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  • 10 more days YAY! :sohappy: And I think Spectro should be back by the time you get there.
    LOL. nice nice. x] seems like something a guy would do. *COUGH* haha. Just messing around x]. Are there any rides going to be close while your at disney? I heard Spectromagic wouldn't be going on, since the bridge is getting refurbished ):
    Thanks for BRAGGING. -cries- lolollll. Ohh, well dont be jealous of my glasses :p you had them.. but uhm well anyways. Whats up :]
    I will gladly sit on your lap..;)

    Hurricane freaking Gustav may be coming my way next week..:(

    I pray it does not though..Katrina scarred me for life...

    Love you!
    LOL. oh my sounds like fun x]. Uhm, what did you do with the real ones? :X! hugs hugs. WDW is soon for you ;)
    lolol. :) Sorryyyyyyyyyy. I will buy you a pair, but all you have do is take me to disney with you ;)
    It's 4am and I just got back from a going away party for some CPs who leave tomorrow. I'm really gonna miss them. The College Program is awesome though. I think you should totally do it, if you can. I'm definitely going to do it again next summer.
    Yeah. Much sadness. Today was my CP graduation picnic. Next week is my last week this summer. But your trip is coming soon, so YAY!
    I actually made the layout for your profile. I can send you the images and instructions on how to set it up.
    Yeah. Dana found me first and I found you on her page. My College Program is scheduled to end Aug 15, but since I don't start school 'till Sept 22, I'm hoping they'll let me extend for a month. BTW Dana's not the only one who thinks you're hot ;)
    *BLUSH* Thanks! (and it's not satalker-ish at all, I think of you every time I see that Mickey shirt at work) Add me on facebook- Paul Chadkin (Drexel) Hey, are you coming to WDW any time soon?
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