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    If you had to spend the quarantine in a World Showcase pavilion?

    France for sure! Mimosas and chocolate croissants for breakfast! Wine for lunch & dinner! Ice Cream for dessert! I would claim a spot by the fountain and give air high fives to Aurora & Belle!
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    Unpopular Disney Movie Opinions

    Inside Out I felt it was so hyped up. When I finally watched it I was very underwhelmed. I wanted more of what the last 3-5 minutes of the movie where you saw into other people's emotions like the dad, the cat, etc... I found those minutes of the movie to be better than the entire movie itself.
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    Anyone changing or cancelling their trip due to Corona?

    Recently booked an early May and end of June trip. Monitoring the situation as it evolves and gets closer.
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    Unpopular Disney World Opinions

    1. I find Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin boring 2. Agree Peter Pan's Flight is overrated. 3. I did not like Ohana's dinner experience
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    Has anybody recently flown direct from/to Buffalo and Orlando on JetBlue?

    i always fly JetBlue non stop to Orlando from New York City Area but i will say it just depends on the plane. Our December trip was a newer plane on the way and an older plane on the way home. it's noticeable but not a crazy difference. Actually on the new plane they had to reboot the...
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    Magic Band selection changes daily?

    haha yes quite rapidly! May the odds ever be in your favor! :) No, you can't.
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    Magic Band selection changes daily?

    Yes, that's how it works. If you see one and like it. EVERYONE in your party must select one at that time.
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    Trip Report RofR Attempt...a story of bad luck

    hahah i would have fit in with you guys!
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    Trip Report RofR Attempt...a story of bad luck

    Thanks! Rode Slinky at sunrise! The sun rising over Batuu was pretty special.
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    Trip Report RofR Attempt...a story of bad luck

    Stayed at The Boardwalk Inn. I woke up on Friday at 5:47am. I turned to my husband and i said "let's go to HS!". I did my best to convince him but alas he was sick and went back to sleep. I decided to go by myself. It all started smooth - i walked to HS got in line with the mob of people and...
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    Poll: best queue in Magic Kingdom

    I voted for Big Thunder Mountain because i like the views from the line. I almost voted for Pirates BUT i hate that the lights are so low it messes with my vision.
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    Trader Sam's

    I will be in WDW the 11th! Honestly - i think you should be OK. My husband loves Trader Sam's so we will be trying to go as much as possible in a 5 day window haha
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    Trader Sam's

    i think it depends. If it's a weekend / holiday (aka busy) - Yes, i would get there early. If its a weekday i think you should be OK. Then again i've gone at 9pm and got a table so when you want to go is a factor as well. There are not many tables. If it is busy and you can't wait... i would...
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    WDW Favorite Attraction Poll #1-Seven Dwarf Mine Train VS Space Mountain

    I voted for Mine train because it's more kind of ride but i wish it wasn't so short! Space Mountain is fun i need to be in the right frame of mind and mood. haha i swear i am fun.
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    News VIDEO - New Frozen 2 inspired royal attire for Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus in Epcot

    I saw and liked the movie but i do not think they should have changed outfits at the M&G.
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