billion dollars at the start of the pandemic the company is deeper in debt than they have ever been. While that may or may not have a day to day effect on the stock price it sure is...
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    Dining Plans

    The terrible effect of inflation may have impact as to whether this comes back or not.
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    Wishes and HEA Returns (for cast appreciation)

    Can't wait until " Entrapment " is history .
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    Magic Kingdom

    I don't think so
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    Polynesian Resort.....The final nail in the coffin ?

    I am still bummed over this. This is going to be a game changer for the Poly.
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    Annual Pass-Adding Genie+ on a resort stay.

    Thank you.....Appreciate the help !
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    Annual Pass-Adding Genie+ on a resort stay.

    Need some help here. I am staying at the Poly in September and have no experience at all with Genie+. Do I have to add this daily as I go or can I purchase it in advance for length of stay? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Kona Cafe to undergo refurb ?

    Looks like a false alarm....June 19 reservations appeared today.
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    Kona Cafe to undergo refurb ?

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